Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/04/09

Natsu Yume Nagisa demo movie up, theme song featured

Natsu Yume Nagisa (ナツユメナギサ), the latest game from SAGA PLANETS, has a demo movie up for your appraisal that’s conveniently been uploaded to the official Visual Art’s Youtube channel as well as made available for download on the game’s website. Featured in the video is the game’s KOTOKO-sung opening theme “bumpy-Jumpy!”, and despite the awful title the song (produced by I’ve’s golden boy Tomoyuki Nakazawa and his usual collaborator Takeshi Ozaki) is one of the best we’ve heard out of KOTOKO in a while – might not be a new classic, but it sure beats the hell out of her ‘kotoko‘ stuff.

Credit for this news tip goes out to fellow J-music blogger Denpa no Sekai – and if you aren’t reading his blog, something’s wrong with you.



  1. Not to crowd the news posts, but the other three DttF singles (Eiko, MELL, and Kaori) will also be released on July 29 and only in CD+DVD form, like the others.

    On topic: You have to admit that kotoko’s single so far sounds better than KOTOKO’s last three. Someone back me up, please.

    • Yes, it sounds better than her last three simply on account of those three being BLAZE, Special Life! and U make Ai dream. That alone isn’t enough to make the single good, though. Damned with faint praise, as it were.

  2. *backs up 光星* yes, kotoko’s so-called first efforts sound (judging by samples) better than a LOT of KOTOKO’s recent stuff…

    So, will KOTOKO take kotoko along her upcoming tour ^_~

    Anyways from the whole description and bio stuff they now put up in regards of kotoko it doesn’t leave the feel that she really is going to leave I’ve (yet). Apparently (or at least the way it’s all described/advertised) it seems that this Jekyll/Hide-ish treatment KOTOKO/kotoko undergoes for the upcoming Single is sort of a start for her to venture into (once again the first I’ve Vocal Hime more or less) commercial music fields (which would fit working together with someone like Miyazaki Ayumi)…sort of an attempt to “reach beyond the realms of I’ve” while KOTOKO will remain the beloved Vocal Hime that most associate with the label anyways..don’t know what to think of that, but if the result sounds: 1) as promising as this forthcoming 1st Single and 2) she’ll stick with I’ve as KOTOKO on top than I can’t say this fanboy to be frightened on this outlook at all.
    Okay and part of me welcomes such project also just slight and still remaining fanboyish hope on some collaborating with fripSide/sat and given that he just lost his vocalist (and having collaborated with artists like Rita more recently as well) this kotoko thingie sounds like a slight more realistic chance of something like this to come true or being closer to a real chance.

  3. “Credit for this news tip goes out to fellow J-music blogger Denpa no Sekai – and if you aren’t reading his blog, something’s wrong with you.”

    Oh. Thanks for the compliment.

    Side note:
    I heard SnS 3 will be out in August or sth. What’s the chances that Mami and KOTOKO will be doing the OP and EDs?

    • “Oh. Thanks for the compliment.”

      Please note the rollover text on the link to Denpa no Sekai.

  4. ^ Well there’s a high possibility that I’ve will do the OP/ED theme most specifically Mami since she has the most attachments to the anime series. Well that’s just a hunch anyway. Although I already dreamt of Mami singing the SnS 3 OP. :D

    • and you almost fool me into believing your dream, fred *kicks fred*

      even if we hope that’s true, there’s still no confirmation from Mami or KOTOKO…

  5. Just when I thought I should stop listening to KOTOKO altogether, she finally releases something that I might actually find worthwhile to listen to. And to think that I had almost lost faith in her… :P

  6. anyway… Amazon has more info about Kaori’s mini album

    SO… only Chasse and Shining Star Bless are absolute, huh ?

    and the mini album is called SPYGLASS ??
    hope this mini album will be great and not all that Sweet-Kaorin :D

  7. I went and uploaded the full song on youtube if anyone is lazy and wants to have a listen.

  8. According to the Natsu Yume Nagisa site, the ending theme (or themes?) 夏風の一秒/go!go! Summer drive! by singer 月子 will be written by KOTOKO.

    • Not technically I’ve, but interesting to note.

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