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Single review: KOTOKO – U make Ai dream

In honour of what is undoubtedly the laziest “single” Geneon/I’ve has ever managed to release, Hikaruhoshi and I present you with the laziest review we’ve ever “written”. Enjoy!

KOTOKO – U make 愛 dream (U make Ai dream) (2008, Geneon)


1. U make 愛 dream

2. U make 愛 dream (Karaoke)

3. U make 愛 dream (Instrumental)

The review:



  1. U make Ai post lolcat instead of review

    U make Ai disappointed, KOTOKO :(

  2. U Make Ai wish for Sora Wo Tobetara

    U Make Ai glad Mami’s doing the anime themes lately

  3. U make Ai lol

  4. U make crap dream ¬¬… sorry

    Not your best review aibu, but a pretty damn good one, agree 100% with it ^^

  5. U make Ai Feel like sleeping during the song -_-a

    U make Ai want the old-Re-sublimity-KOTOKO back ¬¬

  6. U make Ai shocked to see a lolcat instead of review.

    KOTOKO’s really gotta do something good soon…imho, Mami is doing better than KOTOKO now.


    best review so far.

  8. xDDDDDD LOL! I haven’t heard it, but now I don’t want to; my neuron count will NOT be decreased by that!

  9. U make Ai sad, I’ve. SAD.

    Sounds like I’ve just took several of their notable songs and rehashed the beats. Meh. It was bland.

  10. u make ai BORED with cute kotoko -_-a

    i can understand if this song would have been denpa… but… why do i keep thinking that this song is kinda resemble Mami’s i’ve debut ‘Kaze to Kimi wo daite’ and KOTOKO’s own i’ve debut ‘Namida no Chikai’

    u make ai FRUSTRATED with the current KOTOKO, i’ve & geneon !!!

  11. ^ U make ai said that those songs you mentioned are both Takase-produced that’s why. :P

    Weh U make ai clean my ears because it seems like my ears are not working on this one. U make PS-ai-missing million times better than you. XD

  12. wow another great news… MELL’s going to perform the theme song for January 2009 anime “RIDEBACK”. xD *totally excited*

  13. sorry for posting the third time… I’m so stupid that I commented before I listened to the preview for the anime.. >_< looks like a perky theme song for this one. Perhaps, not as merry as FLY TO THE TOP but it’s a bouncy one. *hunching a Maiko Iuchi composition*

  14. @fred: I’LL handle this.

  15. Dman!!! everybodys didnt like the lñaste theme by KOTOKO I think! O.o!

    i agree U!!!

    the song is pretty but not like a single i wanna hear from her.

    and i agree 光星 finally i could say i’ll see Mamis doing the anime’s themes… Wiiii :(

  16. Finally I heard this single, I think it’s just a fine song and that’s it, nothing special, just a fine song.

  17. ROFL, I love the “U make Ai wish for Sora wo Tobetara” – hahaha.
    – U make Ai want milk
    – U make Ai Sorry Ai Bought Single

    But that’s not really the case. I don’t mind the song, but I don’t like it at all. But, KOTOKO should get back in business…! Please, for the fans, haha. Who happen to be fans of her more than of Kawada Mami.


  18. […] devoid of inspiration was unleashed upon the populace, we here at I’ve Sound Blog reacted by posting a lolcat and calling it a day. However, because that gimmick’s already been used up, here’s an actual review […]

  19. wow, this is my first time posting here

    even though it’s a little bit late…

    please! give us back our old KOTOKO!
    i’m really tired w/ the current KOTOKO, with this single, and some single before…

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