Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/02/08

Feather monsters are eating Mami Kawada’s head

…Well, either that or the I’ve Diva is having a bit of an angel complex for her new single’s jacket image. Amazon Japan has the image up, and were it not for the awkwardly-placed mess of feathers I might be inclined to call PSI-missing her most attractive single cover to date. And also possibly the least-suited to the song, as the chosen image seems more suited to a fluffy bit of sappiness like 421 -a will- than the ass-kicking electronica of Kawada’s To Aru theme. Maybe it’ll make more sense once the video comes out? I don’t really know. Either way, it’s a weird cover.



  1. That is a nice cover, feathers or not.

  2. All that it needs now is a shot of her sitting in the snow and… never mind.

  3. OMG!!! My first thought was… “She looks like a angel”, well, until now I never thought buying a Mami’s single… but with that cover… huhuhu

  4. I think the cover’s cool. The feathers might give off a fluffy image, but her pose + the feathers make her look magical and mighty.

  5. I will say, JOINT was a sexy cover, mostly because it made her look like someone totally on the lines of, well.. hawt. ♥

    This is a nice look, too. Except they’re marketing her as a rock-themed KOTOKO and… no.

  6. @m.iiw//-How is she being marketed her as a “rock-themed KOTOKO”? Please explain this because I don’t see where that makes sense at all.

  7. LOL!! ya i didnt understand nothing at all :/… well i cee Mami is using her look and style the same way KOTOKO did before when she made 421-a will- or maybe Glass no Kaze, the only one thing she must do is appear singin’ on a green camp playing a guitar…

    i should say i like more the look she showed in JOINT.

    “Feather monsters are eating Mami Kawada’s head” = LOL!!!

  8. Psi-missing has a look like KOTOKO, similar to 421-a will-(even if the song is totally different). But her last few singles have been very rock themed. Kind of feels, IMO, a more modern, rock eccentric KOTOKO, at least before she went all cutesy. With each I’ve girl having their own look and feel, I get confused at times to which market Mami is trying for.

  9. Hahaha after my long hiatus and I’m back again, folks. XD (I’ll post on the master groove circle review after I download my copy. *Sorry, I’m a beggar*)

    By the way, she looks smexy on the cover. More than MELL in MELLSCOPE!! O__O Well that’s just for me (okay?) haha. But MELL is hawtter in KILL. If only I have the money, I would buy both. T___T

    Another point, Psi-missing single cover was a little off from her rock chic image (JOINT). This is one is a maybe a cuddly side of Mami? I’m not really sure. XD But Psi-missing is indeed upbeat. I’m pretty hunching they will make an epic fail PV again here — I’m imagining this will be like Hitomi Shimatani’s PV for Shinku. So unimpressive. (I hope I’m wrong about this one. :-/)

  10. In no particular order:

    Mami is the primary rocker of the five, though all except Kaori have rocked in the past. I think they tried to push Mami further toward “rock” in Get My Way! but realized how big of a failure that was and pushed her back into hard rock/trance which is how we got JOINT. Let’s just say Mami gets first use of the guitars these days. ‘Nuf said.

    Mami looks a lot softer than any of her other covers, which is odd considering the title track is nowhere near as “cuddly” as Aozora to Taiyou or as soft as portamento.

    And on that vein, portamento might be the only good PV to come out of I’ve this year so far, which isn’t surprising considering their track record. Worthwhile Geneon PVs in my opinion are Re-Sublimity, Garasu no Kaze, portamento, 421 -a will-, Automaton, JOINT, and then maybe Seed, chi ni kaeru, and hikarinadeshiko. There have been a few enigmatic PVs in the past (Chercher) and a few stinkers (Special Life), but nothing really stands out except for maybe Re-Sublimity.
    Short Circuit is easily the best of the non-Geneon if not all of the I’ve PVs because it captures KOTOKO so well.

    I bought mgc after CDJapan claimed “few left in supplier stock” when they actually had plenty more coming. I regret my panic decision. Don’t feel bad about downloading this one.

  11. if you ask me, I didn’t imagine I’ve will give the rock image to Mami because at first, she only performs cheesy and sappy eroge theme songs (Kaze to Kimi wo Daite, Wind and Wander, Dakishimete Itooshiku Utsukushiku and the like) but all of a sudden, with a change of heart, they gave it to her but it’s a good thing really.

    Now that I’m used to this rock image, I can’t imagine her on the cuddly image as ever again. It’s not that I hate it but there’s no spark on it.

    And I agree with you, hikaru. So far, Re-sublimity is the I’ve’s best PV made so far and portamento was the fairest PV this year… I really didn’t like the idea they had with BLAZE and Special Life!. Plus the “another sides” of no vain and kicks! were rather bland and the latter was kinda x-rated which I didn’t know the purpose of such actions.

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