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I’ve Sound 10th Anniversary Box Set

And would you believe it: Geneon will be the publisher. This eleven disc set, consists of a DVD with footage from the Budokan concert and a preview of the upcoming I’ve movie, titled “Departed to the future” as well as 10 other discs. This, however, is NOT the Live DVD of the Jan. 2 Budokan performance and it would be utterly foolish for them to rush it through production.
Update: check below the cut: It will release on March 25 for a whopping 10500 yen.
So what’s on it?
Amazon has more details…

It is exactly as I feared: 5 music CDs each containing one new song, its instrumental, and one song from the Budokan performance for each female vocalist. 5 DVDs with the PV of the new song and a “digest” from the “Departed to the Future” movie. However, the one saving grace is that the 11th DVD may actually be the full movie, because Amazon gives full credits to the movie’s cast, producer, and scenario writer. Also, this vendor says that the movie will be part of the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival the last week in February, so once again, the box might contain the full movie. Love Planet Five are in the movie and do the theme song, but there are also 11 other actors mentioned, including some models. Take from that what you will.
Since there is no length of the DVDs given, I can’t say if it is the full movie or not, but it would at least make up for the inflated price, even with 18% off. In my opinion, unless this is a biopic of I’ve’s history, this should not have any mention of “anniversary” or “10 years.” It’s just a big stunt, and much like master groove circle, shows what little respect Geneon has for the music of I’ve or the unique styles that I’ve introduced long before Geneon was a factor.



  1. OMG… what does it mean by 10th year anniversary if they didn’t even include the early I’ve Sound ??

    this probably might be MGC part 2 -_-a

  2. 1 new song from each singer. 1 song from each singer from Budokan 1/2/09. “Digest” of the concert. 16 page booklet.

  3. Beats the heck out of me. It seems like a waste of plastic to have the ten best “singles” on individual CDs and then have a DVD of whatever, instead of throwing it all on two or three CDs plus a DVD.
    It’s not even clear if there will be more than one DVD disc, but it’s a safe bet that it is.
    In a dream world, it would be the 6 compilations (7 discs) plus the two Short Circuit discs, plus a seventh compilation which would include a vocal version of Hydian Way, and then a DVD packed with making ofs, PVs, promos for the movie, etc.
    In the real world, Geneon probably has little rights to reprint anything outside of their releases, and the licenses to the various eroge companies (and to Visual Art’s) to fill 10 CDs of older music would be more per set than the 10500 yen asking price. One eroge track (e.g, IMMORAL, repeat) per album seems to be their standard. This means that it’s very possible that the overwhelming majority of songs on these CDs were produced after Geneon took over in late 2005. I hope I’m wrong.
    As for the conspicuous absence of anyone besides LP5, realize: 1) that C.G Mix isn’t listed either, despite getting equal billing at Budokan, 2) Geneon doesn’t want to deal with vocalists outside of LP5 and their labels, and 3) Geneon could just be talking out of their rear ends and eventually all our favorite vocalists will be represented.

  4. @DnS: Ok, that takes care of disc 1. *crosses fingers*
    One blog suggests 5 CDs each with one new song and one live song from each LP5 member, then 5 DVDs with PV/Budokan Digest for each LP5 member, then the bonus DVD… but then that doesn’t justify costing more than five Limited Edition singles put together.

    And as I look over the Neowing listing one more time, that looks exactly like what they intend to do. So I guess the only speculation involves poring over the set-list and picking the one song per artist for this collection. For $100?? And to think I thought the asking price was a little low.
    That’s also the last time I write unreasonably long speculation comments on little sleep.

  5. This… looks interesting, but I don’t know if it’ll be worth buying (I’m saving up for the Budokan DVD). Maybe once we really know what’s on the DVD, I’ll bite, although I’m really sceptical since it’s being released by Geneon.

  6. Eleven discs….if it’s just going to be 2 songs per disc it seems that Geneon is bent on sucking every last dollar out of the I’ve fan. If they really do that, a bunch of I’ve fans may go bomb up the Geneon building.
    I only want the Budokan DVD though.

  7. Entirely too much money and too many CDs. This is on my download list for now.

  8. Honestly, for me this “production” is a waste of money… 11 cd’s????… what for, to get the money out of their fans at any cost?, why don’t they focus on a decent dvd production with the full concert instead?.

    Like Naddie, I’ll save my money for the dvd edition and I’m not gonna waste it on this kind of “production”.

    But now I have a doubt. If the cost of this box set is over 100 dollars, then, when the dvd goes out… what is gonna be the final price?… better save a lot of money (specially for the full version of it) if we want to enjoy this magic performance from I’ve.
    But I can’t lie to myself, the price of the dvd edition doesn’t matter because I’m gonna have it yes or yes.

  9. i would be excited if this was a Visual arts/Fuctory records production but being a Geneon one i’m not even interested. I agree with Pedro, it will be better to save for the Budokan 2009 DVD as i imagine it will be very expensive :s

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  11. O_O

    BAAAAAD GENEON! That movie better be full.

  12. Sorry double-post, but….


  13. Whoa, thanks for pointing that out, kieyuku, I had only bothered to search them via wiki, not Google Image Search. The first three actresses are the only ones who seem to make their living off of posing in swimsuits, but… yeah. What the hell are they doing in an I’ve movie.
    Something tells me I really, really do not want to know.

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