Posted by: 光星 | 01/11/09

Rideback OP movie on youtube

Check it out.

Two thoughts: One, unless this awkward-even-for-Engrish pronunciation is contributing to her appeal in Japan — which isn’t implausible — MELL really needs to work on her English.
Two, the transition to the chorus at 0:52 is classic Maiko Iuchi. It’s jarring and it’s ugly, which is a shame, considering how well the first portion is arranged.

Speaking of ugly, voting is closed. Those Japanese kids really like their Shakugan no Shana BLAZE.

Update: Tracklisting is up for the single. So what we get is the original version, a Japanese-language version, and a remix. I’m not complaining, at least not until I find out who’s doing the remix.



  1. well, this song is composed by Kazuya Takase not by Maiko Iuchi but i do find the transition to the chorus somewhat akward. A bridge could have helped to soften it, but none the less i still like the song a lot, we’ll see if Takase fixes the chorus problem in some fashion when the full version is released.


    A good quality version of Rideback tv size

  3. Maybe that’s why I got Maiko and Kazuya confused. Kazuya’s arrangements are smoother than that usually.

  4. haha… i also thought it was Maiko’s arrangement when i hear the preview, but after listening to the TV version i think it’s kinda clear that it’s Kazuya’s. why do i feel that it kinda sounds like BLAZE abit ?? and i won’t complain her engRish anymore. it’s hard to change the accent anyway :P

    but overall, this is quite good song. unlike what we expected, somekind of the reincarnation of ‘Fly to the Top’, but still good. it’s something quite cheerful and different to other MELL’s songs that are DARK :D

  5. The song was going fairly good until the 0:52 part, where I think it takes an unexpected turn, but not necessary fatal. It is cool yet soft, maybe even relaxing. The small slice we have is not enought to judge it.

    About the engRish, I REALLY think she should work on it by listening to engLish, but since japanese people either speak bad engrish or pure japanese, I don’t think she can actually find a good english source (and japanese can be SO…. japanesophile sometimes that they won’t look beyond Japan). However, engrish has it’s appeal (but MELL’s is more like… japanir(u)shanese).

    BTW, it sounds more KOTOKO-y than MELL-y… OMG, I hope is that’s not I’ve’s new strategy: to make everyone sound like her xD

  6. I don’t see why everyone’s calling Iuchi on this one; the electronics are very much unlike her, and one of Iuchi’s strengths has always been the fact that she never dulls down guitars in her production. The guitars on RIDEBACK would be a lot messier if it were Iuchi, but also a lot louder than the limp, muted guitars on this recording. Reminds me a lot of ‘scene’, to be honest.

  7. “BTW, it sounds more KOTOKO-y than MELL-y… OMG, I hope is that’s not I’ve’s new strategy: to make everyone sound like her xD”

    that’s why i say the song sounds kinda like ‘BLAZE’ for some reason xD xD know what i mean ??

    but it’s not like MELL sounds like KOTOKO… MELL is still MELL :D

    and… yeah, next week it’s ‘masterpiece’ turn. this time it must be true… at least the railgun arc in To aru is over and ‘PSI-missing’ OP probably covered that arc :D

  8. In the end BLAZE still won. *sobs*
    Other than that, you know that something is really wrong when songs like U Make Ai Die can win portamento. I would’ve voted for portamento originally, but I was more interested in knocking BLAZE off with PSI-missing.

  9. I don’t know but I find RIDEBACK great haha! For a change because MELL usually does the dark side. Hey, she’s not the vocalist of ALI PROJECT or something. :P So it’s alright to perform such cheerful sounds such as this for the meantime.

    And I think it’s one of I’ve Sound’s strategy… Evidence? Kawada’s change of image. We all know she succeeded as the rocker chic of I’ve Sound with “Get my way!” and “JOINT” but what did I’ve do after that? A half-rock half-hard techno PSI-missing. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it really disappoints sometimes because you’re expecting that “this outcome” will be the outcome you’re looking for and yet a “different outcome” was produced.

  10. And yeah, I couldn’t stand the fact that PSI-missing lost to BLAZE. But oh well, I did what I can… I already voted it for more than 50 times but what can I do when I’m voting, someone else are (take note “ARE”) voting “massively” for BLAZE. What can I do if I’m the only one doing the deed. :P

    But at least I’m happy the votes reached 330 and 25% of its voting came from me. XD And while my eyes are already tired doing it, my conscience is telling me that it’s already enough and “PSI-missing has already won in my heart”. So it’s okay really. ^_^

  11. BLAZE has won with just one vote from me, sorry fred… hahahah ^^.

  12. Well I’m not really competing with anyone here that PSI-missing will win… Just wanted it to win. So there’s really no need to say sorry, Pedro. Haha. I already said my sentiments that even though BLAZE won, PSI-missing still won for me. Hey, it’s difficult if you’re up to many people in one sitting.

    But at least, if it weren’t for me, it won’t reach 300+ votes. That fact, already made me happy though. ^^;

  13. i voted for TRILL

  14. PSI-missing should have won T^T (I didn’t think of voting many times, else, I would’ve done so…). Psychic powers are WAY better than fire, but apparently not in Japan xD; they are kinda locked in a KOTOKO > Mami Kawada status TxT (please note the decoded word “KOTOKO” was given more capital letters than “Mami Kawada” xD)

    Anyway, KOTOKO’s very cool but IMO, BLAZE is not enough to outcome PSI-missing.

  15. I like KOTO-dark instead KOTO-chan, however, KOTO-collective is good too.

    About Mami’s song of the Year, my vote is for TRILL. Of course, I prefer Rocker-Mami (I mean “intense”) than Soft-Mami.

    You know, I’m wondering something about the past Budokan (I know, I shouldn’t put this here but I’m ready to receive your rockets ^^), Is anyone here who’s waiting to see the CGmix performance at Budokan? someone? someone?

    I don’t know what to expect about that live presentation and I think is because I never heard a song from CGmix so far. and you?

  16. HIS own songs are fairly good, but his music is very nice. I love how he had lots of electronic pianos on the last Budokan concert just like he did on his version up PV :D, although he had a (mysterious) computer over there too ¬w¬

  17. Re: Pedro,
    Speaking as someone who owns a copy of C.G mix’s “in your life” album (legitimately bought!), I will say that the man is no slouch when it comes to songwriting for himself – his vocals, however, are a bit more of an acquired taste. I’m sure he won’t disappoint in Budokan footage. Besides, I’d take a set from C.G mix over IKU’s uninspiring drivel any day.

    Edit – under the darkness, my personal favourite C.G mix song, is on YouTube:

  18. I managed to vote twice, though I dunno how, but it wasn’t enough. Sigh.

    CG mix’s voice is okay…the music’s a little hard for me to take in though.

  19. @Aibu-Have you ever noticed that C.G mix never writes his own lyrics? I find that really weird, because I’m sure since he is a composer, that he wouldn’t be a bad lyricist. I guess it’s the same as Kaori only ever writing two songs by herself.

  20. Some good songwriters are shitty lyricists and it’s for the better that they don’t write their own. No idea if this is the case for C.G mix, but it’s not exactly unheard-of.

  21. @Aibu-LMAO! That made my otherwise crappy day so much better!

  22. I’m disappointed!…

    …After checking the Rideback tracklisting because I was expecting a single with at least 2 different songs and not a “Red Fraction” style single.

    Ahhhhhhhhh… (sight)… how I miss a single like “Re-sublimity” by quantity and quality…

  23. @pedro: the last single like ‘Re-sublimity’ with 3 songs and 2 instrumental was ‘Hishoku no Sora’, wasn’t it ?? and it was even just the remix version.

  24. Yes, that’s the only other 5-track I’ve single, not counting the Little Busters! single.

  25. I also miss a 5-track single from them… >>; Tracklisting is fine with me but like Hikaru, I also want to know who’s remixing it. Ü

    On the other side of I’ve, I’m getting REAL impatient because I’m waiting for a KOTOKO album but still no news. Even the “Super scription of data” has no updates. Now I’m doubting that it’ll be released on Feb.25.

  26. @fred-Well, right now, Kotoko isn’t in the best shape. She’s currently ill with God-knows-what. Doctor’s haven’t told her anything yet.

  27. They should release a super compilation of the previous I’ve Sound albums instead a “11-cd’s-release-just-to-steal-your-money”.

    Of course, I also want a brand new album from KOTOKO, I mean, not just filled with previous singles but new songs.
    Sorry, I can’t remember who said that, probably, she would release a “greatest hits” but I think that isn’t the right moment yet.

    When I think about the outstanding talent that we have in every singer of I’ve and that is clearly wasted on poor releases… it’s really sad.

  28. @fred: The release date of the Higurashi OVA is on Feb 25. A single still has yet to be announced, though. After all she’s not released over the past few months, I’m really surprised she didn’t announce something at Budokan. Even Healing Leaf said they would be making something new this year, so I have no idea why KOTOKO would remain silent, other than what SAME said :( . The 5th anniversary of Hane is coming up in a few months, granted, that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe she’s just waiting until she gets better, who knows.

  29. “Well, right now, Kotoko isn’t in the best shape. She’s currently ill with God-knows-what. Doctor’s haven’t told her anything yet.”


    well, KOTOKO should at least release her ‘best’ album… her singles are enough to be a best album -_-a

    and why do i keep thinking that they’re kinda pushing Mami and MELL lately and leaving Shimamiya-sensei and Kaorin behind ?? especially Kaorin. she released only two singles and no single for 2008. hope she release something this year x3

  30. o_O

  31. I finally heard Rideback because I started watching the show. Hikaruhoshi is right on about the transition from verse to chorus. It’s bad.

    yuki- “and why do i keep thinking that they’re kinda pushing Mami and MELL lately”

    I have no problem with them pushing Mami :D

  32. @kieyuku: haha, i don’t mind either.. but Mami seems to be… i’m not sure whether i should say Slimmer or Thinner… =.=;;

  33. 1 million imaginary Spacebucks says the remixer is either SINE6 or GMS.

  34. To 黒い雪 – May I ask you something? Do you know how much work KOTOKO has to do? It’s not just singing songs for anime shows or Eroges. (or seemingly writing the lyrics for all of Kaori’s songs..) She also has a Fan Club where she has a weekly radio show, along with concerts that are members only. She also has two radio shows she does (one on Fridays and one on Saturdays). With all that, plus the stuff she does in I’ve, it doesn’t look all that easy now does it? I think she has gotten pretty tired at times (according to her blog entries), but she didn’t let that stop her. But now, she has gotten ill and has been like that since two days after Budokan.

  35. Fandom explosion eh?^

  36. @NumberXIII-I can understand why she’s slightly upset. It’s hard working so much on many things in a short period of time. Singing coupled with other work is horribly tiresome.

  37. @Sekka: i’m sorry… i didn’t know that. but if she’s busy then she’s popular, isn’t she ?? she did do too much job and she does need to take a rest or she get ill. that also happen to other singers so i kinda understand why you’re mad at me. sorry. but it’s okay. i’m used to it =3

    @Aibu: well, the closest one probably SINE6 since he’s the one remixing MELL’s ‘Disintegration’ -_-a

  38. @Aibu & 黒い雪-Who the Hell is the SINE6 person? Was he in the music business before working on the MGC album or is he like a “new I’ve-composer”?

  39. @SAME: i don’t really know for sure, but he’s probably part of JUNO REACTOR. so he’s in the music business before working on MGC. you can read his short profile in ‘The Front Line Covers’ scan =3 i don’t understand other than that because it’s all kanji… =.=;;

  40. WARNING: MySpace link ahead:
    SINE6’s myspace
    You have been warned. Link may contain involuntary playback of his remix of kicks! so also be advised of this.

    His official site also has samples of his work and a discography.

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