Posted by: 光星 | 09/09/08

First master groove circle preview

Soyuz project has a short sample of his remix of “Change of Heart” up for listening. It’s worth a listen for novelty’s sake, but I hesitate to assume the rest of the album is like this.
Also, something I failed to notice in the last mgc post, but Joy Basu’s remix of JOINT had been replaced by a Joy Basu remix of… radiance. Not sure what on earth Joy Bus has against the guitar-heavy Shana theme, but we’ll see in a couple weeks if it was the right choice.



  1. I just listened it, you know, I felt like I was hearing old techno right back to the 80’s (camuflage), That sounds like music from any other band but not I’ve, sorry, at least it’s what I felt.

    But, even with all that, I liked the song huhuhu.

  2. Categories exist for a reason. You make a NEWS post about a new ALBUM that contains a remix of a KAORI UTATSUKI song, you tag the posts with those categories. You don’t let it rot in ‘Uncategorized’ hell!

  3. Simmer down, chief, it’s fixed.

  4. @hikaru> haha I noticed that too but who would like to hear a rock music turn into trance? Uhmm that would be some sort of “out” but that’s just me. The Change of heart remix is alright despite Aibu’s first impression when he/she (?)** visited soyuz project’s myspace page.

    I’m still worried about the SORMA remixes. I hope he doesn’t ruin the whole album like he did to Hikarinadeshiko. ><

    **Sorry Aibu, even if I’m already visiting & reading here at your blog, I still don’t have any idea if you’re a he or a she. Sorry again.

  5. Yep! Fred, I agree with your last words.

    Glup! someone was mad, I thought it was for me… (sight), because sometimes I screw things up huhuhu.

    Well, about the master circle, the waiting time it’s almost over for us to find out the good (or bad) reality.

  6. I haven’t seen any word about Lia’s new album… It’s out. ; ;

  7. @fred: Assuming for the moment that this is a “trance” remix album, I doubt SORMA No. 1 will want to do cutesy fluff like FLOW. I think he’s much better suited to trance-ish arrangements, which still doesn’t mean he won’t “ruin” this album. I have enough faith his remixes won’t suck that badly.

  8. I surprisingly sort of liked the Change of heart remix, at least judging from the preview… not anything particularly revolutionary, but an interesting spin on one of Utatsuki’s better songs. And now, replying time.

    Hikaruhoshi: Sorry for bitching, I just like having all posts on Aibu with category tags. It makes me feel good inside.

    Fred: The fact that I’ve never mentioned gender is actually intentional. Pick either one, he or she, doesn’t really matter ~_^

    Moo: Lia’s new album is out, this is true. But Lia herself, despite in the past having a few songs with I’ve, isn’t really a part of I’ve and thus isn’t covered on the I’ve Sound blog. See also MOMO, SHIHO etc.

  9. Ah, I didnt know that. o.o That makes sense then. Thanks for responding ^^

  10. @Moo>> Yes, “New Moon” is already out… But according to the people of forums, Lia’s New Moon lacked some new materials so it’s not that worth of a buy but who knows? I haven’t listen to the album myself but if you want to interact about Lia/LIA, then register there and find the I’ve Sound thread there. Surprisingly, majority of the posters there are fan of Lia and not more on the 5 I’ve girls, which is a little “uhmm…” for me.

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