Posted by: 光星 | 10/12/08

Short version of Shiroi no Rinbukyoku up

About time, I say, the short version ending theme for Fuyu no Rondo, “Shiroi no Rinbukyoku” is being streamed Getchu’s site (warning, ads will be NSFW). The song is a simple waltz, nothing too moving or spectacular. Geneon evidently didn’t think it was that spectacular either, since they are releasing singles for each of the other four vocal tracks from Fuyu no Rondo, including the opening theme by veteran Masami Okui.



  1. you’re right, as expected. It’s a bit boring.

    Btw, Crash Course long ver. is now available for listening!

    Yet another denpa this year. Much greater than Swift Love and I need magic (well that’s just me, again).

  2. @fred: Hey thanks for that, you’re right it’s great ^^ But I still love the faster-paced Swift Love – I think they’re both on pretty equal footing. *dances to it*

    Still haven’t listened to Shiroi no… since the reviews so far are far from encouraging :P

  3. Woah, thanks Fred. Kaori and KOTOKO make for such an infallible denpa duo. With more songs like this, we’ll end up with a fantastic SCIII comp!

  4. KOTOKO and C.G Mix in a denpa song have always been a good combination. Add Kaori and you get a highlight for SCIII. I love this song. They are just too cute.
    Am I the only one who is reminded of in-game tutorials in JRPGs? Maybe I’ve just played too much Atelier Iris…

  5. No such thing as too much Atelier Iris or any other Gust game in my opinion. You are a good man.

  6. Shiroi no Rinbukyoku is a great song imo. I can imagine myself and a couple of friends doing a twisted waltz to it.

  7. I think it’s cute.. but i guess nothing special..

  8. Yep, it’s a nice song but… it’s not great.

  9. The single cover for MELL’s “KILL” is now released on amazon!! I like the promo pic better. >__<

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