Posted by: 光星 | 05/27/09

Couple of jacket arts

First is Super scription of data, which has a lovely techno theme combined with what I assume is key scenery from the OVA. Makes about as much sense as the title, but hey, it looks cool.

Then we have this. I know Aibu isn’t going to say anything about kotoko’s non-I’ve single — even though I might anyway — but something has to be addressed here. Namely, if this is what kotoko is going to be, then what is it? KOTOKO would have never had a cover so intentionally unflattering, but if someone would care to explain, go right ahead. Also, the rabbit has made numerous appearances in KOTOKO’s blog, so there’s at least some connection to reality, whatever that is these days.



  1. Only liking the jacket for Super scription of data but not really the song. I hope the c/w song will be good.

    About the ao-iconoclast cover, it looks too plain. I’m assuming it’s only a follow-up photo since there is no “kotoko” nor the single title written in the photo. Or maybe the rabbit is pigeon the green ey’d monster? Haha. Just kidding. :P

  2. You’re a horrible person, Hikaruhoshi.

  3. Nice to see the majority of time is being spent on album covers rather than the songs themselves.

    • …But there’s nothing new to report about the songs themselves? Unless there’s any news about the BLAZBLUE songs, which this blog isn’t covering anyways.

      • I think RSSRII meant I’ve Sounds spends more time on covers than on its songs. You’re such a susceptible person!!

        At least I hope that’s what he meant. Otherwise *cracks knuckles*…

  4. eww… What is THAT? (not the rabbit, but the weird being that looks eager to eat it)

  5. Actually I find the KOTOKO cover quite nice. Okay fine, she’s in a weird position, but overall still looks cool.

  6. Super Scription of Data looks cool…

    and KOTOKO in the cover doesn’t look like KOTOKO at all…

    • Perhaps because it isn’t technically ‘KOTOKO’ but rather ‘kotoko’.

  7. I don’t like that supposed cover at all because she looks emotionless and not like KOTO-chan.

  8. kotoko looks like the phantom of the opera in that pic..
    without the mask, of course.

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