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Two eroge theme credits released!

The credits for the theme to Caligula’s Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori have been released:

Title: Bizarrerie Cage
Vocals: MELL
Lyrics: 松島詩史
Composed and Arranged: Maiko Iuchi
Release date is still sometime in 2009.

MELL finally gets her first eroge theme since Egen nearly four years ago. Maiko, in contrast, has been the go-to gal for eroge arrangements in 2008, and it appears that trend will continue. MELL and Maiko’s first collaboration, “Under Superstion,” wasn’t all that bad, but I’m not believing it until I hear the short version, whenever that arrives.

Eroge maker Saga Planets announced one of their Comiket 75 offerings, a mini album for their upcoming eroge “Natsu Yume Nagisa.” The credits for the I’ve track:
Title: bumpy-Jumpy!
Vocalist: KOTOKO
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composed and Arranged: Nakazawa and Takeshi

Also, the cover jacket of Mami’s upcoming DVD titled *sigh* “MAMI KAWADA LIVE TOUR 2008 “SAVIA” LIVE&LIFE vol.2” is up. Mami really needs to hire better hairdressers/photographers in this blogger’s opinion.



  1. OMG! MUST…BUY…LIVE…DVD! *dies of asphyxiation* I wonder if Mami’s live performances are better now?
    They seriously could have gotten a better picture for the cover though.

    One question: Is everyone in I’ve doing eroge themes? How long has it been since Mami did one?

    One other thing: You should update the FAQ section, the answer about Mutant Dwarf being the only fan club for I’ve has “expired”.

  2. Mami’s last eroge themes were for “Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori” which was released a year ago tomorrow. One of them, “For Our Days” is on that live DVD.
    Eiko’s last eroge theme, not counting “cover link” which was likely recorded in 2002 or 2003, was “Automaton” for the first Ryouki no Ori in late 2004.

    I assumed Eiko and MELL quit doing eroge themes, but I suppose MELL was willing to do one more. Either that, or this is the lost MELL track which she performed live in Texas back in 2007.

  3. @kieyuku>> yeah hikaru’s correct. “For our days” and “return to that place” were the last eroge themes that Mami performed (for Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori).

    @hikaru>> why not include “cover link”? Was that a non-I’ve? I thought “Michibi Kareshi Tamashii no Keifu” and “Tsutaeyuku Uta” were the only non-I’ve eroge songs? =O

  4. Yesterday I saw that cover at amazon and I thought “isn´t there any other…”, but as they say “you can´t judge a book by its cover” so after reading the list of the songs performed, I think it’s a worth addition for any Mami´s fans.

    I also like a lot the live concerts of Mami ’cause she’s a rocker, but I don’t think I´ll be buying this (because my lack of money ¬¬).

  5. If we’re talking about the last eroge song Eiko recorded, cover link probably isn’t it. It was first released around late 2001 as an unnamed track on the “new master” version of the Giboshimai fan disc. Like Time Rolls On and Belvedia, the other two short version tracks that came on that CD, they were supposed to be promos for other Selen games. The game that cover link was supposed to be on probably got canceled or used another vocal song. Years later, it was recommissioned by Selen for Rensa Byoutou, but not likely re-recorded.
    So that’s why I don’t count it as Eiko’s last eroge theme, even though it was the one most recently released.

  6. “Mami really needs to hire better hairdressers/photographers in this blogger’s opinion.”

    not only the photographers or hairdressers i think ^^;;
    her clothes also bothers me a bit -_-a
    although it does fit her in some way.

  7. I don’t know but in my book the look of Kawada ain’t the problem with the jacket/cover for the DVD at all rather then the first LIVE&LIFE featuring way more stylish usage of the Kawada photo material used as cover art…but it’s the content that counts, nee? ^_^ And the pre-order page also provides details of the live set-list to be contained which makes me anticipate that DVD release even more.
    Whether Kawada is going to be “better” live this time around…I didn’t consider her doing bad at all back for the SEED DVD either (the mere problem I had in terms of performance was the set-list, mainly songs requiring all her power like “SEED” placed as encore part which resulted into not as awesome of a performance it certainly would have been if placed earlier during the concert *when Kawada wasn’t already outpowered*).
    Also hoping the Life part this time around will give bit more footage of her time spent in Taiwan earlier this year (rather then this short and loveless assembled “making-of” feature contained on the SAVIA bonus DVD).

    Now could we please get some Shimamiya live DVD goodness as well? >_<

  8. Or maybe a Kaori Live Concert?… oh!… wait… Am I talking silly things?… x_o

  9. ^ Well Pedro that won’t be impossible if either Geneon or I’ve will give Kaorin a chance to release her album and singles. But for now that dream of yours is not feasible since she has the fewest songs of the 5 I’ve girls.

    I didn’t have any problems with the jacket either. It’s much more enlightening than the SEED LIVE&LIFE DVD. But seeing the list, it’s good but I just noticed that “DREAM” was included. Could they just replace that song with let’s say, “seduce”? xD Haha!

  10. Yeah it’s true what you say fred, I know that won’t happen if things keep going the same way til now.

    I just have my fingers cross hoping for a new dvd featuring MELL with the edition of her last live performance… I hope that can be true ^^ pleaseeee…

  11. that’ll be true next year since SAVIA DVD was just held 4 months ago, I think? So probably the SCOPE DVD will be released. ^_^

  12. UPDATE: Looks like MELL really flopped at the daily charts with KILL…


    Uhm and the forecast for the weekly sale is rather week at #37 with 2,664 copies sold.

  13. “that’ll be true next year since SAVIA DVD was just held 4 months ago, I think? So probably the SCOPE DVD will be released. ^_^”

    “May your words be truth my friend…”

    ñam, ñam, ñam…^^

  14. >But seeing the list, it’s good but I just noticed that “DREAM” was included. Could they just replace that song with let’s say, “seduce”? xD Haha!

    Given that I like “DREAM” quite “a bit” I would rather see “For OurDays” replaced with some other Eroge x I’ve (Kawada) song…
    “seduce” live? Would be great, but then though that song ranges among those I would wholeheartly recommend I’ve to give us with a next MANIA Tracks or GIRLS COMPILLATION (yeah, silly me got some little hope left they will go back on that series sometime) so I’d be a happy fanboy with “seduce” just making it onto an I’ve published CD at last…

    Regarding live DVD releases of the girls, I guess that MELL’s SCOPE tour facing such is more a question of time then whether such a release would be made at all…seeing how she got to step up next to Kawada’s pushed media spotlight (fanclub and now she seems to be next to KOTOKO the most active of the girls doing themes or ED for Anime project and also still Ero/Bishoujo Soft).
    *But* first I really would like to see at least one of Shimamiya’s live facing a DVD release – not counting her Taiwan live and last X’mas live, she got already two (three if you count in ULYSSES) tours behind her with non of these (at least partwise) gotten a DVD release (merely Endless Loop footage released yet >_<)

  15. ^ Oh, you’re right. I forgot about that fact. Even Eiko was not blessed to release her own concert DVD. =__= *tantrums*

    And about “seduce” yeah, it would be great if they’ll include that in the next compilation since her uber tragic and lonesome “Lythrum” just didn’t made the edge for the first compilation. >_< They could’ve chose a much better eroge theme song. Although, I didn’t appreciate “seduce” at first (due to the fact that it gave me some head cramps because of the heavy-sounding electric guitars, it was more appreciable than let’s say, “return to that place”), it would really be awesome if Kawada will perform that live! I’ll be really thrilled. X3

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