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I’ve in Budokan Press Conference

Official I’ve in Budokan Page is up with many details in small print.
First off: The live event itself is taking place on January 2, contrary to I’ve’s actual anniversary date.
There is another event the day before, which will be a tent sale of I’ve goods at the Budokan site as well as possibly an Itasha contest.
The official guest list is the usual suspects (KOTOKO, Kaori, Mami, MELL, Eiko) plus C.G Mix, Kazuya, Tomoyuki, Maiko, and other guests though C.G Mix is listed under the same column as the vocalists.
A series of videos called “I’ve Talkjam in V-tube” (Y-tube?) will be put up on Youtube, much like the nine-part “I’ve Talk Jam” audio show that preceded the 2005 show. The Budokan website will also be updated regularly. “Version up” was just one of the many clips from current I’ve members shown in the promo video, so the probability he’ll get his two or three songs on stage is 100%. Not exactly what this newsmonger wanted, but I’ll get to that in a later post.
As for tickets, there seems to be a limited pre-sale via Animate retailers via cell phone registration, which is most likely a lottery. Then some “ticket port” sales which sound like they’re over-the-counter, then finally perhaps some general public (?) sales online.
One Japanese blog took a bunch of pictures at the event, including screenshots of the promo video, which I suspect will be released to the general public (that is, Youtube) sometime soon. Someone already put tried to put it up on Nicovideo where it was promptly deleted.

Updates: Nicovideo seems to have kept a video relating to the press conference:
I’ve members speak over the constant clicking of cameras.
Full video of the conference.
Promo video (clips from Budokan, clips from PVs)

Editorial after the jump.

“Departed to the future” is right. Much like the American football team Green Bay Packers acted when Hall of Fame athlete Brett Favre retired and then tried a couple months later to come back to the team, the response was essentially “We’ve moved on.” Sorry MOMO, SHIHO, and all the others that were around four years ago and helped define I’ve, we’ve moved on. Instead of a cast from the 10 year history of I’ve, we get a starting line of Love Planet Five, a coaching staff of Takase, Nakazawa and Iuchi, and jack-of-all-trades C.G Mix. I didn’t listen to the conference, and wouldn’t be able to understand anything if I did, but from the looks of things, the concert will go on like I’ve prior to 2006 never existed.
This, if you read the fine-print kana on the official page, is a Geneon production. A quick check to the I’ve in Budokan 2005 DVD booklet shows that Geneon had almost nothing to do with the first concert. Now they’ve taken it over — presumably due to contractual obligations that kicked in shortly after Budokan 2005 — and will offer no acknowledgment that any I’ve member other than those listed have ever existed as a part of I’ve. No Lia, no MOMO, no SHIHO, but leave in IKU as a surprise guest, since she’s with Geneon. And with the crap they pulled with master groove circle, who knows what gimmick they’ll have? Couldn’t be worse than Renee whatsherface…
They can’t even set this up well enough to have it on a proper date. New Year’s* is a hell of vacations, shrine visits, and packed hotel rooms. New Year’s Countdown shows are exempt, of course, but they aren’t usually this big of an event, and this is no countdown show. Worse, I’ve doesn’t even turn the big 1-0 until February, which means we aren’t really celebrating anything unless I’ve is the name of a horse.
So I’m trying to figure out if I should just give up this futility of thinking this is some sort of “celebration of ten years of I’ve” and just treat it as the biggest concert of the Geneon era of I’ve, where we KNOW that all five I’ve members will be there with most of the arrangers and a few surprise guest stars.

In the meantime, I’ll be listening to verge.

*fixed. My memory of Japanese holidays isn’t as keen as I thought it was. Golden Week is actually the first week of May. However, New Year’s Celebrations are still a very important time in the Japanese calendar. Note especially that January 2 is the one of two days portions of the Imperial Palace are open to the public. Nippon Budokan is labeled “Japan Martial Arts Hall” on this map of the Imperial Palace grounds. Things might be a tad hectic around there don’t you think?



  1. FUCK ME

  2. Well damn, and I was so looking forward to this…


  3. Sorry for you guys, really; but for me, I just want to see the current singers of I’ve on stage.

    Don’t know anything about SHIHO, MOMO or Lia and I don’t have any problem with them on the Budokan concert, but if they are not, fine.

  4. Please keep in mind your pessimistic newsmonger could easily be wrong. MOMO and SHIHO could emerge from the shadows and say on their blogs “MINNASAN OHAYO GOZAIMASU!!! BUDOKAN E KAERIMASUUUU!” but I seriously doubt it.

  5. @Pedropinilla>> Yeah you may not know anything bout the 3 girls you mentioned but those 3 are awesome especially MOMO because she’s one of my favorite. :D Aww speaking of her, I want another as epic win as Velocity of sound and DROWNING. Oh how I miss those good quality compositions/arrangements. D:

  6. Lol. I do hope our pessimistic newsmonger is wrong for this time then ;)

    fred: Oh those songs are really great, I do miss MOMO, she kinda fell off the radar. At least with SHIHO we got some pretty awesome stuffs from STARAVID.

  7. But fred, one thing is what I want to see at Budokan and another is what should be there, by your words I hope to have MOMO on stage because if she’s that awesome maybe I will be expanding my I’ve taste huhuhu.

    And as I read from the main post I see the New Year is very important at Japan, but, you know… a few days ago I found (downloaded… ups!) a KOTOKO concert called “COUNT DOWN SPECIAL LIVE 2006-2007” that I never knew that exist, and it was celebrated in new year’s eve, and let me tell you something… it’s a short, great and funny live performance from KOTOKO and she looks so beautiful and lovely huhuhu (sorry, I wanted to share it).

  8. “Don’t know anything about SHIHO, MOMO or Lia and I don’t have any problem with them on the Budokan concert, but if they are not, fine.”

    Well, considering this was timed to be a tenth-anniversary event and it was Lia’s “Tori no Uta” that marked I’ve’s first true ‘breakout hit’ (Last regrets was popular, but doesn’t enjoy the same “otaku anthem” status as Tori), were she not to be a member of the Budokan cast that would be a ridiculously callous move on Geneon’s part. And MOMO and SHIHO were both once part of the I’ve Special Unit: if the event were to in any way truly represent the group’s history it would only make sense for them to make a reprisal appearance.

    But then again, if it were *truly* bringing together 10 years of I’ve we’d also be treated to a performance from MIKI (who sang as ‘Mihi’ on the first official I’ve song, FUCK ME) and I really, really doubt she was even on the ‘to-call’ list.

  9. You know, I think that maybe the part of the title “ten years anniversary” it’s just a name to call the atention of the audience and they are more focus on the current singers (as I am, sorry but it’s the truth).

    Of course, I respect the former members of I’ve (and your likes too) and I really like all our wishes could come true, but the last word is not on us (actually, “Last Regrets” is on my mp3 player).

    My reality, I’m counting the days for the concert… huhuhu.

  10. @Pedropinilla: You’re really missing out by not looking up past I’ve artists. I’d also suggest watching the video of Budokan 2005 on YouTube or something.

  11. I’ll do it… I’ll do it… !!!

    But right now it’s impossible, because I have a lot of work to do… Gomenasaaaaaaai (but I already watched the Live performance of Lia at Budokan 2005).

  12. @Naddie>> yeah! Even though SHIHO didn’t get the opportunity to last her membership with I’ve, she got powered up on STARAVID. >:D

    @Pedropinilla>>Well just take your time exploring more on I’ve. But you know, I was just like you from the start, I didn’t explore on the other former I’ve artists until I watched their I’ve in Budokan years ago in YouTube.

    And gawd, how I miss Reina. D: I hope even if she’s already out of I’ve, they’d provide her a new theme song at least just like what they did with MOMO on Cherish (even if this was a bit sloppy compared to Mami’s eclipse).

  13. I don’t know I’m still sold on I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 and will try to go above and beyond to make it to the concert (that is if work doesn’t interfere once again and crush my Japan trip plans like it was the case this summer >_<).
    Also I’m somewhat in doubt on the too much Geneon influence or importancy on the performances themself. Of course time will tell, but I do think it would have been a…let’s call it worse sign if the Official HP for the event would *merely* state the Geneon logo rather then the Visual Art’s one right next to that (*shrugs* even if it would be just the I’ve Vocal Hime Geneon published works to be performed that would easily turn into one hell of a concert – *imagine JOINT, kicks, UZU-MAKI and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni follow each other as line-up and tell me you’re not nosebleeding ^_~*)

    However one thing’s for sure and I guess watching this press conference (which gladly due to opportunties like Nico Nico Douga we Gaijin fans are able to enjoy this time around as well ^_^) that’s definitely the “new age I’ve” that sets for Budokan in 2009. Therefore I highly doubt we’d be seeing either SHIHO (I always tell people to give her STARAVID releases a chance they are *decent* believe me!) nor MOMO on stage this time around…and it seems quite unlikely Reina will burst the stage this time around either (though her drop-out from the I’ve collective still puzzles me a lot). IKU seems to be the most likely guest appearing (though is it me or does her latest song continue right at the generic J-pop-mess she debuted with?) and something tells me *if* then I’ve Sound would most likely stick to Visual Art’s Partner (Music) Brands as further guests appearing. Here I’m thinking of Rita popping-up to perform “Little Busters!” (after all that song marks I’ve contribution and Rita did such special guest performances/appearances for other Visual Art’s conntected live recently as well) or maybe Lia…of course people knowing this desperately obsessed fanboy most likely are able to guess what *I’d* love to see (fripSide x I’ve…I tell ya that’s what epic collaborating is made of!)

  14. “(*shrugs* even if it would be just the I’ve Vocal Hime Geneon published works to be performed that would easily turn into one hell of a concert – *imagine JOINT, kicks, UZU-MAKI and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni follow each other as line-up and tell me you’re not nosebleeding ^_~*)”

    That’s right @littleharlock! Since weeks ago I’m one of the nosebleeding guys and I can’t stop (can’t wait… huhuhu).

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