Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/20/08

New Giga eroge to feature I’ve theme song(s?)

All that’s up on the game’s official site as of now is a teaser image and some preliminary credits, but Tech Gian magazine informs us that apparently I’ve will be doing music for BALDRSKY, the newest installment of Giga Soft‘s venerable “BALDR” franchise. Long-time fans will probably recognize the series’ name from the eroge-turned-anime BALDR FORCE EXE, which featured KOTOKO’s “Face of Fact” as its opening theme (and Mami Kawada’s “undelete” as ending to the OVA), and given I’ve’s history with Giga Soft themes it’s most likely that C.G mix will be handling production duty for the opening theme at the very least.

Now, I usually don’t like to drop the façade of editorial detachment in a news post, but I believe it’s warranted here: I’m excited to hear this song. I really am. C.G mix’s surprisingly subtle production on Face of Fact made it the man’s best work (aided by FISH TONE, admittedly, but the prevailing voice is C.G’s) in my opinion, and odds are very slim that Giga would be looking for anyone else to produce the song after Face of Fact turned out so brilliantly. So in this new theme song (or theme songs, the article is pretty vague) we’re presented with a potential second chance at hearing C.G mix the mature, introspective producer he was on Face of Fact. And that, my friends, is something worth dropping editorial voice and slipping into fanboy mode for.



  1. Not to mention C.G Mix has done a fat lot of nothing this year compared to the other arrangers. Looking forward to this one.

    Also, short version for Psi-missing is up on Nicovideo. It isn’t the music we heard in the promo PV a while ago, but it’s still pretty cool.

  2. The theme is called Restoration and yes, it’s sung by KOTOKO, yes C.G Mix is doing the arranging.
    Yes, there’s already a bare-bones demo movie out for it:

    Might come out this winter.

  3. I highly doubt the instrumental in the BALDRSKY demo movie is the opening theme. Remember when you said that the To Aru theme was the song in the demo video (and it wasn’t)? Do you, in fact, never learn? :P

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