Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/20/09

Kaori Utatsuki “mini-album” also on its way

Same day as the previously-scooped Budokan live DVD, oft-neglected I’ve girl Kaori Utatsuki has a “mini-album” out on August 5th. Unlike the Budokan release, however, we know absolutely nothing about the tracklist (although logic dictates at least one song each from her Geneon singles will be present), so we’ll all have to wait on further details before we really know anything about this as-yet-untitled release. Suggested retail price ¥2500, so hopefully it isn’t too “mini”.

As a matter of reference, Eiko Shimamiya’s albums ULYSSES and Endless Loop (both released by Geneon) had 9 and 6 tracks each respectively, so this Utatsuki album will probably have a figure somewhere close to one of those.



  1. “オリジナル楽曲3曲を含む7曲収録予定。”

    Didn’t quite understand this one but from what I can understand there would be 7 songs all in all but I’m not that sure.

    I’m just wondering why a mini-album now when they can already afford her a full album?

    • Licensing fees for eroge tracks would be prohibitive, and under Geneon she only has some 4 songs total. So, while she does indeed have enough songs under Visual Art’s to fill a whole album already, Geneon neither wants to pay for those tracks nor give her enough studio time to fill up an album proper.

      Also, loose translation of the Japanese: 3 original compositions, 7 songs in total. Where’d you get that info from?

      • Cdjapan says that there’re seven songs for this mini-album including two singles songs.

      • So that leaves 2 songs (I’m assuming Change of heart and I’m home -unplugged- but I hope I’m wrong about that second one) we’ve heard already on this album if CDJapan is right. Hmm.

      • Well I got that from as usual. xD I was kinda shocked because they already know this news before firstron, CDJapan etc. Just before when I saw this info, there’s still no pre-orders from CDJapan but when I checked last night, it’s already present! XD Oh well, sometimes they are advanced and sometimes they can be too late.

        About the Japanese writing, it was included in the info when it was posted in IMS. It was in bold red text so I thought the info was important. But I’m hunching they’d choose over Shining stars bless over I’m home -unplugged-. Change of heart is also in my thoughts for this album.

  2. Give me more fucking denpa already, I’ve.

    • Not too likely that we’ll be hearing much more of that from the girls in the near future – I’ve hasn’t been doing eroge much, and with the notable exception of Shichitenhakki their Geneon material has been decidedly non-denpa :/

      • Special Life! could be count as half denpa :P

  3. Four words. IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME.

    • Agreed, although admittedly it’s less cartoonishly overdue than MELLSCOPE was.

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