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Full KILL PV up on Barks

Video stream at Barks, there’s also an interview. Whatever doubts me and Aibu had about this single are pretty much gone. This song is awesome. First impression by Aibu: “WTF KILL THIS IS DOPE.” Proper review coming soon.

Speaking of “coming soon,” the official Budokan site has been renewed, but there is absolutely no new information.

The first I’ve-related Comiket news to report: Giga will offer a maxi single featuring the theme to BALDRSKY “Restoration ~沈黙の空~.”



  1. Liking KILL but it still lacks power.

    Fuck! “On my own” is fucking “The first finale in me”! >_< it doesn’t get that much better.

  2. Um, okay, your response pretty much sums it up. The song is great! At this stage though I do feel like it’s just a little forgettable though. Perhaps the full single will rectify that later :P

    The loltastic movie looks cheesy though. Kinda messes up the video for me, lol, since the tone of the song & the vid doesn’t fit right.

  3. You know, since I knew the title of the KILL’s B-Side, “On my own”, I thought it would be similar to “The first finale in me” and that’s Ok with me because I like that one pretty much.

    Same like you Naddie, I don’t like the short samples of the movie in the PV. And though I’m not gonna hear the single until it comes to my hands I’ll be waiting for your review Aibu.

  4. It’s not that I don’t like the song but I was expecting a much different and better ballad. Shit, they are like twins not to mention with the length. (_ _;)

  5. For those who haven’t heard “KILL” and “On my own”, I uploaded it in my eSnips. I admit it took me some time because I have to widen more my, ehem, resources because most of my resources still didn’t upload the single so I had difficulty finding the two.

  6. Told you!… KILL sounds amazing.

  7. This is the I’ve Sound I know and love.

  8. The song hasn’t grown on me yet, but it’s good. I’m definitely not a fan of the PV.

    I’ve Talkjam STILL coming soon, and the Budokan publicity banners are freaking flashy and colourful and there’s two for every size, but the only diff between each two is the colour of the I’VE logo. >.<

  9. Umm… the song is just OK, It’s not as breathtaking as it could be, I mean, “KILL” is a really tough name, one would expect a totally crazy, hardcore and exploding song, which, in my opinion, was not exactly the case. I’d say 7.5-8/10. It’s not unique. It’s just not hard enough for my taste. MELL can do better than that, especially with such a flashy and promising songname.

    About the PV, it sucks. She looks like a mummy dressed as Marilyn Manson. I just hate the way she looks. This effect is especially enhanced by the piece of cloth on her face. She looks like Imhotep before being restored.
    The fragments of the movie didn’t help either; a japanese girl doing cosplay just isn’t what one would expect on a PV called KILL. Can’t they stop (unsuccessfully) attempting to make their movies look like anime?. One cannot yield the same effects obtained in drawings while doing live. Anyway, my PV veredict: MELLylin Manson is not nice for my visual taste buds, 6/6589456132.

  10. ^ *nods head vigorously*

  11. @NumberXIII>> you could say that again.

    @AG>> Not really amazing. I mean it’s good but it’s not all that great.

    Like what NumberXIII said, it’s not as breath-taking as its title. I was kinda disappointed as well.

    Even as “half-baked” as aibu said, PSI-missing was still much stronger. Whether you believe it or not, KILL only debuted at #16 in the Oricon daily and tonight, it was kicked out of #30. I double-checked it but it seems like it.

  12. PSI-missing much stronger????!!! WHAT?
    i mean the arrangement of KILL is just like a thousand times better and well crafted. Maybe i’m saying this as a musician but KILL has what it takes to be a great and memorable song, while i already forgot how PSI-missing sounds and i’m kinda thankful for that.
    BTW for me the song could have been called ASS and i wouldn’t give a fuck, this is good music folks, Kazuya Takase did it again.

  13. Woah!… we have strong points here
    Ladies & Gentlemen, in this corner… jajajaj ^^

    I would like to listen KILL right now, but I’ll wait for the single to get to my hands, keeping my word.

  14. @fred- high five!! ^^ I still love PSI-missing. I can remember the lyrics offhand!

    Anyway O_o
    @AG- everyone has their opinions…don’t get so worked up(whenever I see vulgarities coming out I assume the person is worked up).

  15. not at all XD
    of course everyone has their opinions and i just wrote mine.
    Sorry about the “vulgarities” as you call them but i try to write as honestly as i can. I find people never swearing in these sites kind of hypocritical.
    Yes i do say Fuck and Ass quite often in my everyday life but i wasn’t trying to be offensive, so i apologize if it came out that way. Anyways and as i already have said sometimes my opinion may be a little bit more subjective for i am a musician myself and always judge songs from what for me is a good composition. I can tell you that one of my favorite IVE songs because of its arrangement is JOINT maybe this is the reason why i can’t stand PSI- missing but can’t have nothing but love for KILL.

  16. @AG- Ah okay, I see. I swore off vulgarities years ago. Hey, what kind of musician are you? I mean, guitarist, singer or what? I’m interested to know. :3

    The internet is boring me, I keep finding myself back here. -_-

  17. i play piano and i’m also a guitarist and i have studied classical singing. However right now i’m totally focused on my college major… graphic design!

  18. *a bit disappointed*

    from my opinion, i dun like the arrangement for KILL, even though when MELL voice is still as powerful and fabulous as before…
    i was expecting a more… hmm… what should i say ??

    “I mean, “KILL” is a really tough name, one would expect a totally crazy, hardcore and exploding song, which, in my opinion, was not exactly the case.”

    that was what i expect from KILL when i saw the title… but gotta say i’m a bit disappointed

    “About the PV, it sucks”

    yeah it is.. i totally agree..
    at the very least, kicks! was much better than KILL -_-a
    makes me wondering that PSI-missing’s PV is much MUCH better… though i know most of u might disagree :D

  19. If I ignore the PV (and I’m really trying to…) the song itself is a lot better than I had expected given the preview. Both the arrangement and the vocals are much stronger than PSI-missing, particularly the driving verses. It deserves comparison to Real Onigokko, and not just in its film context.

    Trivia: OK, one bit about the PV. The MELL parts were filmed in the G-Cans project which basically serves as an excess water tank during floods and typhoons as well as a conveniently awesome industrial backdrop for music videos and advertisements. Lower-tech than the green-screen heavy PSI-missing PV, but more effective, I think.

  20. Yeah I agree the PV sucks. I just noticed that every live-action or movie tie-in PVs always suck to the lowest. Just like the Real Onigokko and WHEEL OF FORTUNE PVs, yes the songs’re awesome but what have they been doing in the PV? Nothing special. Gladly, they didn’t made a HISUI PV. ~_~

    @kieyuku> ^_^;; me too~ I’ve memorized the lyrics less than a week. ^_~

    @AG> well yes definitely, as you said, KILL is stronger when it comes to new synths and materials and I just based the “strongness” of PSI-missing and KILL singles according to their Oricon daily positions. As you can see PSI-missing didn’t even dropped in the top 20 daily charts compared to KILL which only debuted at #16 then dropped to #32 last night then tonight it’s still below top 30. I also assumed that the loyal fans of MELL wasn’t all that happy with KILL as well that’s why when they heard the preview, they just decided to not buy the single (but I’m sure there are still who bought it undoubtedly despite the fact that KILL lacks “the power to kill”).

    And it gave me a hard time or rather a headache just to have a clear copy of the songs while PSI-missing was kinda “leaked” 2 days before its actual release so it was easier really.

    And I just want to comment about the movie. It looks like it’s not something awesome as well. It’s also a cheesecake action film much compared to Onechan Bara. Well that’s just for me.

  21. And one more thing, even Lia’s “weaker tone” single “Toki wo Kizamu Uta/TORCH” was even stronger than PSI-missing. -___- I mean I like the two but KILL and PSI-missing was much better than the said single. >_< Clannad tie-in surely is a strong one even if Lia’s recent album “new moon” flopped in the Oricon weekly charts. o.O’

  22. KILL is so…. let’s say complex, that it lacks a definite form. That’s why it’s not memorable. Musicians can distinguish the parts of it, and it’s got lots of those, but everyone else listens to the song as a whole and that’s KILL’s flaw: an uninteresting wholeness.

    I liked MELL’s voice, it’s always good, but the arrangement is too… hmm… mixedly hurricanized, making it a flurry of shapeless tones and sounds, rendering it way too complex to appreciate it as a whole.

    Anyway, I say Death Penalty to KILL!!!!!

    (BTW, now it all makes sense!! The PV was filmed in some kind of creepy sewer. That plus the cheesy wannabe anime film PLUS Imhotep PLUUS a TOO COMPLEX song make it suck badly)

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