Posted by: 光星 | 11/05/08

U Make Ai Dream jacket picture

It’s a cute one, and surprisingly not at all to do with Clannad, D.C or Shuffle!

PSI-missing debuted at #14 in Oricon’s weekly single charts, with 9623 copies sold, not all that strong.

And that’s… about it for news.



  1. It will eternally puzzle me that Geneon is giving this song the maxi-single treatment. Couldn’t Visual Art’s or whoever handle this release? The lack of a proper B-side suggests a quickie promo too, so much unlike a typical Geneon release.

  2. KOTOKO looks Kawaiiiiii ^^

    But I would like to know if there is a B-side…

  3. There’s actually no B-side… the tracklisting would be…

    1. U make Ai dream
    2. U make Ai dream -karaoke-
    3. U make Ai dream – instrumental-

    I was just wondering what’s with the cute covering? I was expecting like it will be a pic of the 3 main heroines.

  4. yeah KOTOKO does look cute in the cover, but how is the song actually ??

    after listening to the full version, gotta say again, that KOTOKO HAVE TO return to her old self a.s.ap. or at least, to the Real-Onigokko-KOTOKO.
    nothing is special in this song, the arrangement is a bit flat and boring, and KOTOKO’s voice can’t even help -_-a

    i’ll wait if u’re going to make a review for it…

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