Posted by: 光星 | 10/12/08

Mami Kawada’s Fan Club site open (Note to Mami: Your front page picture scared me and not in the good way, change it plzthx)

Much like KOTOKO’s site, despite offering a blog and discography and other news, the site is really just a portal for her fan club “m.a.l.l.” which stands for “mami artist lasting live.”



  1. Yeah, that is a terrible picture, but I’ve pinpointed it down to her (pathetic excuse for a) smile. What was she trying to do? Out of the probably 20-30 pictures that came out of the shoot, was that seriously the best? I don’t understand the “head in a lock” thing either, maybe she’s into wrestling…

  2. While I wouldn’t call the top page image her best shot is it me or do the other pics on that site so totally not look like Kawada (she looks so…old on those IMO)?

  3. Ew.

  4. I, for one, adore the front-page image. Something about it positively screams “tacky ’90s pop-rock crossover act”, and I have never been anything if not a sucker for relics of the 1990s. That being said, did anyone else notice that the website is “Copyright (c) 2008 Factory Records”? Either they killed the FUCTORY spelling or somebody screwed up pretty major there…

  5. Misspellings aren’t anything new at all to Geneon or FUCTORY records (Short Cikrit, Anim Vorcal Collection, phirosophy -prototype-, Discograhy, etc.) but this is indeed a bigger gaffe. Aibu’s probably the only one that noticed this, naturally.

  6. wow even if I’m a big fan of Kawada, I didn’t like the front image! o.o it looks… horribly cute. >< I didn’t like the profile pic either but I like the pic in the news section with the electric guitar. :)

  7. I don’t think Mami looks bad, but to me she looks like Mari Iijima in those pics.

  8. I love Mami Kawada, but…’mami artist lasting live’ doesn’t even make sense. It costs nearly 27 SGD to join and nearly 60 in yearly fees! T.T And the main page’s a bit badly designed.

  9. >.>

    i dun like the front page image either…
    she looks so… old there -_-a
    is there no better photo to put or what ??

    but just like fred, i like the one with guitar…
    she rocks XD XD

    yeah, mami artist lasting live ??
    i dun know what u mean… please make it better xD xD

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