Posted by: 光星 | 11/26/08

Mami will do the second Toaru opening

One last parting shot before I go on vacation for the weekend:

Mami Kawada is set to do the second opening of Toaru Majutsu no Index, as evidenced by the announcement of another single to be released on January 28. Has the backlash from the first theme been heard? Regardless, Mami’s been fairly consistent these days, so this is still a single to look forward to.



  1. wow great!! I’ve been dying to hear another single from her since KOTOKO got the spotlight of releasing several singles last year. That’s great news! *thrilled as ever*

  2. To have a new Mami’s single on schedule is always good…^^

    Now I hope if it’s not an album, at least a maxi single to fix the “Special Life!” maxi-wrong step ¬¬ from KOTO-chan.

  3. ^ Well even if it doesn’t count as a maxi single, d’ya think “U Make Ai Dream” sort of, fixed it? I mean does it outstand “Special Life!” in any way? Hmm for me, a bit since at least the former’s much trancier. ^o^

  4. agree, agree…

    You know fred, even without knowing how’s gonna be “U Make Ai Dream”, I bet my entire fortune that certainty it will be a thounsand times better than… you know what ^^ (it was traumatic for me ¬¬).

    The truth is, the last single fron KOTO-chan I really liked was Blaze (acepting that it wasn’t as good as it could but still a good single) and I hope something better or at the same level than Real OniGokko (To dream is free…).

    MELL should writte another dark song for KOTO-chan, and why not a colaboration between them??? (I’m hawling…^o^)

  5. Actually, Pedro, we already know pretty much how the U Make Ai Dream single will go, as a preview has been up for a while. And since the single isn’t “official,” it’s only the title, the karaoke, and the instrumental; no B-side. And STILL, it’s better than Special Life.

    If KOTOKO doesn’t announce an album at or before Budokan, I’m going to be really surprised. She’s done so little recently.

  6. Maybe she’s really preparing for a best singles album compilation? And is just earning some more songs.. Who knows? If we’re not counting “Shooting Star”, “Second Flight” and “Face of Fact -RESOLUTION ver.-“, well it’s a good 12 songs already.

  7. Cool! I loved PSI-missing. It’s always nice to have some new music to look forward to xD. I just hope it is cool and not all quick-baked like most I’ve stuff recently…

    I want a new KOTOKO single! And I mean SINGLE, not a sort of nonsense arrangements and sqeaky voices loaded on a CD… I want a new UZUMAKI or Real Onigokko!!! :D

  8. YAYYYY <3 Mami Kawada!
    Now it’s pretty much guaranteed i’m watching season 2 of Index.

  9. ^EDIT: I didn’t read the title properly. I meant…..I’m gonna continue with Index. And look forward to the 2nd OP. =P

  10. wow… knowing that mami will sing the 2nd OP makes my reason of watching to aru almost purely bcoz of mami xD

    “I mean SINGLE, not a sort of nonsense arrangements and sqeaky voices loaded on a CD… I want a new UZUMAKI or Real Onigokko!!! :D”

    KOTOKO should sing with her powerful voice again…
    i’m a bit tired of the cute KOTOKO…

  11. UPDATE: Release date for Kawada’s 7th single moved to a week after — February 4, 2009.

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