Posted by: 光星 | 09/11/08

MELL’s 4th single announced

The title is a simple one: KILL.
It will contain the opening and ending themes to Mamoru Oshii’s upcoming live action film called 斬~KILL” (kiri ~ KILL). A follow up to a movie released last year, Oshii will direct one or more of the short stories which the film is made up of. Neowing gives him top billing, though, considering his popularity — Mamoru Oshii is a very accomplished anime and film director, especially for his film Ghost in the Shell.
This is great news for MELL and I’ve, and at least a hopeful sign that Geneon wants to put I’ve in better movies than cheesecake horror and action.
The tentative release date for the single is November 26.



  1. Woah! Great news again! a new single from my beloved MELL and the title is calling my attention “KILL”… what a good title for her, I think it goes with her personality, I hope it has the same atmosphere of the others songs from Mell, dark and creepy huhuhu, I don’t know, maybe I’m a little happy with this.

    I don’t know much from the movie or the director, but it’s good to know he’s the same behind a cool anime like Ghost in the Shell, it has a lot of action scenes and the soundtrack fits on it.

    So, I’ll be waiting for the pre-order, because this time I’m gonna reserve my copy before your review (different from MELLSCOPE). November/26 it’s already marked on my calendar.

  2. Wow I just noticed all of them are having J-movie tie-ins (well except for Kaorin, that is. XD). I thought just by reading the post title, it’ll be the opening theme for the Black Lagoon Season 3. O__O But, at least, 4th single will always be welcome. XDDD;; Go MELL! I’m still in the process of making you a fanlisting… *lol’d*

  3. A fanlisting for MELL!, well , keep up the good work fred and of course… count me in!!!


  4. WOw the tittle is simply… as MELL … extravagant!

    I think MELL is going good (at least for me) the latest track SCOPE was Good! (the Jpop lovers never will like of course)

    A MELL fanlisting!! :D count me in too !

    but dun forget… Im a K-fan!

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