Posted by: 愛撫 | 04/04/09

Hey look it’s the HYDIAN WAY video

…And holy Christ it sucks!

Not too much to say about this one, just a bunch of clips from the Departed to the Future movie (anyone seen this yet? Is it any good?) with the full-vocal Love Planet Five version of HYDIAN WAY playing overtop of it. Whether or not this is the final video or just something thrown together remains to be seen, but either way I think we can all agree that this is pretty underwhelming. Song, video and (from the looks of it) movie.

Finally, credit for bringing this embarrassment to my attention goes to the lovely blog reader and MyAnimeList I’ve fanclub administrator RSSRII. Love ya, babe~!



  1. HAHAHA! I wasn’t expecting you to make an entry this quick. Guess it just goes to show how completely fail the video turned out.

    If AND ONLY IF this is the official PV for HYDIAN WAY, I think I can safely say I’ve has hit rock bottom. It really doesn’t get any worse than this (playing a happy song while a yakuza gets sniped in the face by one of the girls just doesn’t work).

    I think I’ll be spending the rest of the night pulling my hair out.

  2. At least Real Onigokko’s video showed KOTOKO as well as scenes from the probably-terrible movie

  3. I think an epic facepalm is in order.

    Turns out KOTOKO is the one doing the sniping (no pun intended). You’d figure for a serious situation, they’d play some more sinister music (like say, Real Onigokko) but NO, they decide to start playing Meconopsis instead. Brilliant I’ve. Fucking brilliant.

    Excuse me while I resume pulling my hair out some more.

  4. Wow yeah, this is pretty bad, both visually and musically. At least the snIpe PV kinda makes up for this mess.

  5. and you know what ?? the sound producer in the movie are I’ve Sound Creators themselves, particularly Kazuya Takase, Tomoyuki Nakazawa and C.G mix

    well, FYI, the songs used in the movie are:

    Mami Kawada:
    – seed
    – Saigo no Yakusoku
    – Ame
    – roots
    – Hirusagari no Gogo

    – UZU-MAKI
    – Cider
    – Free Angels
    – Akai Tama, Aoi Tama

    – Virgin’s High!
    – repeat -Deep Forest Remix-
    – Way Beyond There
    – The first finale in me

    Kaori Utatsuki:
    – Shining Star Bless

    Eiko Shimamiya:
    – Doko ni mo nai michi
    – Asunaro no Ki
    – Endless Loop

    at least, that’s what’s on the booklet.

    @RSSRII: *lol* you’ll end up bald, dude xD

    @denpa no sekai: well, the song is the type that will be much better listened live, not recorded.

  6. So the booklet neglected to mention Meconopsis, then. If I were to pick a filler song from Garasu no Kaze, I would have picked RETRIEVE, or better yet, have KOTOKO/Kotoko/kotoko quietly sing “akai tama, aoi tama…” as she draws a bead on the yakuza’s forehead.

    I underestimated how prominently the I’ve members and music would be featured in the movie. It’s almost a commendable tribute, if only we knew how mediocre it is.

  7. Wow almost all the songs used in the movie are bad-to-decent… I have no complaints with MELL’s selections, but why the hell did the others get stuck with such boring choices?

  8. ^ Haha you said it. D: All the songs from Eiko and Mami were among the sloppy ones (except roots and Endless Loop).

    I already saw the video a few days ago and it was kinda hideous that I don’t want to comment more that’s why I didn’t inform that someone actually uploaded it in YT. *rolls eyes*

    @RSSRII>> wow I lol’d out when I see the WinterSymphony LJ community being linked out by other members. *happy* And it was in front page. lol, please ignore this one I’m just happy. XD

  9. well, Mami’s songs were all the ballads, except roots. maybe it’s because… ‘MAMI’ seems to have a gloomy story ?? -_-;;

    but i like MELL’s

    although it’s really shame that there’s only one song for Kaorin’s =.=

  10. …i’m so utterly confused…what the hell is going on?!

    then again it would make much more sense once i watch the stories (…with subtitles…), but WHY THE HELL DID MAMI COMMIT SUICIDE AND THEN WHY DID EVERYONE ELSE FOLLOW HER SUIT?!?!?! WHYYYY??????!!!!!!

    the song isn’t too bad, but the chorus is just so…strange…

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