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Getting down and dirty with Eiko’s next single

The credits for the coupling song to Chikai are up:
Lyrics: Eiko
Composed and Arranged: Sorma No. 1

Oxisols is a kind of soil found in tropical rain forests reinforcing once again the theory that the I’ve girls just hit “random article” on wikipedia repeatedly until they find a title they like.

Let’s try it out: Enviga? No, that’s trademarked.
Black Winter Day? Nah, too much death metal.
Dios? Getting warmer…
1888 U.S. National Championships (tennis)? Ok, seriously now…
Algerita? Common name for several species of barberry? Perfect! It’s a ten-thousand seller for sure.



  1. I’ve been guilty of that before. Sometimes you just find interesting song titles in the scientific world! lol

  2. The SORMA credit almost has me hoping for a FLOW retread here; Naraku no Hana’s B-side was so hideously inappropriate I can’t help but love it in retrospect.

  3. “Oxisols is a kind of soil found in tropical rain forests reinforcing once again the theory that the I’ve girls just hit “random article” on wikipedia repeatedly until they find a title they like.”

    *lol* don’t know what to say anymore xD xD

    i’m missing Eiko-sensei’s track like ‘Diorama’ xD xD
    *just recently started to like it after listening to it while reading twilight*

  4. looks like this will be another Naraku-no-Hana-same-credits song. I browsed Amazon and they already credited Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki and SORMA No.1 for the single. Sounds interesting but still I haven’t heard the preview. *why the heck my PC’s not reading .asx file* >___<

  5. ha ha ha, nice theory about the songs names, but logical or not, i like the titles, they use uncommon words that are easy to remember and sounds cool, well, lets just hope for a nice song.

  6. Cool name. It works! I tried it and wikipedia does provide interesting and uncommmon names! Anyway, let us hope this song is not just “a kind of *coughdirtcough* soil”. In any case, this name sounds very promising, may Mr.Sorma doesn’t spoil it…

    Haha, and “Dios” wouldn’t be used as a songname, it’s spanish for God xD

  7. @#13: Right, but Asura is a deity as well. ^^

  8. Good point xD

  9. @NumberXIII- You’d be surprised! Gackt has a song called Jesus. Good song, but really hard to take it serious with a name like that. I honestly laugh to much to take it seriously.

  10. Gackt’s messiah complex doesn’t really have much to do with I’ve, though.

  11. @SAME – Doesn’t beat Silly God Disco. <.<

    I’m not really trusting this song at the moment, especially knowing what SORMA has done in the past…

    (Kanaria remix, FLOW)

  12. RSSRII, nothing beats Silly God Disco.

    Unless the competition is for ‘best GazettE song’, in which case it loses to half their discography.

    As for SORMA, the man’s done some good work. Princess Bride! was one of his, and he’s also done some neatly atmospheric work with Shimamiya in the past (Taiyou off of ‘O’ in particular)

  13. ^ Oh I also like Taiyou, scheherazade and also Free Angels. ^^

    @RSSRII>> I don’t blame you on that though I’m liking the Kanariya remix (because I find it one of his amazing remixes). xD I mean it’s much better rather than FLOW, Kanransha and other similar songs.

    @SAME>> I don’t like Jesus that much though I like Ghost better. :D

  14. a friend of mine was listening to Ghost the other day, he said to me “is that a transgender version of MELL”?

  15. &fred-OMGH! Ghost is one of the best songs ever! I do like Jesus, but Ghost is made of pure win!

  16. @fred-OMFG!*****

  17. Fred: the Kanaria remix is alright if taken on its own, but it’s kind of lame when you compare it to the far more interesting original mix.

  18. SAME- You’re getting a little carried away…let’s try to keep the discussion within I’ve, shall we?

    Nice theory on the wiki thing. I just wonder what the heck is Yuauea supposed to mean…(fine, that’s IKU, but you can loosely fit that into Kazuya Takase category xD)

  19. @SAME>> You can say that again! It’s really one of my fave Gackt song aside from Returner. :D

    @Aibu>> You’re right but it’s admittedly one of SORMA’s nice remixes *remembers the other SORMA remixes*. I mean it’s more likable than let’s say, Higurashi remix. And since I just compared a SORMA remix to another, admittedly, the other remixes are far more superior than them.

    @Kieyuku>> “Yuauea” –> “You Aware”?! o__O; Or maybe it’s another genus of an unknown plant?! Who knows.

    Hmm I just noticed I forgot to comment on the “OXISOLS” song. I meant to second the “random article” but rather, they only use titles that are “environmental” since Senecio, Lythrum, Oxisols, Savia etc are all related to either plants or soils.

  20. @Kieyuku & fred-I always thought it was a super-Engrish way of saying “You Are Air”.

  21. Yeah, photosynthesis, Roots and SEED too. Then what other names could they create? Chloroplast, starch, FLOW-er (or any other derivates), stem, leaf, stigma, pollen… This theory is seems cooler than wikipediation xD

  22. The LosslessONE torrent of the ‘yuaeua’ album romanizes it as “Your Wear”. Read into this what you will.

  23. IKU’s album sucks. I must say it. Yuauea is made of pure lose!

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