Posted by: 光星 | 09/12/08

Mami’s 6th single has a name, mgc has a page and previews

Mami Kawada’s sixth single, the theme to the fall anime Toaru Majutsu no Index, is named Psi-missing. Nothing else has really been announced about it other than it’s a standard I’ve single with a PV-containing limited edition, but at least the release date hasn’t changed: October 29.
For those of you that were wondering, pseudo-I’ve member IKU is doing the corresponding ending and will have a non-I’ve produced single, and there will be no limited edition DVD.

Also, Geneon has a page for master groove circle, as well as previews to all the tracks on the double album. Fair warning, it is one of those damn Geneon swf files that will likely crash your browser if you’re not patient enough.



  1. Impressions? This album sounds better than I expected, which I guess wasn’t that hard to achieve.
    It could just be my browser, but the songs seem a lot slower than the originals, especially Wheel of Fortune. Then again, this isn’t a Happy Hardcore album. I’ve Sound has always leaned toward dark trance, and this album reflects it very well.
    The arrangers for the most part have kept a good amount of the original arranged instruments, which at makes this album sound like what it was should have been: an I’ve-remixed album. What worries me still is that the samples only come from the vocal portions of the tracks. A lot of space could be filled by arrangements that do no service to the original song. Most of the remixers are showing that they have at least listened to the songs a few times, something I wasn’t going to take for granted.

    The Real Onigokko and Hikarinadeshiko remixes are my favorites so far, with Re-sublimity being the only real stinker. Even Joy Basu has what sounds like a winner. Two weeks to go now, at least I have Death Magnetic to keep me company until then…

  2. PSI-missing, eh? What a strange title. So IKU is really just a singer that happened to be discovered by Kazuya? Wow! Oh well, atleast she’s getting work.

  3. What a weird title for a single but when I mistook while editing Mami Kawa’da’s wiki article, I found out that Psi-missing is also coordinated with “Psi hit” which are “terms used in discussion of parapsychological experimentation to describe the success or failure of the subject in achieving the desired result more often than could be expected through chance alone.” – wiki

    Hmm even if the single title was weird, I think it’s still related to the story of To Aru. I’m smelling a trancey Takase Kazuya here haha. Oh well, that’s just a premonition, I guess.

  4. Good to hear both, new singles from Mami and Mell performing those amaizing dark trance songs (don’t you like CAVE?), and that IKU is still on the job, althougt it’s not I’ve, I like her first single songs…

  5. Wow, so mgs isn’t all that bad. It took a few listens for me to warm up to some of the songs. Still not convinced enough to buy, though. But if I had to choose, I’d say my favorite is the remix of TRILL. Change of heart and Real Onigokko are also pretty good.

  6. Yesss for MELL & Mami’s singles! Feels so far away from now, but I guess that’s the way it always is.

    Agreed, the preview of TRILL sounds awesome (and that’s hard to do, since the original was already pretty awesome.) no vain sounds interesting, too. Love the overlapping vocals. Man I love that song. Can’t wait for Change of heart too.

    And is it me or did KOTOKO’s vocal sound weird in the remix of Real Onigokko?

  7. ^ I have to agree. TRILL remix sounds great. <3 it… XD

    Surprsingly IMMORAL and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni SORMA No.1 remixes sounded good although the former sounds like HALLUCINO -remix- but nonetheless it’s still good than I’m expecting.

    Urghh, why is that I’m not liking the remix for Re-sublimity?! O.O

  8. ^ I just now realized that I said “mgs,” as in master groove sircle. Either that or metal gear solid.

    Anyway, to make this comment worth while, I’ll add that I’m also looking forward to a very trance-y PSI-missing from Mami. Can’t wait to the anime it’s attached to…

  9. Yep, I noticed that “mgs” before and I thought “maybe I’m in the wrong blog”… huhuhu.

    Lately, I’ve been hearing Mami’s Savia as a prelude of her new single, and I don’t why but I found this album better than before, the song Trill in particular is so great, I mean it’s a powerfull start for a new day.

  10. ^ Yes, SAVIA is still the best album this year (although some said it was MELLSCOPE) because primarily SAVIA was more of on “experimentations” and contains more new materials than an ordinary “poppish” songs compared to recycled MELLSCOPE (well I’m not saying that all songs in this album is recycled but most of them. That’s the exception for some songs like Under Superstition annd repeat -Deep Forest mix- etc.)

    And even if MELLSCOPE is 2 rank higher (and some hundred sales higher) than SAVIA, some of the most “intriguing” songs are found on the latter album — like who would’ve thought Takase, Nakazawa, and Ozaki will be united to arrange a cute, bouncy and trance-y intron tone. And like what you said, the epic win “TRILL” was also there. Well that’s the exception of the 2 Maiko Iuchi ballads there — but I’m appreciating Saigo no Yakusoku than DREAM, that is.

  11. Reading through the comments so far I take it to be the only one (here) not sharing the enthusiam on things concerning master groove circle then? ^_^
    I mean the concept of a remix Album of the Vocal Hime “Solo” works got me quite curious and anticipating this for a good bit, yet I’m still puzzled why I’ve/Geneon/whomever to blame is really trying so hard to get international DJ’s/musicians to remix their works… yeah strictly from a marketing point of view it *does* make sense why, yet I’d prefer I’ve going along the same roads as Key does with the OTSU project and going through the track samples the Official master groove site put up pretty much confirms those initial feeling I approach that release with. I mean, Key showcased through their OTSU project that Japan got several quite talented/skilled remixing artists that understand what they’re doing so it’s beyond me what reason is there (other then to add the “with participation by international more-or-less known artists” label to master groove circle) why they chose on such a line-up…here I’d so love to hear jp musicians like zts, Blasterhead & Co. to try themself at remixing I’ve Sound stuff >_<

  12. Hi fred, nice to read you again.

    You know, I think Mami’s so talented and her music proves it, and if I have to use one word to define her as a singer, I definitely would use “Quality”.

    But, on the other side, about MELL, there’s only one word thinking about her, and that is “Intensity”, when she sings there’s a lot of power, energy, strong vocals (“engrish” indeed, but I don’t care) coming out of her, and for me, that’s irresistible.

    Abd about your comment littleharlock, it’s impressive how much information you have, I’m just a fan trying to learn about I’ve, but you all have so much knowlegde, I repeat… impressive.

  13. @littleharlock: Thanks for mentioning OTSU; it’s a good comparison to master groove circle.

    A bit of background information: OTSU (Organized Trance Sequential Unit) was originally a Key-sponsored nightclub event in 2006 where a bunch of DJs showed off their remixes of Key songs. The event and the 2-disc album featuring these remixes was popular enough to spawn a second OTSU this year.
    Most of the DJs involved with OTSU probably had some connections with either the game industry of doujin music circles, so they already had at least a passing knowledge of the intended audience as well as the subject matter.
    I’m not seeing this with master groove circle. I get this feeling that many (not all!) of the DJs Geneon hired for master groove circle aren’t doing this for more than the paycheck and the exposure. If Visual Art’s instead had bankrolled this album — even with the same artists — I would have higher expectations.

  14. What would’ve been fascinating would have been if I’ve had, similarly to the OTSU project as Hikaruhoshi mentioned, enlisted some of the arrangers from doujin group Shoujo Byou to provide new mixes. SB already has a few albums’ worth of I’ve covers, but it would be truly amazing to hear their arrangements with the original vocal tracks instead of more from the group’s largely unimpressive roster of vocalists (note that an exception is made here for SB singer Chatta, whose “Dango Daikazoku” ending theme for the CLANNAD anime was actually far better than even most of I’ve’s anime themes last year).

    That, and drawing on talent closer to otaku would also leave open the possibilty for my sweetest of impossible I’ve remix dreams: DJ SHARPNEL doing his hardcore thing over Chasse. Now THAT I would buy.

  15. @ 愛撫
    While I tend to agree that their I’ve tribute Doujin CD releases were rather unimpressive thus far it should be noted that both Katakiri Rekka and the infamous Shimotsuki Haruka participated on Shoujo Byou works and these two ladies are highly talented vocalists (so it’s not only Chatta that is making an exception I’d say ^_^).

    Coming back to master groove circle and due to the Otaku market been mentioned, thinking about it I’m personally not sure to which target audience this Album is planned for to begin with. Well I’ve hardcore fans that pick up everything published merely with the label on it won’t miss out this “limited release” anyways I suppose…but I’m inclined to doubt while may planned to really cater to the Otaku market itself…especially with that line-up of arrangers/DJ’s involved (not to mention here’s doubting fans of the involved musicians will really spend much consideration in importing this Album release if they’ve never ever heard of I’ve Sound before ^_~).
    Hence getting a bit more of Doujin Circle involvement on that particular Album sure wouldn’t help it to be well received among those (us) people to begin with – I mean another more commercial CD release that comes to mind being the Higurashi Image Album (while not really fits the bill of Remix though).

    That said I for one would definitely NOT mind I’ve presenting their own follow-up release to MIXED UP (which I do consider a pretty good way of reinterpretion of trusted I’ve vocal pieces)…but then again though I’m still dreaming of the day I’ve Sound will collaborate with fripSide at last (Kawada Mami / Utatsuki Kaori x nao for vocals and Kazuya Takase x sat on arrangement and composition >_<)

  16. > dreaming of the day I’ve Sound will collaborate with fripSide at last

    You’ve just made 愛撫 either frantically furious or cautiously curious (though he’ll never admit that)

    BTW how come you don’t allow comments on your n-field blog? I’d like to write back once in a while.

  17. Keep waiting, littleharlock. While it is true that I’ve does occasionally do arrangement for singers outside of the general umbrella (i.e. IKU’s first single), the last time there was an actual *duet* between an I’ve vocalist and one outside of the collective was Second Flight with Hiromi Satou back in 2003. So even if the near-impossible did occur and there was a fripSide/I’ve song, it would be I’ve arrangement (possibly with the guy from fripSide doing composition) with NAO on vocals, more Little Busters! than Second Flight.

    And while we’re dreaming about collaborations that would never happen, how ’bout a Yui Sakakibara and KOTOKO denpa duet, eh? Anyone aside from me have this particular fantasy?

  18. Not me, Aibu. Those two egos together would probably melt down the recording studio. KOTOKO could handle fripside I bet, though.

    Also, the last collaboration outside of I’ve was actually “Sadame no Melody” by KOTOKO and Hiromi Satou and arranged by Elements Garden for 2005’s eroge 夜刀姫斬鬼行 (yatohime zankikou). Incidentally, the ending theme “World Meets Worlds” was SHIHO’s last I’ve-produced song before leaving I’ve.

  19. Oh yeah, Sadame no Melody. I never remembered that one on account of Second Flight being amongst my all-time favourite I’ve songs and its amazing awesomeness rendering other KOTOKO/Satou efforts too lame to acknowledge.

    As for Sakakibara, she’s done perfectly fine with duets in the past; don’t really see KOTOKO as being a potential problem. But even if it was, a ‘duet’ doesn’t really even need to be recorded between two people who have met each other before – just get an a capella from both girls, put ’em together and you’ve got a hit.

  20. You’re the Yui fan between us two, all I know is that these days, KOTOKO will insist on writing the lyrics and having the best parts of the song all to herself. A capella, though? That could work. Just gotta tell Geneon to look the other way for a moment…

  21. Ya! i heard KOTOKO did a vocal sound weird.. O.o! that its what seems at least…

    BTW, i dun like re-sublimity in that remix. on all these remixes are using much the delay and the pitch (taken as velocity normally). but i dont wanna make a sentence until heard the full version of all the tracks!

    … Specially HALLUCINO by SORMA No 1, sounds cool!

    talking about Mami 6th single, i think shes making good works lately, jkust cant wait for it!

  22. @ 愛撫 – I actually would have trashed that wishful thinking long ago, if it weren’t for hints and teasing to occur every once in a while (i.e. sat mentioning that he’s been at KOTOKO’s Yokohama Arena live and met her backstage). And especially with fripSide having worked together with other musicians in the past (their Doujin Circle days) and even nowadays (i.e. stuff like the recent Twinkle☆Crusaders involvement) makes it a wish that might happen one day…I mean no one expected Rita to appear at fripSide’s recent ’08 live to perform the Little Busters! theme ^_~
    KOTOKO x nao…I guess I would see those two more on a Denpa styled sort of music – I’ve Sound x NAO project! (though if such thing would happen I’d rather see Takumi Okamoto to team up with an I’ve creator for the arrangement – while I’d *love* a fripSide x I’ve with Kazuya Takase and sat – aka the guy of fripSide ^_~ – in charge of composition/arrangement).

    While certainly not aiming to derail the topic at hand much further – let me add another dreamful collaboration I’d love to see (or hear?) Shimamiya Eiko x Shimotsuki Haruka (even moreso in her kukui Unit format). Such a thing could truely end up epic I’d say ^_~

    @ 電波の世界 – BTW how come you don’t allow comments on your n-field blog? I’d like to write back once in a while.

    I’m just too stupid or lazy to get that function back to live (having turned it off when I got flooded with spam comments – and deleting those was absolutely no fun). Nice to see that someone actually drops by my silly little blog though ^_^”

    Back on a more topic related note, good to see more Kawada and MELL Single goodness is coming forth…now could we have an Utatsuki Kaori Album announcement pretty please? ^_~

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