Posted by: 光星 | 12/19/08

RIDEBACK single announced.

Animate has begun taking preorders for MELL’s 5th single, tentatively titled “RIDEBACK.” The single is scheduled to be released on March 4, and the Rideback anime premieres on January 11. A new promo has shown up on the Rideback official site, but still no additional info on MELL’s involvement.

Also, if you missed it in the comments, there is a crossfade sampling of The Front Line Covers available at or directly linked here.



  1. I see no reason why the official site doesn’t include the info about MELL’s opening theme for the anime. I thought I was only hallucinating with the “RIDEBACK” title… ><

    btw, <3 the single cover for “masterpiece”. =3

  2. GRRRREAT News! (in Engrish as MELL deserves ^^).

    So, this is gonna be the 5th single from her and is based on an anime series called “Rideback”, is that ok?.
    I that’s true, I hope another “Virgin’s High!” hit (gomenasai guys but I really liked that song ^_-).

    I’ll wait for the pre-order at Cdjapan, and maybe a sample of the single in a near future, right Aibu?.

  3. hmm about the sample…

    the 1st one is Mami.. (she sounds very different than usual here, more like LYTHRUM i should say)
    the 2nd is Shimamiya-sensei (her voice is kinda… should i say cute ?? -_-a)
    the 3rd is MELL
    the 4th is Kaorin (go sweet again oh goshh >_< but well, not bad ^^)
    the 5th is KOTOKO

    pls sum1 tell me what songs are in the sample Y_Y

    great… i can’t wait for this album xD

    and about MELL’s RIDEBACK…
    i was confused when i visited the official web for RIDEBACK bcoz there’s NO info about MELL performing the opening theme =.=;;

    “I hope another “Virgin’s High!” hit (gomenasai guys but I really liked that song ^_-).”

    i like Virgin’s High! too so i do hope that RIDEBACK will be much much better than Virgin’s High! :D

  4. If i recall correctly, the first song in the crossfade is RIDE (AKI), I will… (MARY), Two face (AKI), One small day (AKI) and finally Kisetsu no Shizuku (R.I.E)
    BTW, here is my Kisetsu no Shizuku translation

    Awakened in the morning
    by the gentle voice of the wind
    invited as if it was speaking

    Secretly inside my heart,
    i have the feeling that i will surely meet you

    Love to wish Hold on you
    forever, this hot feeling
    the piled white wave and sky trembles
    lonely with the extended blue summer
    the two dyed, a drop of season

    Always gently, the days just pass away
    the little instant that is present goes at a quick phase
    just like a pat on the back
    The beginning of your time,
    a sparkle that lasts for a tiny bit of time

    Take me up Make me hot
    the sands height grows bigger
    two shadows getting closer to each other goes melted
    into a summer evening while embraced by the stars floating in the sky
    One day, this memories will change

    Love to wish Hold on you
    forever, this hot feeling
    the piled white wave and sky trembles
    while they are embraced by the stars rising high.
    One day, this memories will change

  5. Sorry, the song that Kaori sings is Soyokaze no Yukue.

  6. Yessh Mami Kawada rocksss. RIDE sounds really good.

  7. By the way, I’ve been thinking…
    Why don’t all of us jointly set up a site to compile all of I’ve Sound’s song lyrics? Then we slowly translate the songs so we have kanji, romaji AND english translations.
    I’m pretty sure no one has done this…and it’ll be good to have a site with all the I’ve lyrics so people don’t have to search everywhere.
    Whaddya think?

  8. kieyuku:
    If you want to archive lyrics, start an I’ve Sound Wiki. Hikaruhoshi and I tried but the hosting service we were using crashed on us and everything was lost – after that we kinda gave up on the idea, but a fresh start by a member of the community might be all the idea needs.

  9. Speaking of new singles, while the Pre-order page for Mami Kawada’s upcoming Single still lists it as/with “title unnanounced” they put up an for it that gives it the title “masterpiece”. Cover/Promo image link:

  10. wow that would be magnificent if there would be an archive for all I’ve Sound lyrics. I could contribute my lyric collection that I have in my Mami Kawada fanlisting/site haha. :D

  11. littleharlock-
    I LOVE YOU MAMI KAWADA (not in the lesbian way)!

    fred & aibu-
    I think the community here should all compile it together. It’d be hard to do it solo. First, who wants to volunteer to set up a site? :X

  12. \(*o*)/ yayyyyy !!! xD xD

    *over happily jump then hurt my elbow Y-Y*

    Mami is so coooool in the cover xD xD
    she looks so cool even when she’s wearing skirt xD xD

    so does it mean that the new single’s title will be Masterpiece ??
    interesting :D

    “I LOVE YOU MAMI KAWADA (not in the lesbian way)!”

    lol xD xD
    i almost fall to “that side” xD xD

  13. Thanks for the sample; fell of the face of the internet for like a week so this was a nice surprise :D

    And oh my God, I loved AKI’s Two face :D It doesn’t feel the same, but MELL’s version sounds good for a start. Isn’t the last song R.I.E’s Take me high though? I don’t have my CD near me to check though, so I could be wrong haha.

    Hey would love to help on that lyrics site, although to be honest I don’t know any Japanese :P Perhaps I can just help with the database or something haha. But yeah I’ve been hoping someone would like to start it up ;)

  14. @Previous comment: Ah nope, just very similar sounding music & poor listening judgement on my part :P Though I’d love to hear a retake on that too, I love that song. I’m just really looking forward to the album in particular, they’re mostly great songs from I’ve’s past.

  15. The new single cover is interesting… Kawada’s outfit reminds me in no small part of this collection from Undercover:

  16. the coat isn’t similar (Mami’s got fur xD) but the rest is almost the same ^^;;

    and is it just me or Mami’s cloth really starts to be more girlish ??

  17. Like Aibu said, we tried to make a wiki last February, using the MediaWiki software, but the servers crashed and the data was lost. I have a backup xml of the site that had a page for every song pre-SAVIA and some other tidbits, but anything corrected after that (and there was quite a bit) was lost.
    I would be willing to found another one if there was enough interest and willing participation, because as Aibu and I soon realized after starting to work on it, streamlining the code and making sure everything worked properly took just as much effort as creating 400+ song and dozens of album pages.
    My dream would be something that would rival or’s wonderful databases, not to mention collect together the lyrics held on a myriad of sites. But again, it’s going to take a lot of work to set this up.

  18. I do not know if i can be of any help but count me in guys, i am a graphic designer and i do know some html, so please if there’s any way for me to help let me know and i be more than glad to join the project.

  19. @hikaruhoshi>> wow that’s amazing! =3 I’m sure if that would be up, you can kick’s asses for not updating their discography and databases (except for the home page).

    And speaking of the home page, I was kinda “terrorized” when I learned Maiko Iuchi will do the composition/arrangement for “masterpiece”. Hopefully she wouldn’t turn an epic anime theme song to a cutey eroge theme song. =.=’

  20. FYI, I think Maiko did the BGM in To aru…
    i mean, you can see her name in the opening credits in charge for something like sound (i think i saw i’ve sound/Maiko Iuchi), just before OP song credit ^^
    so this one might be like ‘seduce’ xD *hopefully :P*

    if so, then i really can’t wait for ‘masterpiece’ x3 x3

    I was so happy cos I recognised it the moment the song started playing! Ahhhhh

  22. OMG !!! and my episode 12 download is still a long time to finish Y-Y
    Mami is attached to To aru now xD xD
    with 3 songs in the series after ‘masterpiece’ released later xD
    pretty much like how she was attached to Shana series ^^a

  23. @Yuki88>> Yes I know that but it can’t be helped sometimes… Even if you earn the experience on being the BGM master, the outcome for the other is different but who knows? It’s okay that it would be like “seduce” but she should lessen the noisy electric guitars.

    @kieyuku>> yeah! I was like, “uwah! This is PSI-missing’s coupling song!!” when I heard the BGM.. >.< I didn’t think that they would use “Ame” as an insert song for this anime.

    And yeah I agree this is like an incarnation of Shakugan no Shana so I’m not going to be surprised after all if Kawada will be the opening/ending theme performer if To Aru will have the 2nd part or even the movie insert song or some sort.

  24. “It’s okay that it would be like “seduce” but she should lessen the noisy electric guitars.”

    hmm… yeah maybe she should… although it’s good to hear something as noisy as that when i really need to be awaken ^^;;

    and as usually the clothes in the single/album cover are also used in the PV… with these kinds of cloth in the cover of ‘masterpiece’… i really don’t want to think that it’s gonna be “a cutey eroge theme song” like you said, fred, since mami’s clothes abit too sweet here, even when her face is so cool >__<)

  25. Eeech. I really hope it doesn’t turn out as fred says! It’s going to tarnish Mami’s cool image. :O

    I have enough interest on working on the lyrics thing, but leave me out on the site hosting and stuff. :X

  26. Hi i’m italian subber and i’m looking for the lyric of Mell’s song Rideback. Are there anyone who can post it or say to me where can i find it?! Thanks so much!!! Bye ^__^

  27. @hidan_85>> Actually, I already posted the lyrics of the full version here.

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