Posted by: 光星 | 10/16/08

KILL cover revealed

But not as revealing. Looks very similar to her MELLSCOPE cover, which is nice… too bad KILL itself sounds more like SCOPE than some of her darker works. The release date will be November 19.

For those who are interested, IKU’s second single also has a cover, which is essentially her first single cover transmuted into autumn.

Edit: a trailer featuring a brief preview of KILL can be found at the movie’s Tokyo International Film Festival page here. Sorry for the confusion.



  1. I’m sorry but… “sounds more like” ? Did you post an audio sample at some point in time? I don’t follow all the comments that go on in here, but I don’t remember you giving a link to a preview.

    Again, you guys should look into adding a search bar. I sent Aibu the wordpress HOWTO a while ago. Should take you about 5 minutes.

  2. Where can i hear a preview of kill?? oOo

  3. There was a brief ‘preview’ audible in the movie trailer that was posted here not too long ago; at least I think it was posted here… Hikaruhoshi’s endearing inability to properly provide ‘category’ tags for 99% of his newsposts renders this blog adorably unusable for anything but the most recent information.

    And don’t feel too left out, guys. Thanks to the trailer being, in Hikaru’s words, ‘one of those Geneon SWF files that kills your browser’, I haven’t heard it either.

  4. Whoops, sorry about that, I thought we had put that up somewhere already.

  5. I think it’s a nice cover… with the style of MELL (very dark and dramatic this time).

    I want to hear a preview of the song… buahhhhhh!

  6. the song just sounds amazing to me and you can see a little bit of the PV at the end of the trailer!!! oOo

  7. song sounds great, movie looks like a fun time too!

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