Posted by: 光星 | 01/20/09

Bizzarerie Cage short version up

Grab it from one of the links on this page.
This is indeed the song MELL performed at A-KON 18 and recently at Budokan, and I can tell you this: the full version is just as awesome as the short version. I don’t think even Maiko Iuchi can screw this one up.



  1. Wow I like this song!! Am surprised that this is Iuchi-produced song. This is even much greater than “Under Superstition”! :O

    Btw, accdg to my source ( IKU will also release her debut album on 03.25.09. And it’s Takase-produced. I’m sad because Takase prioritized her instead of producing Kaorin an album when IKU’s not too profitable. DX

  2. ^ Regarding IKU, I got three theories why Takase prioritizes her over Kaorin.

    1) is because he believes in her talent and therefore wants to make her max her potential faster.
    2) is that IKU has more mass-appeal than Kaorin. IKU has done two anime songs which gave her some exposure, but Kaorin has only done eroge songs.
    3) is that….Geneon is forcing Takase to prioritize the one that Geneon thinks will make more money.

  3. fred:
    Just FYI, Hikaru and I knew about the album, but decided not to report on it because it’s not an official I’ve release.

    4) Takase’s getting bored with I’ve?

  4. yes Aibu I was quite aware of that because you’re quite fast when it comes to that info hehe. Sorry if I brought it up here. I was just a bit skeptical about the idea because I think they’re indirectly preparing to “dump” Kaorin since she didn’t made any single or album release ever since Chasse was released way back 2007.

    @kieyuku>> @3. Money?! O.o well compared to Kaorin’s 2 singles, IKU’s 2 singles didn’t sold well FYI. I doubt the album will do the difference. I think it would be wiser if they did that to Kaorin although I’m quite aware a Kaorin album means it’s a half KOTOKO-album because of lyric-writing issue.

  5. Who’s to say that it wouldn’t be an original album? I hope Change of heart and Anata ga Suki make it to her album. That is when there is an album.

  6. This song sound awesome!!!!!!!!! xDD When will it be released? Jeez, I want to get my ears on it now!!!!!

  7. @#13: The release sidebar is your friend. Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori releases on March 27, two days after both Departed to the Future and IKU’s first album.

    As for IKU’s album, Kazuya Takase (not I’ve) is producing it, and Barbarian on the Groove, Bermei Inazawa, and fripside are all contributing arrangements. I always figured IKU was Geneon-exclusive, and not subject to the confusing Venn Diagram of those eroge/doujin music groups, but hey, I’m not complaining.

  8. It’s not that they belong to each other; doujin groups simply cooperate with each other, share singers, etc (especially Sound Horizon, my fave xD). They just like to mix each other.

  9. Wow, Geneon has the eye on doujin composers, and they are mixing them with totally new singers. lately, first ELISA with Tenmon and Yanagi Eiichirou, now IKU with all of the mentioned above composers, all of them are part of my favorite doujin artists list. Looking forward to this album.

  10. This sounds decent, thanks for the link.

  11. The intro sounds like some kind of Vanessa Mae song or something lol. Sounds pretty good :)

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