Posted by: 光星 | 04/24/09

The DTTF news doesn’t stop either!

Remember back in late March, we had this overpriced boxset of five poor to middling singles and a throwaway fanservice movie? Well Geneon does; they probably have tons of the things sitting in their warehouse. That’s just one possible reason they’re re-releasing Mami’s contribution, L’Oiseau bleu as a standalone single. The others may soon follow.
Relive the mediocrity! The Departed to the Future singles will return June 24!



  1. Well we all know L’Oiseau bleu was just so awesome the first time around…

  2. I still vote L’Oiseau bleu as the worst track in the set.

  3. “I still vote L’Oiseau bleu as the worst track in the set.”

    Close to me live.

  4. “I still vote L’Oiseau bleu as the worst track in the set.”

    the same as me. :P

    “Close to me live.”

    Close to me would be much better if it wasn’t KOTOKO, but Reina. oohh, how i miss Reina ^^;;

    it turns out they’re still money-eater, huh ?? expecting people to buy the standalone… but comparing to the boxset, this is actually, not really, better idea. you can choose what single you want and leave out a certain single. well, i’m sure those mindless fans wouldn’t mind , wasting… no.. spending their money even if the single is mediocre.

    well, if only the standalone version have more songs… it will worth more -_-a

  5. Well if it’ll only be a 5-track single containing much better songs as B-sides, I think this single will be saved but releasing this as a standalone single is NOT a brilliant idea knowing this is either the worst or second-to-the-worst song of all the 5 main songs in the I’ve Sound 10th Anniv. Box Set.

  6. Oh, one more thing, I just remembered that Eiko’s Super scription of data, and KOTOKO’s ao-Iconoclast/PIGEON-the green ey’d monster are sharing the same release dates.

    If ever I’ll have the chance to have priorities on buying these singles, I’d prefer:

    1. ao-Iconoclast/PIGEON-the green-ey’d monster
    2. L’Oiseau bleu
    3. Super scription of data

    Yeah, I didn’t like Super scription of data at all. If you think Chikai‘s boring, definitely this one’s twice as boring. >,>

  7. can anyone translate the top post here ??

    it seems that KOTOKO will have a nationwide live this year ??

  8. @fred-I think Super scription of data is a tiny bit better than Chikai. Chikai just sounds a bit off for some reason.

  9. @黒い雪

    it seems you are rigth, there will be a live tour

  10. In all honesty I am glad that they are doing this but on another note why do this now and not to begin with and just include the DTTF Hydian Way thing with every single. Makes no sense to me.

    On another note does anyone plan on uploading or buying MELL’s first live tour from 2008 to youtube or to a torrent?

  11. And this is why I’ve taken an I’ve listening hiatus these past few months. No point in supporting a money-mongering company if it means they can continue to crank out the mediocrity.

    Unfortunately, that just resulted in me listening to more Sound Horizon, the GazettE and D’espairsRay. From one record label to another…

    • As well have I.
      I have been listening to other game songstresses, like Haruka Shimotsuki, Chatta, and especially from Akiko Shikata’s recent album “Harmonia.” That last one might have something to do with the fact that I’m playing through Ar Tonelico 2 these days…

      I’m curious to see how I’ve will rejuvenate their fan base after this lull. It would be very disappointing to see I’ve fade away so quickly after Budokan ’09.

      • Hikaruhoshi has shitty taste in everything :P

      • Haruka Shimotsuki and Akiko Shikata are quite good. I like the Ar tonelico hymmnos! Harmonia´s Uzumibi is also totally kickass xDD

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