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Eroge news roundup – 05/23/09

Been a while since we had one of these! All links NWS.

First things first: Hachimitsu Otome blossomdays (ハチミツ乙女blossomdays), the oddly-named debut effort from Lupinus soft, is set to feature at least one new song from I’ve (the page just uses the indistinct ‘theme music’ when mentioning I’ve, so there may be an opening as well as an ending theme), production and vocalist credits currently unknown. The game comes out this September, and updates will assuredly follow as more information becomes available.

Secondly, one of the weirder situations in the history of I’ve music is set to come to a close with the release of IMAGE CRAFT offshoot OZ PROJECT’s Musabetsu Ren’ai ~Boku ‘tte Omocha?~ (無差別恋愛 ~ボクって玩具?~) on June 26th.

Now, for those not in the know about this particular bit of weirdness, here’s the breakdown best as I can tell it: Musabetsu Ren’ai was originally planned to be released back in 2002, but somehow things got mucked up and the game was shelved indefinitely. However, the KOTOKO-sung opening theme “I deal Forest” had already been paid for, so a short version ended up appearing on IMAGE CRAFT’s 2003 compilation CD “Song for eternity” as a promo for a game that it seemed would never actually be released.

Apparently things got cleared up, because the game’s coming out for sure this time. And along with it, a ridiculously overdue full version of the theme song, now with its title corrected to the still sort-of nonsensical “Ideal Forest”. Always good to hear stories with happy endings, isn’t it?

Last but not least, Candy Soft‘s Mecha Mimi (メカミミ) has an opening movie available for download featuring the game’s theme song “platinum”. The song, as had been reported earlier, is sung by Mami Kawada and composed/arranged by Maiko Iuchi. Now as for whether or not it ends Iuchi’s “hot streak”, that’s for you to decide.



  1. “Now as for whether or not it ends Iuchi’s ‘hot streak’, that’s for you to decide.”

    Well for me, not really. xD I mean, it’s way better than fickle although platinum could’ve done better. It’s not all that great but it’s not that bad either. ;D It works at least for me.

    And thank God it’s not denpa!!! XD

    • but it still so-so for me. just as i expected, it is cheerful type.

      • Well I figured out that Maiko will do something not-so-I’ve’ish sound just like Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku but at least this one’s better than KOTOKO’s eroge themes lately. And Mami’s “quirky” voice makes the song even better. XD

  2. LOL LOL LOL VisArt’s’ very own Duke Nukem Forever has a release date?!?!?!

    I guess it was hard for them to find an artist for Musabetsu Ren’ai. Now they found someone in Suzuki FALCO to draw for them.

    It’ll be interesting if the full Ideal Forest is already recorded years ago… we’ll soon find out.

  3. Hah I had no idea the I deal forest song was “unfinished”.

    • Oh me too. I thought the “~S style~” signified that it was a remix but when I found out that the eroge wasn’t released, I figured out that “~S style~” meant “Short style”. XD

  4. Once again, Maiko makes a song that doesn’t really sound like I’ve when compared to other I’ve themes. I like it to a point, but there’s nothing I adore about it. Except Mami’s voice. I absolutely love how she sounds these days.

  5. Maiko does some good work on the second Toaru OST. There’s some badass tracks on it!

    • You know, the To Aru CDs won’t get reviewed, but this blog might start doing soundtrack-album reviews for games/anime with I’ve BGM in the near future…

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