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Kaori Utatsuki mini-album to be called “SPYGLASS”

While admittedly almost not newsworthy enough to warrant its own post, the upcoming Kaori Utatsuki “mini-album” now has a title. “SPYGLASS” is its name, continuing a fine I’ve tradition of album titles to be written in dramatic ALL CAPS style, and the August 5th release has been confirmed to include a total of 7 songs. Of the two we only know tracks 1 and 2 thus far (her first and second Geneon singles “Shining stars bless☆” and “Chasse”, respectively), but updates will be posted as they come.

Credit for this particular newsbite goes out to reader Yuki88. Thanks, Yuki!

Edit – as posted by Hikaruhoshi in the comments section, we now know SPYGLASS’s tracklisting:

1. Spyglass
2. Shining stars bless☆
3. Chasse
4. この空の下で (Kono Sora no Shita de)
5. Lemonade
6. 星の海 (Hoshi no Umi)
7. Last Song

Assuming that ‘Lemonade’ is indeed the SHORT CIRCUIT song レモネード, it seems the initial reports of 4 old tracks and 3 originals were somewhat exaggerated: of the 7 songs listed, only Shining stars, Chasse and (most likely) Lemonade had been released previously. Good news for those of us looking for more new Utatsuki from this album!



  1. “Credit for this particular newsbite goes out to reader Yuki88. Thanks, Yuki!”

    glad that i could help :D

    just wondering whether there will be ANY techno track for Kaorin… -_-a

    • “just wondering whether there will be ANY techno track for Kaorin”
      *crosses fingers for SWAY remix*
      *crosses toes for a remix from inside I’ve*

  2. SWAY remix is YAY! How I wish that was possible. 8DD;

    or probably another Change of heart.

    Btw, the title for Kaorin’s mini-album is attractive and catchy. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. ~_~

  3. Boring…

    • no u

  4. We have tracklist:

    02.Shining stars bless☆
    04.この空の下で (kono sora no shita de, not to be confused with onaji sora no shita de)
    05.Lemonade (not to be confused with… レモネード? Fits the “boring song from several years ago that’s thrown in to fill space” requirement of an I’ve album)
    06.星の海 (hoshi no umi)
    07.Last Song (how descriptive)

  5. I can not help but feel like the name of the album and the song SPYGLASS is so faintly similar to some other I’ve album from the past year….

    Seriously are they running out of ideas for names of albums and or songs as well it just seems like the same thing. Seems a tad ridiculous don’t you think.

  6. I’m wondering who was writing the lyrics for the new songs.. KOTOKO did all the job again, or Kaorin was finally given the opportunity…

    “07.Last Song (how descriptive)”

    NO NO NO, i don’t wanna hope for the worst case that it would really be Kaorin’s last song -_-;;

    • >NO NO NO, i don’t wanna hope for the worst case that it would really be Kaorin’s last song -_-;;

      Wouldn’t make much sense to release something like SPYGLASS if she’d leave I’ve, nee? I’ve Sound history moreso showed that the label is “not very talkative” when it comes to girls leaving so yet another reason for “Last Song” being just the case of an uninspired track name.

      Anyways the SPYGLASS track list looks rather nice and here’s looking forward to this Album (the most amongst all upcoming I’ve Sound CD releases in fact). Oh, and in case “Lemonade” is the track from the first SHORT CIRCUIT Album I must highly disagree with “boring song” in connection with it (Kaorin’s contributions to this Concept Album series was the saving grace for it to begin with and “Lemonade” was no exception to that IMO). And while no “SWAY” included I certainly hope she’s at least trying (even if just at one or two songs) herself at similar experimental sounds this time around.

  7. “’07.Last Song (how descriptive)’

    NO NO NO, i don’t wanna hope for the worst case that it would really be Kaorin’s last song -_-;;”

    Uhm I don’t think this would be Kaorin’s “last song” but merely last song on the album. Maybe they haven’t thought of a better title. I don’t think Kaorin would leave I’ve… At least I think so.

  8. I’m glad to know that they wouldn’t include “Senecio” or “Do you know the magic?” on this mini album.
    Brand new songs are always good.

    • But you know, rather than “Lemonade”, i’d choose either “Senecio” or “Do you know the magic?”… and “SWAY” should’ve been way better choice than “Lemonade”

  9. Latest update at Kaorin’s Geneon HP brought up samples for all the 7 tracks SPYGLASS will consist of –

    1) And yeah it’s the very same citrus fruit titled song meaning SPYGLASS track “Lemonade” = SHORT CIRCUIT track “レモネード”
    2) Judging by those samples the mere only among them whereat Kaorin shows a slightly more experimental side of hers sounds to be title track “SPYGLASS”.
    But nevertheless here’s moreso thrilled on the Album to be unleashed..together with the Departed to the future DVD in August. Oh dear I’ve Sound and Geneon marketing people out there, you don’t seem to show mercy for those Otaku out there August represents a money-draining (Comiket76 ’nuff said) time of the year to begin with…

  10. I wonder how’s gonna be the poster gifted with this mini-album.
    And @little, don’t talk about money, I don’t even remember how it looked like ^^.

  11. wow, i love the 1st and 4th track
    can’t wait to hear the full ver.

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