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Eiko continues string of Higurashi themes

This time, it’s the OVA Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei which debuts in December, but won’t have an opening theme until the second volume which comes out in February.
The song title for the opener is “Super scription of data.” Hoo boy.
A single hasn’t been announced but I’m sure it’s in the works.

Also, MELL has announced goods for her fast-approaching live tour. She does not have any of her concert goods that she offered at the A-Kon show, which makes this A-Kon attendee kick himself once again for not taking more advantage. She’s also updated her header image, and I’ll give you one guess what it is now.

With a little bit of digging, we then find the credits for the KILL single:
Composed and Arranged: 高瀬一矢
On my own
Lyrics: MELL
Composed and Arranged: Nakazawa

Mami’s site was also updated with another scene in the battle between Mami and the feathers, and yes, the credits to her upcoming single as well:
Lyrics: Mami
Composed and Arranged: Nakazawa
雨 (ame)
Lyrics: Mami
Composed: Nakazawa Arranged: Nakazawa and Ozaki



  1. OMG I loled pretty hard at “Super Sciption of Data”

    That said, she remains my second favorite I’ve singer so I’m looking forward to this. Despite mitigated reviews (totally understandable), I still think 「ひかりなでしこ」 makes for excellent study music and the other day I rediscovered my love for 乙女心+√ネコミミ=∞ (off SCII). Moar 島みや nekomimi eroge themes ください。

  2. I still think Higurashi no naku koro ni is still the best theme out of the lot (well you’ve only two singles, i.e. 4 songs, so far… so I can’t really say that just yet, lol). I’m looking forward to this, but with a title like that, I’m trying to keep to my hopes down… Oh those engrish…

  3. Well, my favorite song from Eiko is “Naraku no Hana” from Higurashi series.

    And about MELL. First live Tour 2008!!??… OMG Yeah!!!, and I want all those goods too.

    My impression about Mami is that she should be carefull with the feathers because allergies huhuhu.

    I think this 2009 it’s gonna be a great year for I’ve with all the news we have till now (just the announce of a new KOTOKO’s album is lacking… for me at least)

  4. If only Nakazawa would do the composition & arrangement (together with Ozaki if possible), this Super scription of data will be successful. Did you noticed that WHEEL OF FORTUNE was the only floppy single between the 3? I want a much creepier song just like Diorama and Naraku no Hana. :D

  5. @Naddie-Eiko is pretty good with her use of English, so it’s not going to be that bad. As far as I know Eiko & Kaori both speak a little English, so I think they’re not as likely to mess it up as much.

    As for the credits on the singles, I’m not at all surprised. I bet IKU will get a movie-related single before Kaori will.

  6. ” still think Higurashi no naku koro ni is still the best theme out of the lot (well you’ve only two singles, i.e. 4 songs, so far… so I can’t really say that just yet, lol).”

    Eiko’s done 4 Higurashi themes, yes, but over the course of 3 singles – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (original anime), Naraku no Hana (Higurashi Kai) and WHEEL OF FORTUNE/Diorama (live-action movie). Close, but no cigar.

  7. “Battle scene with feathers”, LOL. The prev picture was cooler while this one is more…angelic?

    PSI-missing coming out very soon!~ ^^
    From the 15sec CM, the PV looks a bit scary but I can’t wait to see the full. Mami Kawada gives off coolness vibes. <3


    kyaah you’re right! I can’t wait to see the whole PV!!! O__O; Much more darker than JOINT PV. Maybe this is dedicated for the halloween I guess.

  9. I see skin! You go Mami!

  10. All the I’ve members are releasing new material, but what about Kaori… she barely has a couple of singles!

    I don’t know what to think about it, she’s an ojou-sama, so lovely performing at Budokan ^^ with a beutiful voice.

  11. I’d have to say that Kaori is the most cheated member of I’ve. She’s constantly being stuck with eroge songs and no real singles. I hope they let Kaori get a new single with her own material instead of the shit Kotoko gives her to sing.

  12. I agree with you two! Even if I’m not much of a Kaorin fan, it would still be great if they would let her release her album nao. xD Just like what happened with Mami dear — she was in a single hiatus for a year and could only release one album for the whole year and with a cheesecake engrish “The Maze”.

    And well, Kaorin was even profitable than IKU! Oto no nai Yoru/Ko no me Kaze was the proof!

  13. Psi-missing is out very early somehow. My review of the single is very favorable, but Aibu’s the one that writes these things, so things might be different.

    Spoiler: In my opinion, Ame is a warmer portamento. It isn’t quite portamento, but it does no wrong as a B-side.

  14. ^ I agree! I like Ame. :D and Mami’s singles are really early… like JOINT. I got to download the single a day or two before the actual single release. I wonder why is that…

  15. Some artists secretly leak their singles & albums to see how they’ll be received.

  16. Oh I see. Just want to comment that PSI-missing PV is awesome (for me! XP). Much much more awesome than any of the PV’s made this year and even to her JOINT PV, this is much more entertaining.

    I wanna borrow her sharingan-like eyes (in the last part of the PV)! =D

  17. Throwing this one in the comments section:
    For those who can’t get the Geneon .swf file to work, there’s another preview of KILL available.

  18. fred- I agree! It’s totally awesome, and the scene where Mami looked like a doll and she sang the second verse with a straight face,that was very cool.
    If only I could figure out the story of the PV(if there even is one), what with the chains everywhere and freaky people.

  19. ^ my understanding of the PSI-missing PV is that there is a heaven and hell… uhmm well but other than that, it’s already vague.=S But at least it’s a much improved version of Hishoku no Sora. XD Not unlike radiance and Beehive which are kinda boring.

    And I must say, Mami’s getting fashioned up. XD She has 3 persona in this PV not unlike in her other PV wherein there’s only 1 or 2.

  20. oh here’s another one, a long version of Shiroi Rinbukyoku has already been released so to those who wanted to hear, just go this link:

  21. Speaking of Hishoku no Sora… (OK so you made a slight reference to it, but that’s my opening anyway, lol) I don’t know if you guys would even want this to be posted here in the comments, but I thought I’d just let you all know I sang Hishoku no Sora for fun and well…

    *ducks before the shit comes flying in*
    (Or, you know, before this comment gets deleted, either one – yes I’m pretty much masochistic for even posting this here)

  22. Hi there!

    Well, my lovely Naddie, I can proudly say I heard the full version of your “Hishoku no Sora” singing, and not only once but twice ^^.

    First, a good start, then your voice hesitate a little in the middle but always with a good timing, But, c’mon, you only need a little more effort and that should be enough for a pretty good singing.

    Before comment aside, let me tell you something, you have a beautiful and special voice. Oh! I almost forgot, I liked your interpretation of “Faces” ^^.


  23. Yes that was cool Naddie.

  24. @Pedro: Thank you for the comment xD Maybe… I’ll resing it one day. (Maybe, lol.)

    @denpa: Thanks! :)

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