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masterpiece single full info

…still no word on a single for Eiko’s newest Higurashi theme or whatever KOTOKO’s working on.

Anyway, Geneon just released info for Mami Kawada’s 7th single “masterpiece,” to be released on February 4th:
Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composed and arranged: Maiko Iuchi

Coupling song:

Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composed: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arranged: Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki

There’s no way that could go wrong, right?

Also, MELL will indeed have a single for Rideback, and preorders for the March 4th release are underway.

Finally, in “better late than never” news, the eroge Haramiko released their demo movie a few days ago and KOTOKO’s singing the theme.



  1. @Hikaruhoshi-DON’T YOU KNOW ANYTHING?! JELLYFISH ARE TEH SEX!!! But seriously, is it wrong that I’m kind of unsure about that song?

  2. Jellyfish, sex… hmm… HMM…

    And it’s fine that you’re unsure about jellyfish, it’s kind of like cooking, um… jellyfish: as long as you take out the poisonous bits, it’s still a bland sea creature, but if you take out the poisonous bits and cook it well, it’s awesome. But if you cook it well but leave the nasty bits in, you get Virgin’s High. It all depends on who’s the chef.
    Got it?

  3. OMG…

    why do i have a feeling that ‘jellyfish’ would be something sucks ?? even when it’s NakaZaki colaboration again -_-a

  4. I think we’re honestly just relating the title to the actual animal. I mean. let’s face it, jellyfish are quite boring.

  5. Jellyfish may be elegant and misterious, graceful and beautiful… and yeah, poisonous and funny, but who cares, this may be a good song! Nakazawa is a great composer, he’s given us cool stuff, let us hope this single mark a difference with last years stuff; although Mami’s stuff was awesome last year.

  6. @SAME: yeah i know… it’s just that i don’t feel good =.=;;

    yeah… lets hope it will be a GREAAT single with GREEEATT sales :D

  7. Usually the person who writes the lyrics is the one who names it, i think. So you can’t prejudge the song based on its name…because even if you have great lyrics, the song might suck or vice versa.

    I think jellyfish is a cute title though.

  8. we’ll judge when we hear it. ^^, actually even if I’m confused why they gave it a title like that, it’s still unique for me. Maybe a “sexy” techno sound would rock our socks. =P

  9. or maybe it would be a cheerful pop like ‘Aozora to Taiyou” *lol*

  10. It could be sexy though! I also associate the Japanese word for jellyfish, kurage, with Rageku from Gekiranger. For some reason I found her sexy.

    Just incase no one noticed, Rageku is an anagram of kurage. Atleast I think it’s called an anagram.

  11. haha “cheerful” pop? Well I don’t know about that… haha!

    btw, the pv preview for masterpiece is up on Kawada’s Geneon website… She’s going to have another underground PV but PSI-missing PV was greater I’d say..

  12. well i can see it’s quite predicted, as the song, again, has a dark aura.
    lets just hope it wouldn’t be ‘KILL’ in the underground part 2 -_-a

  13. Hi! again… Damn!!!

    i could criticize the way the poster of this blog talks about the new work of KOTOKO that is upcoming… but i cant and give him/her all the reason…

    “better late than never”

    thats just the way all the KOTOKO fans feel about her and the latest works she was doing … :(

    i just hope the new theme be good.. cee ya and thx!

  14. Just listened to masterpiece/jellyfish and all I can say is “oh dear, is the QC dept. on holiday?”

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