Posted by: 光星 | 12/24/08

I’ve Talkjam V-tube Up

My internet connection is pretty lousy right now, so you’ll just have to watch for yourselves. From what I can load so far, the picture quality is just as lousy… Mami and Eiko host, with three band members as guests.

Also, the goods for Budokan are up, looks like most of the good stuff (signed photos and the like) are completely random, with other overpriced clothing and trinkets. The obligatory pamphlet contains a DVD, but go figure, they’re not saying what’s in it. The event to be held on the Budokan grounds is instead to be held at Tokyo FM hall, where there will be a “museum” showcasing various costumes and memorabilia and what-not and then a video greeting from the guests shown.



  1. That’s some nice merch, especially the hoodie.

  2. Anyway, I’d like to be there… with thousand dollars under my sleeve ^^.

  3. The merchandise for these concerts always fascinates me: do people seriously go to a concert and think “aww man, that was an awesome show – I think I’ll buy a TOWEL to commemorate it”? Are towels and lighters usually sold at J-Idol events? I mean, I can understand concert tees (a fixture of pretty much everyone’s wardrobe whether they’ve been to the concerts advertised or not), the hoodie and tuque as well (although, knowing the asian market, a trucker cap probably would’ve sold out just that much faster), but once you get out of the realm of clothing and into the realm of random paraphernalia (dig the messenger bag) things start to get a little, how should I say this, stupid.

    That being said, depending on which model it is, that lighter could be a potential steal: just look at how much these fuckers can go up to!

  4. The towels do seem to be a staple of Japanese concert “goods”, but I’ve never seen them here. They’re a pretty good idea as far as I’m concerned, they sure give you a lot of room to stamp your logo on. Also they’re generally on the cheap(er) side so they must sell well.

    Lighters however? 8000 yen? Fuck that.

  5. “the picture quality is just as lousy”

    lol… why didn’t they make it with a better quality -_-a
    mami is so cute there x3 but she’s abit quiet, huh ?? she seldom talks and mostly her talks are replies..

    “Lighters however? 8000 yen? Fuck that.”

    wot ?! 8000 yen just for a lighter ??
    i’d rather buy Mami’s SAVIA live & life dvd or KOTOKO’s Starlight Simphony dvd if i had that much of money… -_-a

  6. FINALLY! Those people at I’ve Sound need to be nicknamed turtles!
    I find the quality quite okay…I don’t know if my viewing it in high quality had much difference from you guys.

    Mami is soooooo cute! Her voice is so nice to listen to! If only she talked more! Plus her laughter is cute too lol. Her hair gets a bit irritating cause she keeps bending forward to laugh, but still, her hair is so nice. And she looks good.
    I hardly looked at Eiko, but she looked a bit stiff. Plus that part where she moved HALFWAY between the chairs! Lol! Also, there was an air of awkwardness in the whole video, I think they were a bit nervous.

    Lighters -_- They shouldn’t encourage smoking.

  7. @kieyuku: she’s really cute isn’t she?? x3
    and she looks really young =3

    “I think they were a bit nervous”

    maybe not only a bit ^^;;

    “Lighters -_- They shouldn’t encourage smoking.”

    eng… many people in Japan are smokers… >_<

  8. sry for double post… but just wanna tell you all that I’ve talkjam vol.2 is already available to ^^;;

    from what i can load, the hosts are KOTOKO n Kaorin… my connection is abit lousy at home >_<

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