Posted by: 光星 | 03/03/09

Departed to the Future site up

About time, right? Geneon has a site for the Departed to the Future Box up, which doesn’t show anything we don’t already know except that (oooh) it’s a box, and there’s a set of previews to listen to.
Oh yeah, and the titles of the singles:

Kaori Utatsuki / end of refrain ~小さな始まり~ (chiisana hajimari)
Mami Kawada / L’Oiseau bleu
KOTOKO / snIpe
Eiko Shimamiya / Paranoia
MELL / 殻の蕾 (kara no tsubomi)

In all honesty, they don’t sound too bad. It’s a shame that we can’t pick and choose which one to buy, or else I’d leave out Mami’s and Kaori’s singles.
Also, there is no word yet on what Budokan snippets are on the singles, nor is there a proper trailer for the movie available, and we can only guess who arranged the original songs. Looks like Geneon’s assuming that whoever would buy it would blindly fork over their 10000 yen. Don’t be so sure.



  1. Hahahaha! This all seems quite sketchy to me. The songs do sound quite sick though.

  2. O.O! I like Paranoia!! And from the sounds, it looks like Takase did this one. And I find end of refrain and L’Oiseau bleu so cheesy. I was expecting an upbeat song from Mami though. >.<

    snIpe was alright but something’s wrong with my hearing so I’m not that liking it. And Kara no Tsubomi sounds promising.

    Uhm but I’m not getting this (or maybe because I’m lacking sleep these days. -_-a). You mentioned “single” but isn’t this all gonna be released as one whole package?

  3. It is one whole package. There are just five “singles” within the package, plus the DVD.

  4. L’Oiseau bleu messed up Mami’s good song run. Are we still getting the LP5 song, or what?

  5. We need to keep the new Mami/Kaori singles away from those with suicidal thoughts. God damn it.

  6. @SAME: Yes, though we’re only getting the PV for it, and I’m not certain it’s the vocal version of HYDIAN WAY.

  7. love ‘snIpe’… the best song between all five.

    and ‘end of refrain’ kinda sounds like Mami’s ‘melty snow’… probably Maiko Iuchi’s job.

    ‘Paranoia’ sounds kinda like ‘Tenjou wo kakeru monotachi’, so it’s probably Kazuya Takase who arranged it.

    next, Mami’s ‘L’Oiseau bleu’. gosh… why they ruined Mami with this song ?? -_-a

    last… ‘kara no tsubomi’. it’s bouncy !!! it sounds like ‘Egen’ though, but i love it =3

  8. Honestly, L’Oiseau bleu is the only song I don’t like. Sounds cheap like C.G mix’s attempts at soft-rock again and you can’t tell me that Hisui did not sound cheap compared to what C.G mix can really do!

  9. @SAME: same with me. i don’t like L’Oiseau bleu, too. and WTH with the difficult title to type -_-;;

    i wonder will there be the vocal version of ‘HYDIAN WAY’… really wanna hear it x3

  10. Fun fact: “L’Oiseau bleu” is French for “The Blue Bird”, and is also apparently the name of a frequently-referenced play

  11. Blue bird… why she didn’t just use ‘Blue bird’ instead ?? because there have been a lot songs with the title ‘Blue Bird’ (note Ayumi Hamasaki, Ikimono-gakarai), or because it would be cooler if it’s in french ?? -_-;;

  12. The Japanese just seem to have an obsession with using words and terms from other languages.

  13. Yeah, I’ve especially. MELL hasn’t done a new song (not a remix) that hasn’t had some sort of English in it since Sabaku no Yuki on Dirty Gift back in late 2002. Wonder why she decided to change things up.

  14. They could just go the Yuki Kajiura way and create a language. lol

  15. Ooh love the sound of Paranoia, and yeah kara no tsubomi sounds like it could be great. The rest are okay. I’m not liking snIpe that much (damn, I’ve, use all lowercase or all uppercase).

    Is that the final tracklist, I wonder? I doubt we’ll be seeing any instrumentals, but here’s hoping.

    SAME: Lol, Yuki Kajiura has her own language too? I thought that was only Yoko Kanno – shows what I know.

  16. @hikaruhoshi: well, change of mood maybe ?? :P

    anyway, kara no tsubomi’s preview gives me a high expectation, so… will this year be MELL’s year ?? :P

  17. snIpe, Kara no Tsubomi, and Paranoia sound good so far. Mami’s song and Kaori’s song sound a bit boring though.

  18. @Naddie- Yep! She sure does! Most of the chanting is what she has been dubbed “Kajiurago” or “Kajiuran”.

  19. Ahh that explains a lot – I just always attributed it to those well-known “Gregorian chants” instead of her own language :D

    Sorry for the off-topicness =x

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