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More Departing Info

Remember how the first season/series of Hayate no Gotoku had two openings done by KOTOKO, three endings done by other I’ve artists and the fourth arranged by Kazuya Takase?
Remember how a second season of Hayate no Gotoku was in the works?
Well guess what?
I’ve has nothing to do with the second season.
If there’s any clear tell that I’ve and Geneon have, um, “Departed to the Future” and will go their separate ways very soon, this would be it. The other tell would be our Upcoming Releases sidebar which outside for MELL’s live DVD and C.G Mix’s 2nd album is devoid of Geneon releases (Eiko’s singles are released through Frontier Works). I’d be much happier for I’ve if I knew there was something more substantial coming down the pipeline in the next few months, but you know by now how I’ve/Visual Art’s/Geneon like to leave important details to the last minute.

Speaking of which, the DttF official site has been updated with a trailer for the five PVs and the movie itself. The five I’ve girls have cameos in the movie, and the main characters are loosely based (and loosely named) after the girls, not like we didn’t expect that.
Credits for the singles:
L’Oiseau bleu: Vocal/Lyrics: Mami Kawada; Composed and Arranged: C.G Mix
She used C.G Mix when Nakazawa + Kawada has been nothing but gold? No wonder this one sucks.
snIpe: Vocal/Lyrics: KOTOKO; Composed and Arranged: Maiko Iuchi
Maiko doesn’t do Kaori’s track, but instead hits snIpe through the middle for a two-run double. Since when did she become the talented one?
Paranoia Vocal/Lyrics: Eiko Shimamiya; Composed and Arranged: Kazuya Takase
Ah, there’s your answer. Actually, both Eiko and Kazuya have been at their best when working for each other recently, so this might not be as painfully mediocre.
殻の蕾 (kara no tsubomi): Vocal/Lyrics: MELL; Composed: C.G Mix, Arranged: C.G Mix and… Takeshi Hoshino?
Takeshi Hoshino has played guitar in live performances, notably MELL’s visit to Texas, but has never arranged anything for I’ve until now. At least it doesn’t sound too bad so far.
end of refrain ~小さな始まり~ (chiisana hajimari) Vocal/Lyrics: Kaori Utatsuki; Composed: Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Arranged: Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki
If Mami and Kaori had switched composers/arrangers, there’s a good chance neither of their singles would suck. As it is, they both do.
I don’t like the trailer for the movie but it would mean so much more if I could understand it, of course. Why they decided to use Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi for the background music when they have the vocal version of Hydian Way ready to go is beyond me. The movie looks crappy, but for unabashed fanservice, I don’t mind too much. Still not worth the purchase, not like I needed to tell you that.



  1. I was actually surprised to see Elisa doing the OP for Hayate 2. Given a silly comedy show like Hayate, I’m certainly curious to see whether she can pull it off, especially since I’ve only experienced her work on ef – a tale of memories/melodies and her voice seems to be more suited towards serious songs.

  2. “She used C.G Mix when Nakazawa + Kawada has been nothing but gold? No wonder this one sucks.”

    Though I agree that the song does suck, I must say that it’s far from Mami’s fault. KOTOKO once described the process in an old interview. You see, the girls are given arrangements of songs and their only real task is to write the lyrics and sing it. Whether ot nor the music sucks is totally in the hands of the composer/arranger. The only way they can control some of the music’s quality is if they composed the song themselves. In IKU’s case, she may want to consider letting other compose for her sometimes.

  3. Here’s the preview for the Departed to the Future movie.

    I lol’d hard at KOTOKO’s and Kaorin’s cameos as news reporters. The preview makes the movie seem excessively boring. If the rest of the movie ends up being this dull, I’ll have to pass on it. As Aibu put it:

    “the stuff great movies aren’t made of”

  4. @SAME: That sounds about right, “she used C.G Mix” probably isn’t as accurate as “C.G Mix was selected by some arbitrary committee for Mami Kawada’s single.” That said, I would like to see some reasoning behind choosing which style each vocalist would sing, because generic mid-tempo ballads have not worked for Mami recently.
    If they wanted to play off the vocalists’ strengths instead of fitting them into some movie-inspired mold, my suggestions would be:
    Mami: Nakazawa and Ozaki
    Kaori: Iuchi
    MELL: Takase or Nakazawa
    KOTOKO: C.G Mix
    Eiko: Takase (this one was cast perfectly, in my opinion)

  5. “snIpe: Vocal/Lyrics: KOTOKO; Composed and Arranged: Maiko Iuchi
    Maiko doesn’t do Kaori’s track, but instead hits snIpe through the middle for a two-run double. Since when did she become the talented one?”

    snIpe is GOOD, isn’t it ??

  6. @Kuroiyuki_Though I usually object to the Maiko-related teasing, even I found that funny.

  7. If anyone wants me to upload any of the maxi singles by either MELL or KOTOKO and whoever I have them. I could rapidshare or mediafire them or what not for you all to have them up I am just not sure if anyone would want them or not so let me know if you would like me to do so thanks.

  8. I am talking off the Departed to the Future box just to clear things up lol.

  9. oh my god i’d be eternally thankfull Suzaku!

  10. thankful o,o

  11. @Suzaku: i’d like all of the singles plus the PV :P
    just post the link in my blog xD xD

  12. I think Aibu doesn’t want any links so just e-mail the link or post it into each other’s blogs. xD Though I want the PV’s.xD I already have the singles. *still listening to Paranoia and loving it*

  13. @fred: that’s why i told him to put the links on my blog instead =3

    well, i’ve listened to snIpe and… MY LOVE FOR KOTOKO IS BACK A BIT xD xD

  14. Unfortunately I do not have the PVs though I would like to. It is rather annoying that I can’t seem to locate them any where though I am sure someone will post them by next week on youtube or maybe on BARKS though I doubt we may see some of them but if someone does get them I can download them from youtube and post them all the same. Well I will rar the whole file and just upload it to one little thing so I don’t have to upload individual files even though I am sure the only good singles that would be worth uploading are MELL, Eiko Shimamiya, and KOTOKO’s singles. I will upload them later today and if someone just wants to post a link to their blog I will post it on there. Thanks.

  15. Haha okay, Yuki-chan. ^_^

    And yeah I’m liking snlpe bit by bit although it sounded a bit wrong when I first heard the preview. XD

    Oh it’s okay Suzaku. ^_^ Actually I already uploaded some of the videos on YT. If you anyone wants to watch the PVs, go to my name link. I changed it to my YT account. ^_^

  16. @fred: o_O How were you able to get your hands on the actual PVs? I was only able to find the songs themselves.

  17. Edit – Sorry, but no download links on the blog!

  18. Actually I still don’t have the Kara no Tsubomi and L’Oiseau bleu PV’s. If you want to download the PVs I uploaded, click my name link again. It’s now directed to my mediafire account. ^_^

  19. Thank you though I would like to have MELL’s PV more than the others I already downloaded snIpe and Paranoia, I would still like to get to Kawada Mami’s PV though as well.

    Where did you locate the three PVs you do have though?

  20. I will just attach the link to my name to make things easier for people.

  21. Wow. After messing with I’ve so much, they’re now splitting. I hope this is a good thing.

    The movie seems to be showing 4 main characters in the trailer, although they did name 5 girls. So who’s left out of the main gang?
    I’m kinda happy mami’s girl got credited first, haha. With regards to the cameos, Kaori looks the most out of place. She was holding the mic so meekly! I liked MELL’s cameo most just from viewing that few seconds.

  22. @Suzaku>> It’s actually from one of my sources — Sadly the two PVs are still left unuploaded. >< But I will upload when I already have that.

    The question is are they really splitting? o.O I think “Departed to the Future” is just made for the movie. Well that’s what I think, at least.

    Oh btw, Does anyone already heard the preview for “Chikai”? Someone from ripped from that .asx file (which I can’t open) and DL’d it then posted it in my blog. Sounds promising and I really like it. XD

  23. *lol* i just realized that “EIKO” sounds like Mami xD xD

    and it seems that each them met each other xD

    “MELL” met MELL
    “EIKO” walked past Eiko-sensei
    “MAMI” walked past Mami
    “KAORI” was interviewed by Kaorin

    only “KOTOKO”xKOTOKO is not shown xD xD

    @kieyuku: if i’m not mistaken, the one left out seems to be MAMI. I’ve screencaption-ed the preview xD xD

  24. that’s the caption =3

    it’s rather hard to tell the one with bangs in the group scene, whether she is “MAMI” or “KOTOKO”.
    but she looks more like “KOTOKO” rather than “MAMI”

  25. It is rather annoying to not see MELL’s PV up anywhere I would really like to get my hands on it. Kawada Mami’s song sucked so I could really not give two craps about it but I mean it is so irritating to see three of them up on youtube and not the one I would really like to see. Hopefully someone uploads them soon or something.

  26. @Suzaku: they said, “SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST” xD xD

    well, at least even if Mami’s song sucks but i still wanna see the PV because she’s so beautiful there x3

  27. by the way, a big review for all 5 singles is on the way but don’t expect it for another little while.

  28. ^ Wow I’ll be looking forward to read that! I think it’ll be a long review. x3

  29. @aibu: i’ll be waiting for it =3

  30. Unfortunately I have to confess that a large reason for it being delayed is my newfound quest to complete every main-series Mega Man game. Hard to write about I’ve when your entire thought process is being dominated by timed jumps and boss attack patterns.

  31. ^ Well it’s okay. Take your time. =3 And it’d be better that you do it later when you have the time to make and focus for the review rather than make a dilly-dally review. Good luck in accomplishing your tasks! XDDD;

  32. no probz =3
    we do need to take gaming seriously, aibu xD xD

  33. Plz to be review Mega Man instead of contemporary adult music.

  34. Woah! Mega Man ^_^… nice taste aibu.

  35. haha… got this on youtube:

    vocal version of HYDIAN WAY…
    plus a summary of the movie..

    now we know why ‘MAMI’ is not on the group scene :D

  36. LOL I like how ‘MELL’ is a little lolita gal. Made me laugh when I saw that but the best part is seeing all the PVs but MELL’s up.

  37. Now I totally know why KOTOKO’s song is called snipe. Someone on youtube uploaded a part of the movie and we see “KOTOKO” holding a huge gun and shooting people. -___-

  38. @Suzaku: ‘MELL’ is goth-loli gal while ‘KAORI’ is Lolita… plus she’s kleptomania :P

    @kieyuku: yeah i noticed it, too. i think she used a sniper riffle, which is hidden in her guitar case.

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