Posted by: 光星 | 12/26/08

Masterpiece preview, V-tube vol. 2 available

Skip to 26:30 unless you enjoy listening to hyperactive seiyuu ramble. It’s Maiko, that’s for certain, because it sure doesn’t sound very much like I’ve. In related news, I should have the wiki decided within the next week, and maybe even operational, because I’m sick of going to’s database to see if Maiko Iuchi also arranged Virgin’s High (she did).

Also, Kaori and KOTOKO’s I’ve Talk Jam is up, for your viewing pleasure.



  1. hmm.. not bad… but not as noisy as seduce… and the tempo is a bit weird hmm… -_-a

    i might like ‘masterpiece’ anyway ^^

    “Also, Kaori and KOTOKO’s I’ve Talk Jam is up, for your viewing pleasure. ”

    they’re so talkative !!!!
    maybe bcoz they are always linked ^^;;

  2. Yeah it doesn’t really sound like I’ve, other than Mami providing the vocals. I kinda like it.

    And oh my God these seiyuus really sound that cute in real life? :o Weird.

  3. Is there another way to preview it? It’s a pain to load…X_x

  4. @kieyuku: hmm… unfortunately it seems no other way… i had no choice but to stream it in the end Y-Y
    try it when ur connection is on good condition ^^;;
    or maybe i’ll try upload it when the anime version is already out :D

    “And oh my God these seiyuus really sound that cute in real life? :o Weird.”

    that’s the reality lol ^^;;
    even mami’s talking voice is almost similar except she has lower tone ^^


    ’tis the answer to you kieyuku… xD I rip the TV size although be patient with the low quality rip… xD

    I’d say it’s not Kawada’s best but it’s really different from Iuchi’s compositions, I must say. It’s like a “developed Vacillate” but with a higher tempo haha. :D I like it although the order of the song lacked a bit sequence.

  6. thank you fred-san!

  7. wow thanks fred ^^
    i’ll try to provide Anime Rip one next week ^^;;

  8. Erm, quite plain for now. I must hear the whole song, i guess.

    Btw, I’ve been watch I’ve Talkjam using high quality so it doesnt turn out too blurry. Those of you who don’t know, add “&fmt=18” behind the video url. ^^

  9. Filed under “if I only had more time, a video editing program, and skills at using said video editing program:”

    Something’s coming…

    Watch this muted, instead play Hydian Way in the background, ignore the Prius schlock, imagine some I’ve logos instead (kind of hard for the inside-the-car shots, I know), and you have the perfect promotion and/or parody of I’ve in Budokan 2009.


    bumpy-Jumpy! full ver. is now up! Sorry didn’t upload this on my eSnips because it’s loading is so crappy so I uploaded it in mediafire instead.

    Unexpectedly not as perky and shaky but at least its better than “Ha!!!ppiness”. ;D And it’s not denpa despite its title!

  11. i really liked Kotoko’s voice in bumpy-jumpy!
    quite a surprise since i was expecting one of those unbearable (at least for me) denpa songs.

  12. Wow, it sure is nice. She sounds like she’s having fun, as opposed to trying too hard (Special Life) or sleeping in the studio (U Make Ai take a nap between recording sessions).

  13. “Watch this muted, instead play Hydian Way in the background, ignore the Prius schlock, imagine some I’ve logos instead.”

    Omg. LOL. Hydian Way fits so well with that video, it’s spooky.

  14. wow… KOTOKO’s bumpy-jumpy is really good x3
    it sounds a bit like ‘oboetete ii yo’ though… but that’s better ^^;;
    and i was also surprise like all of you to listen to a not-denpa song, considering the title…

    but great !! KOTOKO should keep things like this ^^

  15. 光星: Whoa that is scarily fitting for the vid.

    The whole Front line covers CD!
    if anyone has a good quality version please let me know T.T pleaseee!

  17. omg, thanks AG! I’ll keep a lookout for good quality versions.

    MELL & CG Mix’s I’ve Talkjam is up!

  18. Kawada Mami, is that you singing RIDE?? Whoa she sounds so different – and oddly good for the song. I don’t really like the new arrangement for DROWNING, and I was looking forward to this so much too. 季節の雫 is so good ;__; Ahhh old I’ve. Days of promise, Birthday eve, Two face (!!! One of my favourite I’ve oldies + MELL = WIN).. ahhh bliss to the ears. (Although I didn’t like Disintegration’s new arrangement as much, ’cause the original was so great.)

    Thanks for putting this up, AG! I’m so excited for the actual album now :) Need. an. actual. rip. gah. Darn why does that preview come out right when I’m going back to uni…

  19. from all of the songs Disintegration is indeed the one that differs the most from its original version i wonder why they changed the arrangement so drastically X_X and
    you’re welcome guys! i’m glad i was of some use around here :) hehe.


    complete bumpy-Jumpy!

    just to complete your collection ^^;;

    aaaahh~~ i can’t open the nicovideo Y-Y

    sadly i have to wait for the Rip version Y-Y

    *sit in the corner and crying in silent*

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