Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/29/09

KOTOKO live tour, open to the public

After far too many exclusive events closed off to those without access to her Mutant Dwarf fanclub, KOTOKO’s set to embark on her biggest tour yet starting this July, and it’s open to the public for once. Full tour schedule is way too large to be posted here, but you can find the full list of dates for the WARP !! ~限界打破への旅-trial stage~ (Genkai Daha e no Tabi) tour over at KOTOKO’s website.



  1. a prelude to her 10th anniversary next year ?? :D

    • Perhaps, but the weird thing is that she’s doing such a big tour without an album to promote – yes, she has the Ao-iconoclast single, but it’s unusual for an artist to embark on a 21-date tour without anything more substantial coming down the pipe.

      • exactly what I was gonna say. she’s got nothing new to tour off.

  2. Her previous large tour happened in the summer of 2006, but she didn’t release UZU-MAKI until that December. Kind of makes me wonder what she’s been doing these past two years.

  3. But, maybe there is a chance of a new album in the next months… or a live album… or a greatest hits album, anyway, forget what I said @o@.

    But I think it’s better that she’s on tour again…

  4. Who was the other person who voted Little Busters on the Key poll? I ask this because I want to officially acknowledge them as the coolest person ever :3

    • huhuhu… of course it wasn’t me, my vote went to “Lasto Regretto”, a song that bring back the gorgeous Kanon series to my memories.

    • I don’t know about “the other person” but I’m certainly one of the four. Not that this should surprise you much.

      • At the time there were only 2 votes ._.

  5. Damn! No love for Lights colors.

    • Nor Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho. Not that I can blame the voters in either case.

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