Posted by: 光星 | 12/06/08

31 seconds of I’ve previews

The first 11 seconds come from Rideback, an anime premiering on January 11. This preview is unmistakably MELL, even without the credit at the bottom. Is it I’ve? Who cares? More MELL is always a good thing. It sounds a little bit bright for what we expect from her, but then again, we’ve only heard 11 seconds.

The other twenty seconds come courtesy of Web Giga and the preview to their Comiket offering, the theme song single to BALDRSKY, “Restoration ~沈黙の空~.” Since the file might be hard to locate, here’s a direct link. Restoration, as opposed to the unnamed MELL preview, is exactly what we expected, with hints from C.G Mix of Face of Fact and his Prism Ark themes.



  1. both songs sound ok to me, though Restoration is so similar to face of fact oOo

  2. hoaaa really mell xD

    both sounds good, but sounds like old i’ve too ^^;;

    “though Restoration is so similar to face of fact”

    yeah… really… Restoration resembles Face of Fact too much… i thought i was hearing FoF ^^;;

  3. I rather like the vibe I get from the MELL song, so yeah I’ll be looking forward to a fuller preview when the anime starts :)

    Preview for Restoration does sound a bit close to Face of Fact, but we’ll see when a fuller version comes out. Kinda hard to judge from the short snippets, at least for me.

  4. yeah, with the situation these days, i am bit excited about these 2 songs’ full version ^^
    especially MELL’s, since it’s not the dark type like her current style ^^

  5. isn’t it weird that there’s no official anouncement for MELL’s song? i mean it should be out like in a month or so right? maybe two months and there’s no info on a new single yet o.o

  6. >isn’t it weird that there’s no official anouncement for MELL’s song?

    Wouldn’t be the first time the Official Geneon sites for the I’ve girls lack up to date information/announcements.
    Shops started taking pre-order for Kawada’s upcoming 7th Single already in late November (~ 28th Nov.) while her Official site merely updated as of today announcing she’d be doing the new OP theme for To Aru Majutsu no Index with the Single slated for a February release.
    I highly doubt the MELL Rideback Single itself will go on sale in January as well though.

  7. Restoration sound really good, I was ready to sing along when it ended, but MELL’s is… eww… It’s too jumpy for me Dx. We’ll have to wait for the full version to be able to judge it, but I didn’t like it… (Plus the squeaky girl who suddenly eeeeeeeeeeeeks, it equals a massive amount of dense creepyness for my ears o__e)

  8. Lack up to date announcements, you say?
    Geneon just confirmed that Mami’s seventh (!) single will be released on February 4th.
    Upcoming releases sidebar updated.

    Also, Mami and KOTOKO are joint-hosting “The Stage” on December 14.
    And, Visual Art’s’ C75 page shows a thumbnail for I’ve, but no details, but it’s a thumbnail for I’ve in Budokan?? Say what?

  9. “Also, Mami and KOTOKO are joint-hosting “The Stage” on December 14.”

    only for one day ?? wew… compare it to budokan 2005 when it was a week show and hosted by SHIHO (and Kazuya Takase ??) =.=
    KOTOKO x Mami combi… hmm… what will this show be i wonder ^^
    it should be interesting knowing KOTOKO is pretty much of Cute type and Mami is the Naughty type x3

  10. Mami’s seventh single yay :) Can she chase up to KOTOKO?
    This “The Stage” thing…it will be posted on somewhere we can watch right? (Please say yes!)

  11. Nicovideo may have a recording up, but that’s only if someone (in Japan) records it.

  12. if KOTOKO keeps herself at this slow pace releasing (good…) singles is very probably that Mami will catch her.

  13. ^ well *ehem* U make Ai dream only debuted at #46. Not a very high position really but it lurked at #20 tonight so there’s a possibility it’ll position itself higher next week. ^_^

  14. ^Let us hope not…

  15. ^Apparently there are people who think that the single is one of “KOTOKO’s good stuff recently” and is much like her older singles.

  16. ^
    well this does sound pretty much like her older songs… except with more modern sound….. -_-a
    but still this song is much too weak to compare with even PSI-missing (we can’t compare it to KILL of course xD)

  17. I just noticed the favicon. Looking sharp, guys.

  18. Well, okay after hearing U Make Ai Dream several times(because I’m playing Ai Sp@ce), it’s not that bad. I would say it suits the game.

  19. ^I’d have to hear it, but I haven’t feel like it. It’s just I SO hate the cute KOTOKO…

  20. “Well, okay after hearing U Make Ai Dream several times(because I’m playing Ai Sp@ce), it’s not that bad. I would say it suits the game.”

    yeah… it does suit the game. u wont feel the game’s essence if the song doesn’t suit the game ^^
    and yeah, it’s not that bad after listening it a few times… but still it won’t be my favorite ^^;;

  21. >SO hate the cute KOTOKO…

    Personally it’s not that I hate cute KOTOKO..not at all I might add. But to me it’s more a problem that originates from that *this* facet of KOTOKO hasn’t brought forth anything usefull in recent times at all (that’s again just my impression there, but to me Kaorin ruled out KOTOKO’s old and newly done stuff for SHORT CIRCUIT II at every given chance).
    And just when I think that KOTOKO is coming up with something of the realms that made her rightfully gain that much fame among the I’ve fans with works like “UZU-MAKI” (the song, not the Album which I consider being her weakest up to now) and “Blaze” (yeah, didn’t get much love here, but I loved that song quite a bit) she continues with stuff like “Special Life” and now “U make Ai dream” (which ain’t ~that~ bad if it wouldn’t so terrible sound like a weak remixing of “Symphony ~Hoshitachi no Uta~” with different lyrics).

  22. KOTOKO needs an uncuteization ASAP. BTW, why the hell are japanese people SO damn addicted to those stupid “cute” generic singers? (Which KOTOKO isn’t but likes to act like one…) JEEZ! I SO hate those nonsense idols! Dxxxxx

  23. “why the hell are japanese people SO damn addicted to those stupid “cute” generic singers?”

    yeah well, i have always wondered the same about japanese people… do you guys have any theories?

  24. Cute anime overflow? The pressure of their stressful lives fries their brains? They are pedophiles? Hmm… nah, I bet it’s the anime overflow; that’s probably the same reason they (unsuccessfully) attempt to make their movies look like anime…

  25. Oh come ON, how can you NOT like cute KOTOKO?! That’s half her gimmick! [/half-serious]
    Yeah, I agree, her best stuff since Garasu no Kaze was when she was mad/evil (UZU-MAKI) or just generally emotional (Genzai no Requiem, rush) so I can see that trying to be “cute” isn’t working out for her. But it’s what she is, unfortunately for us. Her radio show is mostly her doing cute things and talking for what seems like forever, not to mention the website for said show, and then there’s her official site, etc., etc.
    Cute KOTOKO isn’t going away. If only she could be a bit more imaginative. Despite our review, “U Make Ai fire English translator” isn’t all that bad of a song. It isn’t anything that makes me want to rip my eardrums out unlike some of her recent works, it’s just generic, boring, and perhaps a bit sleep-inducing. Yes, it fits the game, it’s better than Symphony, Chercher, and last year’s La Clef, but it’s not what we want to hear from KOTOKO.
    Me, I love I’ve’s cute songs in general, and yes the denpa songs count, and I still think that My Friend is one of the best songs I’ve has come out with this year. Why? I don’t really know, I’m probably a sugar junkie when it comes to music, and if it makes me happy, I don’t really care where it came from. I’ve can also make very cute songs without sounding ridiculously juvenile, though I’m very aware how relative that term can be.
    Also, I don’t really care for seiyuu-singers, except for Kikuko Inoue, who doesn’t count in this conversation. Their appeal I believe comes from that they are the same singing voice as the in-game/anime voice, which gives the fans greater attachment to the song because of the connection, so seiyuu like Yui Sakakibara can get away with a mediocre game/anime theme as long as they also speak the part, e.g., Prism Ark.*
    And on the other hand, probably due to listening to I’ve so much over these years, singers without the Hokkaido accents –particularly those with Osaka accents– just don’t sound as good to me as I’ve’s vocals. Mami’s voice completely made My Friend work for me, and I don’t think even KOTOKO would have done better.
    So I guess this means that as far as this I’ve fan goes, unless KOTOKO gets out of doing generic-anime-themes and back into stuff like she did before, say, “being,” Mami and MELL will clearly be my two favorite I’ve vocalists, if they haven’t passed KOTOKO already.

    *The anime OP was almost too catchy, I feel like a traitor for even liking it.

  26. Let it be said that Hikaruhoshi’s slanderous comments about Yui Sakakibara are not at all the official stance of the I’ve Sound Blog staff and that the other writer (me) believes that JOKER was a better album than any I’ve full-length in the years since Garasu no Kaze save for SAVIA. It’s not just about the seiyuu voice. :(

    Now that I’ve got the off-topic defending of a beloved idol out of the way, I’d just like to throw in my own opinion Re: “Cute” KOTOKO.

    The problem with KOTOKO these days isn’t whether she’s trying to be cute instead of badass or whatever. In fact, KOTOKO barely has anything to do with her recent crappiness. Songs like Chercher aren’t bad because KOTOKO shouldn’t be trying to singe like she’s sort of moe heroine, and in fact some of her best songs have been the ones to take that precise approach (Princess Bride! comes to mind). Chercher, Kirei na Senritsu, U make Ai dream, these songs all could have been salvaged if the arrangers weren’t playing it so obnoxiously safe.

    KOTOKO’s ‘cute’ persona is best accented by a beat that can match her own frantic energy. Shichitenhakki was a fantastic example of the kind of arrangement she needs, while Special Life! faltered with some of the worst I’ve guitars ever heard outside of C.G mix’s solo album. And while Chercher had a certainly workable beat to begin with, its mediocrity can be pinned down to the lack of a hook more memorable than the fairly boring one it got stuck with. Similarly, the song was too slow to be denpa but far too upbeat for a ballad: stuck in the same cursed midrange that made U make Ai dream so dull.

    So I have no problem with KOTOKO playing cute on her songs: she’s much better in Wing my Way mode than faux-industrial Real Onigokko style anyhow. Where my issues lie are with the arrangers who aren’t pulling their weight, simply letting KOTOKO’s name sell singles because they don’t want to expend any effort.

  27. Yeah, i agree, Yui is not great just cause she is a seiyuu and that’s not the reason she gets to do themes, she has good lyrics writing skill and composition skill + she is choreographer and a nice voice. Though she needs better arrangers (though i like Keishi Yonao + Yui, DJ SHIMAMURA + Yui, Elements Garden + Yui, etc). Also i don’t like her cute songs, same as i don’t like I’ve’s cute songs that much, but well, nothing is perfect.

  28. Blargh. I’m like House, we don’t mix with sugar (both in food and music terms). That’s partly the reason I hate pop.

    Anyway, I’m not against those who like the cute KOTOKO, but my ego and I HATE that image with the wrath of a thousand burning suns (PLUS burnt popcorn). It’s just I prefer deep stuff and not the “let’s go girls! were cheerleders! LALALALALALALALA~ were cute and were on an eroge! wee! ha-ah-ha, love us, stalk us, take us with sugar on the top” *pukes*. Sorry… I just can’t stand those. I just can’t overcome thinking it sounds empty and pointless. That’s just it.

    I also really dislike japanese overcuteness on media other than anime. Humans cannot act like cute (nor any kind of) anime, it’s impossible. It just ends up looking weird! OKAY, sorry, I got all carried away, it’s just I’m a little stressed right now though I don’t know why. *takes Vicodin*

  29. aww… I like Real Onigokko T^T

  30. Eh, I’ll admit Yui has good arrangers, which is more than half the battle in my opinion, but it’s not everything. I just like KOTOKO better than Yui….

    In any case, it’s not like KOTOKO is doing exclusively cute songs. In the past year, she’s done Real Onigokko, Ketsudan no Entrance, among others. Sociometry wasn’t all that “cute” either. And in case you missed the original topic, MELL’s theme for Rideback sounds a lot cuter so far than Restoration, which I’m really looking forward to.

  31. Suddenly, I’ve Sound Blog’s comment section has become NumberXIII’s new LiveJournal account.

  32. “why the hell are japanese people SO damn addicted to those stupid “cute” generic singers?”

    The cute-ness is for the initial draw to make people start listening to their music. Music industry is so competitive now people have to use ploys and tactics. But, when you like the songs, you’ll start liking the singer, and you’ll accept that acting cute is part of their job.

    I like C-ute and Buono!, two very act-cute groups. BUT Mami is still my favourite singer. xD

  33. ^Yeah I guess she just does it for money… At least I hope so… Anyway, I want the cool KOTOKO back T.T

  34. “And in case you missed the original topic, MELL’s theme for Rideback sounds a lot cuter so far than Restoration, which I’m really looking forward to.”

    but it’s ok since MELL didn’t get to do cute songs often :D or rather, it’s a VEEEERRRY rare ocassion :D

    “Suddenly, I’ve Sound Blog’s comment section has become NumberXIII’s new LiveJournal account.”

    lol ^^:;

    “KOTOKO’s ‘cute’ persona is best accented by a beat that can match her own frantic energy. Shichitenhakki was a fantastic example of the kind of arrangement she needs, …”

    yeah… shicitenhakki had the energy. even when she acted all the cutesy in the PV i still accept itu ^^

    and about her other-cute-stuff-like song like Princess Bride! and other denpa songs (even though i havent heard that much), i still can like it because it’s energetic. i mean, if it’s energetic cute KOTOKO, i can accept it rather quickly. but for songs like u make ai dream, chercher etc, it needs more time before i turn my opinion and like it. although i really like chercher when i first listened to song back then :P

  35. Yeah MELL seldomly perform cute songs. When was the last? Was it “our youthful days”? But FLY TO THE TOP was much more cuter and it was way back year 2000 which is almost a decade ago. I’m really looking forward to this RIDEBACK theme song.

    About the KOTOKO cutey stuff, I also like the energetic ones — she’s not too suited for slow cute songs like say, “Atarashii Koi no Katachi”. But I have to admit, cute songs is suited to her unlike Eiko Shimamiya. *remembers how my head exploded when I first head “Atashi wa Melon”*

  36. But then, during all this 2008 year, who’s the I’ve girl winner? talking about new material of course.

    For me is Kaorin… cof cof cof x_o… well, that’s a joke, indeed it is hahaha…, back to the point I think it’s between Mami and MELL, and if I have to choose one of them, that would be… (surprise!) MELL, especially with SCOPE and KILL songs.

    Sorry for KOTOKO, but until today I’ve been listening Real Oni Gokko and Blaze over and over again, but about the new songs… I can’t tell ¬¬.

    KOTO-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! … pleaaaaaaaaaase.. give us a brand new quality album… onegaaaaaaaaaaaai…

  37. Yeah, I think MELL and Mami rocked this year. SAVIA is just perfect and MELL’s singles are awesome as well. Eiko’s Hikari Nadesiko SUCKS (save for Naraku no Hana) and KOTOKO… Kotoko… kotoko….

    “Suddenly, I’ve Sound Blog’s comment section has become NumberXIII’s new LiveJournal account.”

    whoops! xD

  38. You know, lately I’ve been listening a lot the first album of Mami, I don’t know why but I’ve been dancin’ around between Seed, MELLSCOPE and KILL (of course) this last week.

    And I don’t think I’m gonna stop soon ^^…

    (still don’t listen “U make Cry Dream”… huhuhu)

  39. when u’re talking about listening to Seed, MELLSCOPE, SAVIA and KILL, i suddenly remember that i’m listening more to their older songs in the compilation album, like ‘I pray to stop my cry -little sea style’ or ‘OUT FLOW’ xD

    “(still don’t listen “U make Cry Dream”… huhuhu)”

    c’moon… it’s not really that bad, except that KOTOKO doesn’t really fit singing it ^^:;

  40. Yessshh Seed rocks!!! It’s one of Mami’s own favourite songs!

    Can I ask, where do you all check the daily oricon charts?

  41. @kieyuku>>

    but I really don’t know how (and where, actually) to view all top 200… I mean if you’re looking at the daily top 200, they’ll only view the top 30, I have no absolute idea where to look for the top 31 and below. D:

  42. That’s true Yuki88, the same for me, I’ve been listening old songs from I´ve lately ^^.

    Is there a chance to have pools on this blog?
    that would be funny and maybe we’ll know each other better I think ^^…

  43. I can’t find “The Stage” video anywhere…T_T

  44. the stage is a radio show, isn’t it ??
    so it wouldn’t have any video =.=;;

  45. You mean this?


    EDIT: The quality is quite horrible, hopefully there will be another one soon.

  46. HOAAA so is it actually a radio show or what ?? o_0
    hikaruhoshi~~ love you xD *even if i dun know whether i’ll have time to watch it Y-Y my college tasks are near deadline Y-Y

    hontoni arigatou!

  48. Oh my god, I can’t believe Mami and KOTOKO were actually gushing about the Blue Man Group towards the end.*puke*

  49. well bcoz the BMG is their guest so they had to talk about it abit, even if they actually didn’t want to ^^

    and can anyone give the summary of what they talked about ??

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