Posted by: 愛撫 | 04/18/09

The C.G mix news never stops! Never!

Well, this is basically a waste of a newspost, but it appears that C.G mix’s first solo live tour, uhh, won’t really be ‘solo’ at all. Joining him in his 3-date ‘tour’ will be his previous live-show backing vocalist MELL, as well as KOTOKO (probably to help him out with Face of Fact), and none of this is interesting in the slightest really.

Also Mami Kawada has a new eroge song on the horizon, a currently-untitled work for the Candy Soft production “Mecha Mimi” (メカミミ) composed and arranged by Maiko Iuchi, whose hot streak, it is worth noting, is well overdue to come to its glorious end. However, it is good to see that I’ve still remembers they do eroge from time to time, and even though it’s another for the distressingly long list of production credits under Iuchi’s belt, anything separate from the Geneon hate machine is more or less fine by me.



  1. Hey if anyone wants to talk I’ve and uses IRC, try joining #ivesound on, I have literally no idea how many people would be into this idea but I figure why the hell not put it out there

  2. just hope Maiko won’t do denpa for Mami, who’s just unfit for it… xP

    but the web is obviously too cute for something non-denpa, so… >_>

  3. Uh, *peers in IRC* …so where are you guys?

  4. Well I won’t be surprised if “Akanesora” will also be an Iuchi production if this kind of trend will continue. I think she carried all the eroge theme songs last year w/ the exception of bumpy-Jumpy! and Ha!!!ppiness.

    And yeah, say no denpa to Mami! It’s something objectable if you ask me. If it’s Kaorin or Kotoko, then I have nothing to object. XD

  5. Don’t forget Crash Course and Restoration. Those were produced by C.G mix.

  6. Azu: I kinda drifted off to sleep there, but I’ll try to keep the channel up

  7. People, let’s not forget seduce. It could be that kinda of theme song. The game doesn’t look serious, but it also doesn’t seem the type to have a denpa-like song.

  8. @SAME: i do consider that it would be another seduce… but… the game’s website aura seems to be too cheerful for seduce.

    and i actually like MaikoMami Combi since they rarely failed, with an exception for DREAM since it’s an epic failed. x3

  9. @Yuki-It was better than hisui. That was a hot ass mess.

  10. HISUI was brilliant, fuck what you heard. :(

  11. yeah HISUI was brilliant, SAME… while DREAM… i still can’t find myself loving it no matter how many times i’ve listened to (_ _)a

  12. “HISUI was brilliant, fuck what you heard. :(”

    – seconded.

    Ah well let’s just hope Maiko will never spoof this song. I hope it’ll be just like Bizarrerie Cage, seduce, or snIpe. Say no to Mami-Denpa song!

  13. On second note…

    @Sekka>> Ah shoot. I forgot Crash Course!! D: But Restoration ~Chinmoku no Sora~ was rather forgettable so I didn’t include it. :P

  14. Crash Course was just godly! Pure and simple.

  15. By the way, readers, WordPress hates me and refuses to let me make polls with IP logging for votes so you’re all just going to have to play fair and not vote twice for this to turn out well.

    And, yes, for anyone wanting to hijack the results for whatever reason, this does in fact mean that it’s perfectly possible to vote for energy flow 100 times.

  16. i love TRILL the most, but i vote for Get my way! because if I’d never listened to Get my way!, i wouldn’t know and love Mami’s music this much. x3 but i do love Get my way!, too, and it’s on the top of my most played song x3

    @aibu: maybe after this i’ll put a vote for TRILL *lol* but we’ll see later :P

  17. Dunno, it’s not even letting me vote anyway. I just click on the radio button and nothing happens. There’s no “submit my vote” link or anything.

  18. Denpa: Serious? I hate this polling software so, so much. Nothing but problems since day 1. I’ll see if I can work something out.

    Edit – who’s the joker who voted for energy flow?

  19. Wow all of you voted for TRILL. Ö Well I voted for portamento. But if given the chance to vote again, will vote for TRILL. :D

    Yeah, who voted for energy flow? :D I’m kinda curious. XD

  20. Someone voted for energy flow? lol

    It’s just some sick combination of Mami making weird vocalizations and the guitar from Joint.

  21. energy flows actually had no Mami’s vocal, SAME xD xD

  22. Oh hey, it seems like the ‘vote’ button is back in action

  23. @Yuki-There were no real vocals in the song, but there were vocals. Kinda like Mami was singing, bvut someone kept putting their hand over her mouth.

  24. I thought at first that it was something played backwards, but as far as I can tell, it wasn’t. It’s unmistakably Mami, though.

    EDIT: I voted for JOINT, though to be fair, it could have been TRILL or Portamento had energy flow had not been such an awesome intro.

  25. oh, yes i remember. there were weird vocals xD xD
    i thought that were synthesized ??

  26. Suddenly there’s a Vote button, plus it doesn’t seem to register more than one vote per IP — so I think you’re set now. Like your hockey team.

  27. @denpanosekai: noo… i still can vote now if i want to -_-;;
    but i decided not to :D

  28. I voted for TRILL! :3 Was kinda divided between TRILL and portamento.

    energy flow, omg. that song gives off creepier vibes than CG mix alone does.

    yuki- I kinda liked DREAM for a short period of time. xD It was kinda like a disjointed song, parts were put together and didnt fit, but I liked the stanza just before the chorus (Mami sounded strained in the chorus).

  29. @kieyuku: the part where she sings, “My Dream… Hu…” ?? well, i like the chorus instead. :D

    *lol* energy flow is an awesome interlude, girl. even though it doesn’t really count as a song. xD xD

  30. “Get My Way!”started pleasing me since I saw Mami singing it in SAVIA DVD but, for me, the best song of her second album is “Beehive”, mid-tempo at best ^_^.

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