Posted by: 光星 | 11/11/08

KILL PV preview up

Geneon seems to have fixed the bug with their .swf streams… by compressing the video and audio to nearly nothing. Maybe they’ll do it in 8-bit video and midi audio next time. Anyway, from what I can tell, KILL continues MELL’s trend of looking like a dark rock goth chick without sounding dark, rock, nor goth. Those who appreciate having a little skin with their chick should grab the limited edition of the single, as this preview promises plenty of that.



  1. Well, after hearing the short sample of the song I can’t have a opinion, I don’t know, I need to hear the full version first.

    About the PV, I should say that MELL looks… (I know, here I go again ^^… sorry) … Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! huhuhu, with all her dark and gothic style included.
    Can’t wait to see the full video.

    “Those who appreciate having a little skin with their chick should grab the limited edition of the single, as this preview promises plenty of that.”

    In fact, I’m one of those guys ^^.

  2. Well I like MELL but this is certainly not my type… of video. I like her getup but what she’s doing in the video is kinda boring. Her erotic dance in kicks! was much more tolerable. Looks like my impression on KILL is not changing after hearing the preview… ~_~

  3. Is it just me or does KILL remind anyone else of PSI-missing without the hook?

  4. @Aibu-It actually reminds me of triangle for some reason.

  5. omg aibu how did you find my blog!??

  6. First of all: The I’ve in Budokan 09 site has been slightly updated and there’s mention of a CD called “HYDIAN WAY.” Maybe someone could translate it?

    Second: IKU’s site has been updated to go with Rimless and guess what! There’s a PV!

  7. Stupid video, it doesn’t load on my PC… Anyway, the fragments I heard do not provide enough savoring to decide if I like it or not, therefore, KILL does not exist until 19/11/08… BTW, I don’t like her ero-dark-goth-evil-waitress look that much. I liked her in no vain, but here she looks too creepy for my tase…

  8. Funny note: “OMG Aibu how did you find my blog” was I’ve Sound Blog’s 1000th comment. Congratulations, kieyuku!

    And the answer is ‘through referrer tracking’. Your blog links to mine, so that’s how I found it.

  9. :/ sounds little weird and look like the last releases (exception for SCOPE).

    and if im not wrong this is a single for a film *-* (maybe) that’s what i cee.

    MELL always wit that dark wave O.o!

  10. @Pinky: If you’re getting flashbacks to the Real Onigokko PV, you’re right, because the interspersed scenes are from the movie. Still a tacky way to do a PV in my opinion, but it isn’t short for “promotional video” for nothing.

  11. You’re right, like in Real Onigokko PV, I didn’t like the scenes of the movie on it, and it seems that now, in KILL, it´s gonna be the same thing ¬¬.

    They should focus in making a good PV but not adding short parts of the movie on it, that’s what I think >_<.

  12. Today I just received an e-mail from CDJapan informing me about the shipping of a purchase that includes MELL’s single KILL.

    What it wants to say that in two more weeks I will have it in my hands, begins the countdown ^^.

  13. I just noticed KILL single didn’t “leaked” just like what happened to Kawada’s “PSI-missing”, which was like, October 26, I already had my copy. Not unlike now, no one from uploaded the KILL single.

    Well even if I’m not really all that happy with the single, I have yet to see the full single before my making my last impressions.

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