Posted by: 愛撫 | 04/11/09

under the darkness video preview

Oh my god, this shit actually qualifies as news!

Everyone’s favourite I’ve arranger-turned-singer-for-some-reason has a preview out for the video to what could at this point be said to be his biggest hit, and if you’re really fuckin’ into shadows then god help you! Also, the video should be right up your alley.

Also of note is how, in his website’s banner image, one can clearly see Mr. mix (as he surely loves being called) sporting not one, not two, not three, but four wallet chains. Either the guy is mad paranoid with regards to his wallet being stolen, or that’s one hell of a lame fashion statement. Also, he’s continuing to play the role of bishounen even when photos that show more of his face seem to have him starting to look a bit more like Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh from the Coen Brothers’ hit movie No Country For Old Men. Bothersome.




    Can’t wait to see how this turns out. <.<

  2. Wow C.G really is embarrassed of not being so photogenic. >>; I can’t even see his face on the preview. Hopefully no BL scenes here haha! Just joking around. *whistles*

  3. CG mix’s image just makes me cringe. There’s this indescribable quality which is just really eerie. I don’t know how to put it.
    And anyone noticed the incredibly lame covers for normal and limited editions of “pray”? They just reversed the image and changed the whatever-flamey-thing that looks like it comes out of his hand, and voila, two diff covers! CG mix must really hate taking photos- even two is too much.

  4. I have a question, in the I’ve official site they have the list of songs that MELL performed in the concert that will be release in the DVD at the end of April but I don’t know what’s the tittle of number 14 (the last one), Could you traslate it for me please? @_@.

    And about the list of song, I am very satisfied to know that she sang several of my favorite songs like “Permit” and “Proof”, I just missed “Out Flow” and “Sayonara wo Oshiete” but the second one was performed in the past Budokan so, there is a high probability of being able to see it when supposedly the dvd of Budokan ’09 goes out on sale ^^. We’ll see…

  5. @Pedro>”Sabaku no Yuki”. ^_^ Well I was the one who write this in Mell’s english Wiki so I should know. xP

    Yeah if only had money, I’d definitely buy this DVD but I can’t… But definitely in the future, I’ll buy. :D

    @kieyuku> I know how you feel. XD *remembers what you said about the diabolical villain*

    But the tracklist looks promising unlike the ones in the in your life album which are a bit sour one word (e.g. POINT, preserve).

  6. Thank you fred ^^!
    Now that we know all the songs of MELL’s concert it’s only a matter of time to enjoy it, can’t wait ^^.

  7. Not sure I’m looking forward to this release. After all, in your wife wasn’t that great. Damn it! I mean in your life!!

  8. I’m sort of into this. If anything, the Face of Fact cover should be interesting.

  9. Did anyone notice that Eiko’s single came out under our noses?

  10. SAME: Informed sources tell me C.G mix doesn’t really go for wives. Or women in general. I mean, just look at him!

    Also I’ve been waiting for a torr- I mean, a completely legitimate method of obtaining Chikai. A review will be on its way, but I need to actually have the single first.

  11. ^ Hmm maybe you want it audio streamed? Well that’s the only legitimate method I can only think of. :P

  12. @Aibu-He makes my gaydar sound off VERY LOUDLY! I don’t think C.G mix is straight at all, which is very okay.

    I found it. It’s not that great at all.

  13. @aibu: *lol* seriously ?? xD xD well, she… I MEAN… he is rather womanly than manly xD xD

    chikai ?? so-so. still love Naraku no Hana more -_-;;

  14. His PV is very reminiscent of kicks! without the fedora hat. It’s like he’s saying “I’m the King of Darkness” (with MELL as his queen?)

  15. No, I’m pretty sure C.G mix is the queen here.

    • Right. I find the video a bit gay. :D

      • Well, unlike KOTOKO and MELL, at least C.G mix hasn’t had a same-sex kiss in a PV.


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