Posted by: 光星 | 09/17/08

ai sp@ce promo video up

At long last, the promo video for the MMO Dating Sim ai sp@ce has been uploaded to Nicovideo and should be on Youtube pretty soon.
The name of the theme is (ugh) “U make 愛 dream,” a grammatical miscue that falls in with the rest of the game (for example “What do you want to shopping?” … I bet they also say “Time for go to bed!”).
The song itself is above par as far as KOTOKO’s recent releases go, albeit rather predictable. No credits have yet been released for the song, nor has there been even a tentative launch date for the game, though beta testing is currently underway.



  1. Hey! Engrish I enjoy! Mocking don’t be!!!

    Sounds great BTW, thanks.

  2. Alright, it’s finally time. 4-way cage fight: HORRIBLE I’VE SONG TITLE DEATHMATCH!

    1. Ha!!!ppiness
    2. Treating 2U
    3. U make Ai dream
    4. Trust You’re Truth ~Ashita o Mamoru Yakusoku~

    My vote is on “U make Ai dream”, because as much as the other crimes against grammar grate on my nerves they at least keep the Engrish separate from the Japanese.

  3. Treating 2U easily of the four.
    The extraneous punctuation in Ha!!!ppiness doesn’t detract from how it is still spelled properly. And perhaps Ha!!! just means it’s sarcastic. Clever.
    U make Ai dream, horrible as it is, works similarly to the ai/love/I/i homophone of the game. And the concept “you make me dream” perfectly fits the game’s premise (and audience).
    Trust You’re Truth is a close second. It doesn’t make sense, but neither does a lot of Engrish I’ve song titles. The “You’re” is what makes it stand out and how they’ve strung together four words that make very little sense put together, something they hadn’t done since Bite on the Bullet. Speaking of which…
    Treating 2U reigns as non sequitur champion. First off, using 2U (as opposed to “to you”) gives it one step ahead of the “U” in “U make Ai dream.” Then there’s “Treating.” You don’t “treat to” something unless it’s a disease and even then it’s poor grammar. You “treat” something which makes “2” not only irrelevant but obnoxious as well.

    Honorable mentions to “I deal Forest,” “L. A. M. ~laze and meditation~,” “Love is Money?!,” “Shining Stars Bless,” “Special Life!,” and “Virgin’s High!” Also, any original Eiko song that features the English-named title prominently in its chorus (Mosquito, Vanilla, Ulysses, etc.).

  4. Re: Hikaru’s honourable mentions: Virgin’s high! actually wasn’t that bad a title; it sounds sort of like an expression someone might actually use when describing the thrill of initially doing something. Love is Money is stupid, sure, but endearingly so. The others (save for the Eiko mentions, what’s so bad about those as titles?) though, those ones are pretty well terrible.

    So, 1 vote “Treating 2U”, 1 vote “U make Ai dream”. I sincerely hope more people vote on this poll, it’s an important issue. (Clearly.)

    Edit – I’d also like to add an ‘honourable mention’ for “Feel in tears”. I mean, it makes too much sense to be one of the coveted 4, but it’s still a pretty terrible title.

  5. “(save for the Eiko mentions, what’s so bad about those as titles?) ”
    They would not have been mentioned had Eiko not shoehorned them into the lyrics. I highly doubt Ulysses, for example, has anything to do in context with the lyrics of the song, or didgeridoos for that matter.

  6. For me, I’d pick “U make Ai dream” the most horrible because it can confuse you with two meanings. The first is “U make love dream” which makes no sense at all — foolishness as its best while the other is “U make Ai dream” with Ai as a person but the latter makes more sense.

    Uhmm I’d like to add an honourable mention as well for “DuDiDuWa*lalala* because it’s such a fancy title yet what does it mean? Nothing, really.
    And “World My Eyes” sucks big time.

  7. Oh sorry I thought Aibu was kinda sarcastic about the “honourable mention” (so I thought that those mentioned were actually bad ones) so the two mentioned above are for horrible ones.

  8. I like the way this is going. I also like how 光星 says “honorable” and 愛撫 says “honourable”. So much for protecting that persona… you’ve clearly identified yourself as a citizen of the Commonwealth!

  9. Fred says ‘honourable’ too, does that make the Phillipines a part of this Commonwealth? :P

    Furthermore, re: the Eiko titles (again), those are problems with the songs, not the titles.

    (Tally currently at 2 ‘U make’s and 1 ‘Treating 2U’. Get on with the votes, people!)

  10. I say Treating 2U, lol. I’ve no reasons, I just thought that the rest at least *sounds* better, but when you try to describe this song, it just won’t come out right.

  11. Oh and also I rather like the song though yeah it does sound a bit bland for now. But anyway, I was confused when I saw the Nagisa-lookalike and laughed when I realized it was supposed to be her. Silly me.

  12. ^ yeah I saw that one too in the 0.20 part… It really IS nagisa and there are also another character there that looks like an anime character (I can’t remember the title) — the one with the red long hair. o_O

  13. I was gonna vote Special Life! just because it’s a terrible song, but I decided to be realistic and vote U make Ai dream. At least Treating 2U sounds *decent* when you say it aloud.

  14. I agree with you @pasta. I can’t understand how KOTOKO is doomed with a terrible song like Special Life!… , and it’s even worst if you think about the previous Real Oni Gokko and Blaze singles, they both are great (at least for me), maybe it’s impossible for her to keep the pace.

    And about the “terrible song title”, I vote for “U make Ai dream”, nothing else to say…

  15. I agree u Pedropinilla, about the last song by KOTOKO, but not aboout that she cant keep the pace or rhythm making good songs….

    U cant say that!… remember the songs she made btween her major debut with the first album and for the next 2 or 3 years..
    from hane until chercher or kirei na senritsu in 2007, the year i think she made a good production with great Maxi singles! as u know.

    :o about my vote: i agree you 愛撫, ’cause i cant define what it means.. U make Ai dream = [im japanese and i make whatever i want with grammar] lol!!!… just a joke!

  16. 5 ‘U make Ai dream’ votes, 2 ‘Treating 2U’… The worst song title seems clear here. :P

  17. Hi Pinky! You know, I’m very disapointed with Special Life! single (and I’m not gonna blame only KOTOKO for that result in particular) because her last singles were very good and to do something so horrible like that was disapointing, not even talk about its PV… (only watched one time).

    But when I said “she can’t keep the pace”, I was talking about the last three singles and not her carrer so far; the situation here it’s simply, I like her dark and more mature style (UZU-MAKI, Hane, Hayategumo, Iruka, etc) and if I have to find just one word to define her, that would be “talent” (Mami = Quality / MELL = Intensity), and songs like I mentioned before were the ones that made me fall in love with her, that’s the reason why I can’t accept she performing such a bad song like her last single… Blah!. (Her three albums are great, and at least 7 of her singles are perfect, and even more… she’s lovely)

    And with all that, She will always be my number one (even though MELL is very close), and I think you will agree with me… huhuhu.

  18. @fred: Yeah, apparently the other two characters are from Da Capo or something (which I found out by Googling ai@space really, ’cause I have no idea what it’s about)? I don’t know.The game’s like a dating sim with these characters… Ah well, I don’t know much about games really, I just try keep up with the music releases :P

  19. ANN had the info on ai sp@ce back in April:

    It doesn’t look like much as fundamentally changed since then.

  20. Love is Money?! is bad in the fact that it sounds like it’s promoting prostitution.

  21. Shakkin Shimai 2 is bad in the fact that it looks like it’s promoting prostitution.

  22. Ya i agree you Pedropinilla. MELL is really close! shes growning on everysingle she release and much more with her major debut (las album) like it so much! SCOPE Rocks!!!!

    cee ya!

  23. @Aibu- I see your point. I’m guessing that’s what the first game was about. Not as sure with the second though.

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