Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/19/09

I’ve at Budokan 2009 DVD on its way

3 discs? Inane ‘making-of’ feature? “Clear file” packaging? That’s right, it’s another Budokan DVD! Details aren’t exactly plentiful at the moment, but we know this live DVD set will retail for a suggested ¥5800 and will be releasing on August 5th of this year. Mark your calendars, I’ve fans!



  1. I’ll wait for the Complete Edit :3

    • :hifive:

  2. DO WANT !!! DO WANT !!!

    maybe i should order this time… x3

  3. Wow I’d rather just buy Kaorin’s mini-album than this one. Rather too expensive. As usual, they’re too money-focused. ><

    • But fred, that’s a fair price and it’s almost the same than MELL live dvd.
      You know, at first I thought that this would cost more than 100 dollars and if we consider the price of “departed to the future” singles that wasn’t very far from the reality.
      And though it can be, nobody assures us that there will be a complete edit version in the future.

      I’m not gonna risk the chance to see this awesome concert and for the same my pre-order is …in!

  4. The turnaround for this DVD is about the same as the Budokan ’05, and I would hope that Geneon knows how to do a live DVD properly, but these days? I have no clue. It’s tempting.
    Amazon has the run time at 258 minutes over the three discs, so we’ll probably have another documentary like what was on the original Budokan ’05 set. EDIT: Neowing says there will be a doc and interviews, so there’s your padding.

    • I already mentioned that there would be a documentary (“inane making-of feature”) in the post. Hooray for ‘discovering’ something everybody knew already! Twice!

      • Lay off, will you? If you don’t like my comments, you can just fucking ignore them.

      • Well clearly you don’t like my posts either (seriously, it was RIGHT THERE IN THE FIRST LINE), but ignorance doesn’t solve anything.

  5. I think that it’s not as expensive as I thought but, as most of you, I’ll wait for an edit version of it.

    By the way, I brought some snapshots of MELL’s live dvd to the “I’ve Data File 02: MELL” post in case that some of you want to see bad quality images ^^.

    • ToT thanks for the pics pedro the concert looks amazing i can’t wait to watch it

      • Your welcome Army ^^, and remember my words, you’re gonna love this concert.
        I would like to upload it myself but my I-net is way to slow (even more than Yuki-chan ^o^). Gomen…

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