Posted by: 光星 | 11/14/08

I’ve in Budokan special unit song announced

Since it’s only a short time before the tickets go on sale and some of those fortunate enough to win tickets through the Animate lottery are already cashing in their winnings, some info on the bonus single has been announced.
The title is “HYDIAN WAY” which marks the second intrusion of Star Wars references into I’ve, the first one being the secret “I’ve wars” lightsaber fight between Kaori and KOTOKO on the See You PV DVD. The song appears to be a collaboration of the musical guests, though none are explicitly mentioned.
One guest who may or may not be on the song is guitarist Machine who recently finished up touring with MELL.

In unrelated news, the music for an upcoming Tsuyokiss 2 Drama CD lists I’ve under “music,” but no word on if there will be any vocal tracks.



  1. HYDIAN WAY is a good song. Even though it’s an instrumental, I think there’s a future vocal version.

  2. i didn’t like Hydian Way at all… maybe with the girls in it.. but as it is.. just seems so plain X_X

  3. OK, it’s nice, but quite underwhelming to say the least. It’s just some random stuff I bet Takase had kicking around that never got shoehorned into anything, like, oh, I dunno, the I’ve Youtube videos that still haven’t shown up?

  4. Yeah it’s a good song — it’s so very Takase style, I should admit. But it’s nothing that powerful… yet I still want to hear the one with vocals in the future before I fully judge it. ^_^

  5. 光星: Yes i was thinking about that! they said the videos would be up at end october, no? what the hell

    Haven’t heard hydian way because I can’t even find out where I can listen to it. And of all the names they can title it, they chose such a…*sigh* >_<

  6. @kieyuku>> click here:

    Erm, I like another “Isolation” for Tsuyokiss 2 hahaha! Well that is if they will give Reina a chance…

  7. Oh. domo arigatou gozaimasu, fred-san.

    Hmmm…the song’s kinda alright. It doesn’t make any strong impression on me. While it has a nice tune, the electronica beats gave me a bit of a headache after awhile. It’ll be interesting how the words will fit in, if there is a vocal version.

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