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Where are they now? I’ve alumni retrospective

In the ten years since I’ve Sound’s first official release, personnel has changed many a time, with collaborators behind the boards as well as vocalists generally operating on a ‘revolving-door’ policy. Well, ok, so that’s how it was before Geneon had to go and homogenize everything, but whatever. Now, in a rare, unprecedented move for this “100% I’ve content only” blog, I’m going to be taking a look at what some of the girls (and one guy) are doing post-I’ve. Hope you like it!

Ayana (彩菜)

Years active with I’ve: 1999-2004

Singing both the opening and ending themes for Key’s famous eroge Kanon (a game so ridiculously popular, it’s been made into a TV anime twice), Ayana was a powerful driving force in the early days of I’ve. Unfortunately though, after a few frankly bizarre contributions to the second I’ve Girls Compilation album, she left the group to record songs with her now-defunct band blue velvet. However, blue velvet’s first single contained an I’ve remix of the track “I am calling you” (thanks to Kazuya Takase), and Ayana made a brief return to the collective with a vocal performance of ‘verge’ for I’ve’s 2004 Comiket album “Mixed Up” as well as an appearance at the first I’ve group show at the Nippon Budokan.

As of the present, Ayana’s largely been taking a break from music to raise her child, but in 2007 she had her first live tour as a solo artist and she’s also scheduled to play the Key 10th Memorial Fes (sic) concert later this month. Her personal website has a useful (albeit incomplete) discography of her works outside of I’ve, as well as a diary and news updates for if you want to know more.


Years active with I’ve: 2000-2005

While her status as an “I’ve girl” is debatable (in the 5 years she worked with I’ve, only 4 songs were ever produced), Lia’s work with I’ve produced what is undoubtedly one of the crown jewels of I’ve’s eroge work: the veritable ‘otaku anthem’ Tori no Uta, opening theme from the Key eroge AIR (2000, also Lia’s I’ve debut). She also sung the title track for the I’ve Girls Compilation album Disintegration, early I’ve Comiket single SHIFT, Tomoyo After opening theme Light Colors, and… nothing else. Well, nothing else for I’ve at least.

Outside of the collective, Lia has been keeping incredibly busy with live shows, singles and album releases – in fact, she has more of a discography than any of the I’ve girls do, and in 2008 released a 2-disc ‘best-of’ compilation album. Pretty impressive! You can find more information at her official website.


Years active with I’ve: 2001-2006

The most recently-departed of I’ve’s alumni, MOMO was a part of the original 7-member “I’ve Special Unit”, who ‘graduated’ in 2006 when the decision was made to cut the special unit down from 7 singers to a more manageable 5. While one MOMO song (Cherish) was released in 2007, it is worth noting that the vocals were very likely to have been recorded prior to her departure from the group.

 Before, during and after her stint with I’ve, MOMO has been making music with her long-time partner RYO as “POR”, and you can read more about their work at the official POR website.


Years active with I’ve: 2000-2006

The other ousted member of the 7-person I’ve Special Unit, SHIHO has been doing quite well for herself post-I’ve. Self-releasing CDs through her ‘STARAVID‘ label, she has been as active as any of the other former I’ve girls, and you can find some of her new songs at the STARAVID Myspace page.


Years active with I’ve: Damned if I know

Once one of I’ve’s most talented arrangers, wata (real name Shinya Watabe) moved on to other projects maybe around 2004 (it’s really hard to get a date on these things) and started making music under the name of “NueroSocietia” (sic). Enlisting the help of a number of guest vocalists, he’s released three albums under the new moniker, the first of which (the oddly-titled “…SPLIT”) featured I’ve girls MELL, Eiko Shimamiya and Mami Kawada as guest vocalists. Watabe keeps a blog at, and NueroSocietia also has a Myspace.

AKI, MAKO, MARY, MIKI, Reina, etc…

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of former I’ve vocalists, nobody really seems to know what they’re up to these days. We’d like to assume they’re still making music under different names, but unless some sort of announcement is made, these former I’ve girls have pretty much disappeared.



  1. Man, looking at this list really makes ya feel down. I like pretty much all of the artists up there (except wata, because I don’t know who he is, and MAKO, just because).

    I’ve been meaning to follow Lia’s and SHIHO’s releases, those two being my favorites, and I’d like to check out more stuff from MOMO as well. Too bad we don’t see anything from AKI anymore… ;_;

    Cool entry; it’s nice to see a little about past I’ve members. Hearing only about the current five can sometimes be tiring.

  2. Awesome post. I’m glad that at the very least Lia, SHIHO and MOMO are releasing something (especially SHIHO, I love her STARAVID works).

    I’m… I shouldn’t say this, but I’m pretty bored with the current I’ve. *gets shot* I mean, I like the recent releases and all, but I always go back to the old I’ve songs whenever I’m down and need a pick-me-up. (I’m still trying to get used to the masterpiece single – it takes quite a few listens.)

    That said, I’m really looking forward to watch the Budokan performance on DVD/else.

    I’m still bitter over Reina’s disappearance.

  3. i like MAKO, and i think her voice type is abit like Yuna Itou. she mostly sang cover version, like ‘I Pray to stop my cry -nine ball mix-‘, ‘See You -Chisana Eien- (Mixed up vers.)’, and the others in first two compilation (i forgot the title though -_-;;)

    @aibu: it seems that you forgot putting Atsuhiko Nakatsubo a.k.a. FISH TONE in the list. is/was he part of I’ve or not ??

  4. “it seems that you forgot putting Atsuhiko Nakatsubo a.k.a. FISH TONE in the list. is/was he part of I’ve or not ??”

    Nope, he’s one of the fringe producers who was never actually in I’ve, just worked with them a lot. Same deal as SORMA, really.

    “except wata, because I don’t know who he is”

    He was I’ve’s go-to guitarist before Takeshi Ozaki pretty much took things over. Wing my Way (the Disintegration version) is one of his, to put a relatively popular example out there.

  5. thank you, thank you very much for this information, Although I feel pretty sad with this “tragic” history about the former singers in the collective, their songs are now like a treasure for all of us, I think.

  6. Hope you like it!
    You kidding me? I love reading this in-depth shit!!!

    All news all the time does get a bit boring. Hope to see more like this… maybe one day you could build off our numerous email conversations and accurately detail TAKESE’s pre-I’ve works.

  7. @Naddie: You really, really need to check out SHIHO’s post-I’ve albums, solid stuff. AKI is probably just performing (eroge voices) under another name.

    Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon this little Youtube gem… a 3-part KOTOKO to AKI Prime PV Making of!!! 30 AKI-narrated minutes of embarrassing behind-the-scenes footage.

  8. It’s good to know about them. Although I haven’t listened much about them, I think SHIHO’s stuff is pretty good, NueroSocietia is cool as well but I didn’t like Lia’s…

  9. “maybe one day you could build off our numerous email conversations and accurately detail TAKESE’s pre-I’ve works.”

    Maybe, but it’s unlikely that I’d ever have enough solid information to make a post on that subject truly worthwhile. Besides, most of the music he made before I’ve is damned near impossible to find, so why bother writing about something you can’t hear?

  10. denpa (hope you don’t mind the shortening): Thanks, I really like what I’ve heard of STARAVID so far (which is, like, 2 albums). Thanks for the Making Of!

  11. @電波の世界

    Thank you very much! I almost cry, ha ha, sorry for exagerate, but I really love AKI, and this video is like a jewel.

  12. @愛撫: I have some works by Takase as WORM WORLD and C.G mix as Euro King:
    [CD] That’s EuroBeat NOW Vol.2:
    [CD] That’s EuroBeat NOW Vol.4:
    [CD] That’s EuroBeat NOW Vol.5:
    [CD] That’s EuroBeat NOW Vol.7:

    Some tracks from Euro platina, euro nonstop megamix 1-4. I am not much into eurobeat, even if it’s Takase and deleted the ones i didn’t like (most of them).
    Tell me if you have them or want them and if i should post them here.

  13. 冷月:
    All the links got your comment put automatically into the blog’s spam folder, sorry for not noticing it before!

    To be honest? Thanks for the offer, but I’m really trying to cut down on the illegal content in this blog’s comment section – all the song downloads and questionable Nicovideo/YouTube links just kind of get irritating after a while. I mean, I know there’s no real way to get most of this stuff legally save for auction-hunting or scouring used CD bins at Book-Off, but that still doesn’t make this stuff any less against the terms of service. So no thanks to the download links, but if you want I wouldn’t stop you from posting your e-mail and asking interested parties to fire you a message if they wanted the songs…

  14. Ok, if anybody wants those cd’s send a message to

  15. Does anyone, by any chance, ANY of the verve circle stuff? I only have RAGE TxT (and it ROCKS!!! xD)

  16. Subscription of data: Nice song. I like the first 2 verses, but I don’t like the chorus that much. Full version now plzkthx. (Sorry for going OT.)

  17. “Does anyone, by any chance, ANY of the verve circle stuff?”

    Yes, I have all the verve-circle albums, my e-mail is aibumeanscaress[at], now can this stop being the I’ve Sound mp3 exchange?

  18. lol, ok, sorry xD

    there you go
    everything IVE should be there soon.

  20. Thanks, Army… for completely ignoring what Aibu just said.

  21. well the comments in here await for moderation so aibu must have accepted it, an maybe he even tought of it as a solution, so stop sucking balls so hard pasta XD haha

  22. HOWEVER i must say i am definetely not support piracy (i own almost every Geneon release from IVE except for the Kaori ones) but there are somethings that are almost imbosible to find! so why not help the fellow I’ve fans, BESIDES the link i gave is just a blog :) and wordpress most likely won’t see anything wrong with the link

  23. Army: I let you link your blog on the pretense that maybe if people went to yours instead they’d stop spamming this blog with upload requests/mp3-sharing offers. Also, as you said, your page is a ‘blog’ in some sense (even if it is basically just a bunch of download links), and it’d just be picking and choosing were I to block you from putting it out there.

    However, “stop sucking balls so hard pasta XD haha”? What do you think this is, 4chan?

  24. hah~~ could we stop that, then ?? we’re getting more and more out of topic -_-;;

    how about starting a poll ??

    about ‘Who’s the ex-I’ve utahime you want to hear her singing again ??’

    even when it’s actually impossible to make it into a reality, except the ones mentioned above :D

  25. Changing tangents (but not really getting back on-topic), where the fuck is Hikaruhoshi?

  26. @Naddie-I do loves Super Scription of data! It’s different from the other Higurashi theme’s Eiko’s done. It’s a lot more light-hearted than the rest and it’s damn good.

  27. I’ve been asking for polls since I can’t remember and nobody has born in mind my words (or at least, nobody has referred to them ¬¬).

    And about the…
    … that’s a good place to visit where you can find good and rarely I’ve stuff that, at least in America, you cannot find in shops to acquire them (not even in on-line shops). And it’s supported by a good friend Naharina-san.

  28. WordPress added a poll feature a while back, I’ve just never found anything I cared to make a poll about.

  29. I believe that polls would be useful to know ourselves better as a group for our tastes and to define better which are the high and low points of the blog and to try to improve them.

    Apart, it’s an alternative to share of another form, apart from giving our opinions.

    It looks like to me that an alternative like this contributes and refreshes, which I want to say is that it’s better that options exist to the opposite.

    This is just what I think ^^.

  30. The first To Aru OST has appeared! Seems Maiko did compose all of the anime’s music. Overdrive is the hottest track ever!

  31. All the news that’s fit to hide in the comments:

    The Rideback single will have an instrumental, making it a four-track single with no coupling song. Still don’t know who is doing the remix.

    At least according to Neowing/CDJapan, the Departed to the Future singles box set will have twelve discs now, the twelfth being a “making of” feature of the movie. Still not worth the $105… yet.

    And Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori has been pushed back to May 1, delaying further the release of Bizarrerie Cage.

    EDIT: WordPress logged me out for inactivity, go figure.

  32. I’ve been wondering, is the MIKI in Sound Horizon the same as the former I’ve Sound member? I highly doubt it because MIKI is a common name, but hey, it’s always good to confirm.

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