Posted by: 光星 | 03/15/09

CM for DttF

Though it’s not up on the video sites, yet, we do have a screenshot of images from the commercial for Departed to the Future. What it shows is clips from each of the five PVs, and that’s about it. Love the Geneon-Universal logo in the last shot. Makes me wonder whether this whole promotion is for the movie or the music.
In any case, it’s still twelve days out and there’s bugger all newsworthy to talk about, so here you go:



  1. I don’t think you can hotlink fc2 images.

  2. Fixed.

  3. no vain 2?

  4. Omg, it looks really cool!

    Can’t wait to see it. :3

  5. Mami looks like her old self :D

    Eiko-sensei… err… back to nature ?? :P

    MELL… humm… Army, you’re right. it looks like ‘no vain’ -_-;;

    Kaorin… hoi… she kinda resembles IKU in Chikaigoto =,=

    last… KOTOKO !!! weird sense of outfit >_>

    but well, this looks promising…

    although, admittedly, i really won’t order this one -_-;;

  6. btw, the CM is up on Youtube

    gotta say… i hate the name announcer’s voice…

    especially when he said, “10th anniversary Departed to the Future” -_-;;

  7. Thanks for the link, yuki-chan!
    Mami looks so good!

    Yes, i’m bloody irritated by the announcer’s voice. It sounds like the announcer is either a Japanese guy trying to bluff an American accent, or an American trying to sound Japanese.
    And it’s positively hideous.

  8. they all look good for me except for… MELL, as Army and Yuki said, what’s this? No Vain part two?… because she looks kind of weird this time (blame the picture maybe).

  9. Thank you yuki-chan, but I think I was happier with just the still pictures. >__<

  10. LOL! The announcer is the same guy from the beginning of Shinkenger. “Superhero Time~!” Ew

  11. @hikaruhoshi: haha, watch it mute. it should be better without the announcer’s voice xD xD

    @kieyuku: yeah… Mami looks really good here. she actually looks younger in this PV x3

    and i actually might like Kaorin’s PV :P


    For some reason, the announcer reminds me of the segment of Gaki no Tsukai featuring Bob Sapp.

    The PVs look pretty slick. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this.

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