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KOTOKO’s 13th single, no longer with I’ve?!?

Amazon Japan has announced preorders for KOTOKO’s 13th single with Geneon, titled “蒼-iconoclast / PIGEON-the green-ey’d monster”. The title track will be the theme to the XBOX/PS3 2D fighting game BLAZBLUE.
As if that wasn’t enough, check out these credits:

蒼-iconoclast (aoi-iconoclast)
Vocals and Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composed: 佐々倉有吾 (Yugo Sasakura)
Arranged: 宮崎歩 (Ayumi Miyazaki)

PIGEON-the green-ey’d monster
Vocals and Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composed and Arranged: Ayumi Miyazaki

That’s right. KOTOKO’s first original non-I’ve produced work since the Silent Half eroge back in 2004. Amazon’s description — to the best of my knowledge — doesn’t indicate that she has made a complete break from I’ve, but the fact that Geneon is releasing the single doesn’t mean she’s sticking around, either.
I’ll reserve judgment until I actually hear it, but some of us have been waiting for this day to come, considering her general decline in quality with I’ve over the past few years. Her best days with Takase and co. are going to be hard to match, and perhaps some new blood will help her make a comeback. Nevertheless, it’s the end of an era.

In other news, the covers to MELL’s live DVD and C.G Mix’s 2nd album, titled “pray” have been revealed in a dueling showdown of gothic artistry.



  1. Okay so what is KOTOKO going to expect if she leaves, several people that I am friends that are from Japan say that they have never even heard of her. So I thinking that it would just be better for her to stay with IVE because it is highly unlikely that her career will shoot through the roof if she leaves IVE for a solo thing. Just my thoughts on it though.

  2. I’m more impressed that this is an OP to BLAZBLUE than the fact that she is potentially leaving I’ve Sound. The game is, after all, coming to America this summer courtesy of Aksys Games. Since they are putting in an option to toggle between English and Japanese voices and are very conscious of their clientele, they might very well leave the theme song intact!!!

    If so, HOTTTTTTTTT!!!

    BTW Suzaku, your homepage is a rapidshare RAR file? You sure don’t mess around. Most of my Japanese friends have never heard of KOTOKO either, that hasn’t stopped her from doing tons of amazing songs in the past 10+ years.

  3. @Suyaku: You’ve got it right on. Amazon’s blurb for the single boasts that KOTOKO’s gotten into the Oricon charts several times, but it’s possible that a lot of those hits were for popular animes. Then again, BLAZBLUE could be just as popular.

  4. KOTOKO leaving I’ve ?! if she really does then…
    well… i’m not going to object this, but surely i’ll always remember the days she spent with I’ve.
    and… what the heck is she thinking ?!?!? -_-;;

    @hikaruhoshi: a CERTAIN anime, it is. you know what anime it is.

  5. Bad news indeed. I don’t think she will exactly shine if she leaves I’ve, at lest not right now. The solution for RECENT crappy stuff is not just dumping it, but trying to go back to the glory days. Personally, i think KOTOKO’s success is much more than just her pretty voice, I’ve music is crucial on that equation.

    Take for instance her recent bad stuff; the main reason it sucks is not because KOTOKO was drunk while recording, but because I’ve stopped sounding like I’ve. Ifs he leaves, she will need a whole new audience…. or brainless fans *coughwhichshehasplentyofcough*

  6. If KOTOKO leaves IVE I sense total fail! Then again, if she leaves, that gives some of the other girls a chance at the spotlight and opens doors for new talent, which I think IVE needs more of.

  7. I’m looking forward to BLAZBLUE a lot more than its theme song. New 2D fighter from the guys who made Guilty Gear? Sign me up!

    Also, while this post is still technically notable simply due to the fact that it suggests the possibility of a main member’s split from I’ve, there will be no future coverage of this single on the blog as, unless it turns out that Ayumi Miyazaki is joining the group, this falls outside of the scope of I’ve and thus won’t be mentioned for the same reason IKU’s work never is. Well, ok, so never is when I have my say.

  8. BLAZBLUE looks promising and I would like to play it if I have the chance! XD

    And about KOTOKO leaving I’ve, I don’t know what to say because I have a feeling she’s not leaving. I’ll save my judgements for later. 8D But if it’s true, then too bad.

  9. I don’t really see any good reason for KOTOKO leaving I’ve at this point in time. This would not only serve as a huge blow to I’ve, but could see the complete destruction of her career. It’s very unfortunate to see this happen, but no matter what happens to her, KOTOKO will always remain my favourite singer.

    Crap, I’m beginning to sound like those mindless fans (not that I wasn’t one already <.<).

  10. I’m not too interested in the game either way because I’ve never played the Guilty Gear series, so BLAZBLUE isn’t on my radar. Although, seeing Aibu’s reaction, I probably should pick it up and try it.

  11. Japanese people who never heard of KOTOKO?… I don’t care.
    KOTOKO leaving I’ve?… I don’t care.

    I’m a mindless fan of KOTO-chan not because she’s part of I’ve but it’s because of her as an artist and if leaving I’ve means the end of her career, that´s ok, it’s something that’s gonna happen sooner or later whether we like it or not.

    MELL’s DVD cover?… like she is, great.

  12. I’m more concerned about the I’ve Sound group rather than KOTOKO herself. Five vocalists were already considered little, and now their most prominent vocalist is leaving, where would that leave I’ve?
    And how can she? When they just produced the I’ve anniversary thing and she’s included in it. It’s like…I don’t know, I don’t feel it would be an appropriate timing, therefore I don’t think she’s leaving (yet).

  13. i just dont have words for this, i agree with NumberXIII, it is the combination of Kotoko voice and I’ve great music what makes those songs amazing, if shes truly leaving I’ve, it is like the world will come to an end soon.

  14. I’m not sure about these arrangers, but KOTOKO’s done fine in the past with self-composed songs (like most of the memorable songs from Hane) and, when you think about it, since SORMA is debatably I’ve, her Princess Bride! was an outside work and I know many people call that one a favourite… Basically what I’m saying is that it’s far from the end of the world.

  15. […] KOTOKO’s 13th single, no longer with I’ve?!? (愛撫-I’ve Sound Blog-) […]

  16. Sorry for replying so late… I should really spend more time on I’ve and less on my PS3.

    I don’t think she’s leaving, from the looks of things she’s gotten hired for solo. It’s probably a nice change that she won’t be singing to an I’ve arrangement for once.

    Don’t fret you guys.

  17. I don’t think she’s leaving either. She has had songs where the composition and arrangement wasn’t by I’ve. It’s just that those songs were not released as a maxi-single or whatnot

    I think.

  18. umm confirmed.. at least I have knowledge the latest single was produced by Geneon Universal.

    Side A is a bit normal… but i think everybody will like more Side B …

    wanna heard songs??…

    Check my profile: Pinkys20 at Youtube

  19. i like side A more than side B :P

  20. When I first heard this single I was a little confused.

    Although 蒼-ICONOCLAST sounds like many KOTOKO songs that I love already, and I like the song itself, it also made me think of someone more like Ayumi Hamasaki listening to the style of it.

    As for PIGEON -the green ey’d monster-, I was reminded more of MELL, due to the harsher style of it. Either that or KOTOKO’s “Outer” songs. Which let’s face it, there’s a reason why she put them under a different name.

    I certainly hope KOTOKO isn’t leaving I’ve Sound…. but it’s her career and her own choice.

  21. I like side B waaaaay more than side A. Pigeon is a freaking monster.

  22. TEL—–
    O= they is awesome songs
    er.. my Chinese friend has heard of KOTOKO =_= ((*cough*
    she doesn’t like her though))

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