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C.G mix news aplenty

In addition to the title and cover art scooped a post ago, C.G mix’s new album pray now has a full tracklisting available. In addition to the expected Kichiku Megane opening theme under the darkness (which was a running joke in the early days of this blog, and thus excessively close to my own heart), there’s a host of new songs and one surprise cover of a beloved song from I’ve history. Without further ado, the tracklisting:

  1. under the darkness
  2. Everything is assumed to be connected
  3. judge
  4. 風をうけて (Kaze wo Ukete)
  5. DAY IN
  6. flat
  7. Face of Fact
  8. Swept Away
  9. 破線の標 (Hasen no Shirushi)
  10. pray
  11. BLUE
  12. under the darkness -four piece band mix-

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you – that is indeed KOTOKO’s 2002 eroge theme “Face of Fact” sitting at track 7 there. The C.G mix-penned number, twice remixed already (once by FISH TONE, and a second time by C.G mix for the release of the BALDR FORCE EXE RESOLUTION OVA series), will apparently be getting redone with a vocal from C.G mix himself, and however this will turn out nobody knows. Also of note is the fact that the recently-released remix of under the darkness from Kichiku Megane R is in absentia, with a previously-unheard third version of the track closing the album in its stead. It is ridiculously hard to keep a straight face when dealing with this album.

Fans of C.G mix’s brooding bishounen stage presence won’t be disappointed with this release, as the special edition comes with a DVD containing a music video for (what else) the quickly becoming played-out under the darkness, presumably packed to the brim with shots of C.G mix looking pretty for the cameras with a wardrobe that’s likely at least 75% leather.

Finally, the endlessly awful I’ve official website has a minisite dedicated to C.G mix’s limited live tour (his first solo tour, as his ‘in your life’ shows had him sharing the bill with MELL), showing times and ticket information for each of its glorious three dates.

Edit: much like the other I’ve girls, Pretty Princess Sephiroth himself now has an official Geneon webpage! It doesn’t have much on it right now aside from a placeholder for the surely thrilling forthcoming video for under the darkness, but then again none of Geneon’s sites are really that great so the site’s probably about as good as it’s going to ever be right now.


  1. Oh my God, I’m actually interested in a C.G mix version of Face of Fact…

  2. If he decides to do the SHIHO spoken-word bit the results will probably be one of the most embarrassing minutes in I’ve Sound history.

    I mean, questionable pronunciation of the words ‘scar’, ‘staring’ and ‘darkness’ aside, SHIHO enunciated quite well and didn’t do a bad job considering what she was given to work with. C.G mix, on the other hand, has been proven in the past to be fantastically inept with the English language and would likely sound like he’s gargling the words more than speaking them.

    Also I hope the song’s new arrangement won’t end up sounding exactly like every other C.G mix solo effort. Seriously, in your life was basically the same song over and over again for some 40 minutes, and if he hasn’t learned to switch it up by now I’m going to be pissed.

  3. In your life was one horrible Album amongst I’ve “solo” releases (and if wouldn’t have had it up for -50% back then I guess not having bothered purchasing the ltd. edition of that CD at all)…I think that I listened to it even less than to UZU-MAKI (which means it ended up twice in my CD drive). I’ve given up hope on C.G mix to return to similar arrangement greatness as back when working with Shimamiya or some older KOTOKO songs. These days his arrangements in my view (ears) sound always the same Euro Pop beat that even the worst Takaze or Iuchi composed crime doesn’t get close to.
    Strangely I feel *a bit* more confident that pray could end up better than his first efforts (though even if that’s the case, it wouldn’t make it a better Album compared to other I’ve Vocalist releases…life is unfair, C.G mix gets a second Album, borring IKU a first and still not even any word on the much needed first one by Utatsuki Kaori *who’s done the IMO best song job amongst all of the Anniversary boxset Single releases*).
    Still I really like “under the darkness” (though the unexpected good sounds of that one is what I credit to Takeshi Ozaki’s involvement – much as I do think that the reason I’m fully in love with “Kara no Tsubomi” is because of Hoshino Takeshi on board).
    And maybe my taste in men is weird, but I really don’t get the whole Bishie looks (which he definitely *is* far too old for) and style mix-niisan tries to come up with since…well his first attempts on a solo career (anyone remember that horrible cover shot of the Lunar Dance single >_<).

  4. @littleharlock: i’m surely agree with what you said.

    “life is unfair, C.G mix gets a second Album, borring IKU a first and still not even any word on the much needed first one by Utatsuki Kaori”

    i think Kaorin really need an album for herself… she has improved a lot but they still don’t give her any chance to have an album… poor Kaorin… xP

    and… Face of Fact -prototype version- ?? not really interested in it -_-;;

  5. littleharlock: Did you get my e-mail? If so, reply to it please~

    However, even with C.G mix’s output being fairly uneven recently, I wouldn’t call songs like Special Life! “Euro pop”… granted, outside of his denpa works there’s little to characterize the songs as being distinctly Japanese, but the same could really be said about any of the producers. (How ’bout those guitars on Way Beyond There, eh?)

  6. My I didn’t think I’d look forward to this, but I am! The cover looks very cool and the songs look promising xD. I just hope this one’s cooler that his last album…

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