Posted by: 光星 | 02/25/09

C.G Mix 2nd album, MELL’s first live DVD

C.G Mix link here, and here’s one for the MELL DVD.

Working just as hard as any of the girls (and harder than most), C.G Mix will release his second album on April 29.

MELL gets her first live DVD on the same day, which was recorded on November 3 at SHIBUYA-AX, the fourth show on her SCOPE live tour.



  1. Nice! It was time for both a MELL DVD and another C.G. mix album. Looking forward for both!

  2. MELL DVD, huh? I will look forward to this since I haven’t heard a lot of her live. I’m been liking MELL more and more ever since I listened to KILL.

    Come to think of it, I visit here almost every day, but this is the first time I’ve posted a comment.

  3. @RSSRII: well, i think there was no update anyway…

    and… MELL DVD ?? Do Want !!!
    wanna see how MELL performed live in her solo =3

  4. This is one the news that I wanted to know more about I’ve during this year.

    And I’m sure that this DVD from MELL is gonna have a great performance and, as a fan, I couldn’t forgive myself not to see it, reason why pre-order’s already in.

    Now I’ll wait for… the I’ve in Budokan 2009 DVD, a brand new KOTOKO and MELL album and the first Kaorin album too.

  5. @pedro: well… i’ll wish at least a major single for Kaorin, and then an album… can’t really expect Geneon to make an album for Kaorin >_<;;

  6. Yeah, that’s true my lady but to dream of good things costs anything.

    but I’m completely sure that this year’s gonna be great for I’ve compared with the two previous =^_^=.

  7. well make that only last year Pedro. 2007 has been a good year for I’ve, I’m telling you. >:)

    And I certainly told ya, MELL’s gonna have a DVD of her first live tour haha!

    And yes after some years, “in your life” will have a sequel haha! I wonder what C.G mix will have for us…

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