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Departed to the Future Box Info

Thanks to Amazon, we now know the full tracklisting of the Departed to the Future box set.
Just a reminder, the Departed to the Future Box set, commemorating 10 years of I’ve Sound, contains five CD+DVD singles, one from each artist, plus an additional DVD containing the Departed to the Future theatrical movie and the PV to said movie.
・川田まみ/L’Oiseau bleu
1.L’Oiseau bleu 2.風と君を抱いて-I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 Live ver.- 3.L’Oiseau bleu -instrumental-
1.L’Oiseau bleu PV 2.「Departed to the future」Chapter1:MAMI
1.snIpe 2.Close to me…-I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 Live ver.- 3.snIpe-instrumental-
1.snIpe PV 2.「Departed to the future」Chapter2:KOTOKO
1.Paranoia 2.To lose in amber-I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 Live ver.- 3.Paranoia-instrumental-
1.Paranoia PV 2.「Departed to the future」Chapter3:EIKO
1.殻の蕾 2.美しく生きたい-I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 Live ver.- 3.殻の蕾-instrumental-
1.殻の蕾 PV 2.「Departed to the future」Chapter4:MELL
・詩月カオリ/end of refrain ~小さな始まり~
1.end of refrain ~小さな始まり~ 2.Senecio-I’VE in BUDOKAN 2009 Live ver.- 3.end of refrain ~小さな始まり~-instrumental-
1.end of refrain ~小さな始まり~ PV 2.「Departed to the future」Chapter5:KAORI

The additional DVD contains the “Departed to the Future” theatrical movie and a PV with the theme to that movie. CDJapan/Neowing also includes a bonus DVD containing a “making of” documentary of the movie.


So Geneon decided that maybe paying homage to each of the artists’ debut period wasn’t such a hard thing to do after all. Ironic thing is, despite the history of those songs, only To Lose in Amber musically represents the gritty trance that Aibu and I love about early I’ve. Sure, SWAY has about as much to do with Kaori’s music today as Orihime is to MELL’s, but after all, isn’t this about the unit? Better yet, where’s the denpa?



  1. so each song actually has PV ??
    hope it isn’t the movie scene…

    and the movie is in chapters ??
    and each chapter is after the PV ??

    @hikaruhoshi: yeah, there is really no denpa in the track list. which is weird because KOTOKO sings alot of denpa song (plus Kaorin, too).

  2. Okay this looks like it could be potentially awesome.

  3. wow. It actually looks good despite how a money-sucker it is.

    *sniff* I’ve missed this site so much. My comp broke down a while ago and I had no possible access to internet T_T

  4. Neowing has a small collage of the cover arts for the singles. KOTOKO looks dark again, wonder how long this will last.

    Also, I’m going to be updating the “Upcoming Releases” later today with Super Scription of Data and Chikai plus the rest, as soon as I recover from work…

  5. Uhm hikaru about “Super scription of data” does that mean it’ll be released as a single?!

    And I was kinda wondering there’s still no preview for “Chikai” nor the single cover has been revealed plus the fact that it’ll be released next month… >.<

  6. @fred: i supposed, NO. so far, i’ve only seen Chikai as single in cdjapan and amazon.

    @hikaru: err…. KOTOKO’s not all that dark… only her outfit =.=;;

    i love MELL’s cover. it’s simple but yet misterious.

    then… Mami’s… so poor that the only thing i like in the cover is Mami herself -_-;; (but why she has to be so casual ?!)

    Eiko’s… don’t know what to say. i just don’t like it but i don’t know which part i actually dislike -_-a

    and WTH with Kaorin at the beach ?? trying for IKU’s Chikaigoto PV style ?? -_-;; she looks good, though :P *ironic ??*

  7. Well Yuki-chan it already has a catalog number (FCCM-267) plus the long version was moved to June 24, 2009 which was kinda disappointing. >.<

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