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Reports from I’ve in Budokan

Watch this entry, as I’m going to edit it quite often in the next couple of days as I get the translations figured out.
Last updated: 13:39 CST Jan 3

Set-lists and more behind the jump

Reports from the TOKYO FM HALL preview:
Many cool pictures of the I’ve crew and the museum, as well as some (Aibu, don’t look) ridiculously awesome goods they sold randomly. I can put that list up too, if anyone’s interested.

I’ve in Budokan 2009:
English language report to make me feel even worse for not being able to go. So there’s a Love Planet Five movie and a proper 10th anniversary CD set? Awesome.
List of Japanese-language links.

Nearly all of the songs were short versions, which makes sense, considering that playing them consecutively would have taken about four and a half hours, which is just less than the length of the concert itself, which was 4 hours and 43 minutes.
Kaori introduced Maiko Iuchi right after Chasse, which pretty much confirms my suspicions that Maiko will work closest with Kaori in the future.
Healing Leaf’s “reunion” performance of Ame ni Utau Ballad was well-received. They also announced there will be a third Healing Leaf song coming out this year.
IKU didn’t have an MC (that is, didn’t speak to the crowd) during her two songs which were pretty underwhelming (not entirely her fault).
KOTOKO did not announce a fourth album, even though she’s long overdue for one. She also didn’t sing any of her eroge songs (Kisetsu no Shizuku or non-solos doesn’t count), which also disappointed a lot of fans. Marty Friedman assisted KOTOKO with Kireina Senritsu.
Poor MELL, left to the end. Really the neglected one of the show, considering how great of a year she’s had and how long she’s been with I’ve. She seemed to have performed that “lost” song she performed at A-KON in 2007, which is awesome. The audience seemed to think it was “Bizarrerie Cage,” the theme to Ryouki no Ori 2 (though only a guess). Eric Mouquet was there to play with MELL on repeat (and yes, he had trouble getting off stage, thank you littleharlock).
By the time the Blue Man Group came on stage and “introduced” Takase and Nakazawa (as much as blue mimes can), the roof had raised so far that, indeed, the sky did not fall. No word on whether they stuck around for See You. That song, like at first Budokan concert, was pretty much the crowning moment of the show for everyone involved. No one forgot their lines this time, either, and if they did, no one mentioned it.

Set List

3.風と君を抱いて (Kaze to Kimi wo Daite)
4.RIDE -The Front Line Covers-
6.緋色の空 (Hishoku no Sora)
7.Get my way!

2.DROWNING -The Front Line Covers-
3.To lose in amber

・Healing Leaf
1.雨に歌う譚詩曲 (Ame ni Utau Ballad)
2.秋風に君を想ふ (Akikaze ni Kimi ni Omofu)

1.Rimless ~フチナシノセカイ~
2.木の芽風 (ko no me kaze)

2.銀河の子 (Ginga no Ko)

1.Shining stars bless☆
5.Change of heart
6.Do you know the magic?

1.リアル鬼ごっこ (Real Onigokko)
2.羽 (Hane)
3.Close to me…
4.季節の雫 (Kisetsu no Shizuku) -The Front Line Covers-
5.きれいな旋律 (Kireina Senritsu ) With Marty Friedman
6.U make 愛 dream
8.ハヤテのごとく! (Hayate no Gotoku)

・C.G mix
1.under the darkness
2.version up
3.ミオクルカラ (Miokuru Kara)
4.新曲 (“true eyes” is the name, reportedly, and is the theme to the game “STEAL!”)
6.Welcome to HEAVEN!

1.Crash Course ~恋の特別レッスン~
2.恋愛CHU!-Remix- (Renai Chu!)
3.Save your heart -Album Mix-
4.Double HarmoniZe Shock!!

3.さよならを教えて ~comment te dire adieu~ (sayonara wo oshiete)
4.repeat -Deep Forest Remix- With Eric Mouquet
5.新曲 (new song, perhaps Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori theme)
6.Red fraction [同名シングル・MELLSCOPE]
7.美しく生きたい (Utsukushiku Ikitai, and not the remix!)

・Love Planet Five ~I’ve special unit~
1.HYDIAN WAY with Takase, Nakazawa and Blue Man Group
2.See You ~小さな永遠~ -P.V ver.-
3.天壌を翔る者たち (Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi)
4.Fair Heaven



  1. Just letting you know that the concert ran from 4:00pm to 8:30pm, which is an exactly 4 hours and 30 minutes of concert time. So it is possible that they played all 51 songs you listed one after another, but probably shortened some for the sake of intermission.

  2. BTW, surprised that IKU was there to sing as well. She wasn’t in the Tokyo FM Museum event they had the day before. Or I probably just did not see her.

  3. Edited the source for ‘Welcome to Heaven!’ to add credit for Gakuen Heaven, but in retrospect I’m wondering if perhaps it should be the “Premium Heaven” CD instead, since none of the other eroge tracks credit the actual games. Any thoughts?

  4. “BTW, surprised that IKU was there to sing as well. She wasn’t in the Tokyo FM Museum event they had the day before.”

    secret guest artist then ?? :D

    and, wiw.. healing leaf performed, too. reunion ^^

  5. […] 黒い雪 The Nocturnal Black Snow « Banner Change… specially for today [Re-direct] Report from I’ve in Budokan 2009 January 3, 2009 I won’t say much since you can read the more complete report here […]

  6. Oh, nice, there’s IKU! And Mami sang quite a number of songs xD I wonder what HYDIAN WAY with vocals was like. Oh man, wish I was there.

  7. oh… I’ve sound explorer has also put the setlist

    so, MELL’s ‘lost’ song is titled as “Bizarrerie Cage’ :D

    @kieyuku: yeah… Mami sang 7 songs, the same as MELL and only less 1 song from KOTOKO, who sang 8 songs :D
    but she performed as Healing Leaf too x3 although it’s only 2 of 3 songs =3

  8. The whole report goodness coming from various jp blogs somewhat compensates that we poor Gaijin’s didn’t have the chance to attend the event itself, nee?

    Among the other “guests” (not formally announced as such via the PR page I’ve set up, like Blue Man Group) was also Eric Mouquet who performed the Deep Forest Remix of “repeat” with MELL. This blog report has a quite hilarious note regarding this act included. Apparently after they had performed “repeat” and Mouquet was about to leave stage, he stumbled over some stage accessories (Shinji Orito anyone? ^_~). When MELL instinctively asked him whether Mouquet would be OK, he repeated “I want to stay more!” which made the hall laugh out loud ^_^

  9. wow the setlist is pretty okay. :D Didn’t expect that “Bizarrerie Cage” will be performed even “true eyes”. Spray didn’t even announced the title of the song for STEAL!.

    I also like some I’ve goods!! @@ if only I’m residing in Japan. XP

  10. Looking forward to those SHORT CIRCUIT performances popping up on Youtube sooner or later…

    Even mi~ko of MOSAIC.WAV was at the concert!

  11. Coooool!!!! I wish I had been there…. too bad they are on the opposite side of the globe. They should make international tours, although they would not come to Mexico T_T. Anyway, the setlist is awesome! Specially MELL and Mami xD. I SO wished I’d been there :D

  12. Wow I’m kinda excited for another Healing Leaf song. 8D

    @NumberXIII – Same here. T_T Although Japan is just north of our country, I can’t go there because I don’t have the money. >>;;

    When I read hikaru’s update about Healing Leaf, I thought they would be the ones performing for Haramiko but to my surprise the Demo Movie was already up and KOTOKO will have to perform another cute denpa. :D

  13. After reading the English reports I’m more exciting than before, because most of them said that it was an awesome concert.

    I liked the songs they performed, for everyone’s taste, and what to say about the goods, and the dresses from the singers, Kawaiiiii…^^.

    (I missed kicks!, TRILL and Blaze, well, nothing is perfect… -_-)

    Can’t wait for the dvd edition that I hope to be release in a near future, that’s a must have ^^.

  14. wow… so some songs are medley… no wonder they could put so much song into 4 hour 43 minutes.

    i want to watch the movie x3 x3
    it’ll be interesting… probably xD xD

  15. Oh man so jealous to those who attended. Any luck with the concert coming out on DVD? I don’t care if it’s my 4 months allowance I want it so bad.

  16. That’s right Naddie, it’s almost impossible that a dvd of the concert won’t be released in a near future, sadly, the waiting time is gonna kill us but we need to practice our patience now (and to “collect” enough money to buy it too) .

    OMG! They all look so cute, KOTO-chan looks Kawaiii in a maxi-higher level of cuteness ^^, and Mami’s smile is beautiful and the way she dressed on the pictures previous to the concert are totally great, MELL was just irressistible too and both Kaorin and Eiko were simply lovely.

    Now’s time to feel depressed for living so far from Japan…

  17. It’s pretty much assumed that there will be a DVD of the concert. Last time, it took 9 months before the DVD came out, but after the fiasco that happened, they might take a little longer so they can get it right on the first try.

  18. I hope you guys are planning to review The Front Line Covers, or at least talk about it some more.

  19. “I hope you guys are planning to review The Front Line Covers, or at least talk about it some more.”

    yeah… Even i’ve made my own ‘subjective’ review for the front line covers in my blog *lol*

  20. An official review is up to Aibu, but personally, I loved it. Except for the complete misfire that was Disintegration, just about every track was a worthy 2008 update of these tracks, though much like the past couple years, many of the arrangements seemed a bit halfhearted. It’s not like we wanted to hear anything radically different from the originals (denpa Drowning?), but a little more passion would have helped. Kaori’s Soyokaze no Yukue and the extraordinary Two Face were more of what I was looking for.
    In my opinion, Two Face alone would have saved the album even if the rest was of mgc quality.

  21. There won’t be a review, as Comiket releases fall outside of the scope of this blog’s in-depth coverage. Same reason I’ve MANIA didn’t get one last year.

  22. I want the postcard with anime-chibi Mami on it! T_T

    When I heard MELL’s disintegration I went to check out Lia’s disintegration as well, and I was super pleasantly surprised. I had this impression that everyone at I’ve spoke engrish, not english.

  23. @kieyuku> Not only that. Lia’s Disintegration was more trance-y than the rearranged version for MELL. It’s 10x times better, I’d say… Maybe that’s the reason why I’m not convinced with that just when I looked at the tracklisting of TFLC.

    @Aibu> we may not expect a review for TFLC but we’ll expect an annual report/criticization for the best of the best like last year… ^_^;; I was kinda waiting for that! Haha!

  24. No review eh? I was really looking forward to your opinion. Honestly it has rekindled my love for I’ve, hope they keep the screwups to a minimum in 2009 and that they serve up more denpa than crappy singles.

  25. @fred: MELL’s disintegration is arranged by SINE6… yeah SINE6, our “beloved” MGC remix-er –a

    @denpa no sekai: lol, denpa for Kaorin… can’t wait to see her sing again x3

    @kieyuku: i want them all Y-Y

  26. @yuki88>> yes I’m aware that sine6 arranged MELL’s disintegration but they could be at least creative with the rearrangement… It’s not much at least trancey just like what they did to WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

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