Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/09/09

Super scription B-side has a name, credits, bodes ill

Well, this isn’t good news: the B-side to upcoming Eiko Shimamiya single “Super scription of data“, opening theme for Frontier Works’ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (ひぐらしのなく頃に礼) OVA, is no longer a mystery – and it’s both composed and arranged by I’ve “favourite” SORMA No.1. While SORMA has had some genuine hits to his name in the past (his arrangement on KOTOKO’s memorable “Princess Bride!” a particular highlight), the man seems to have gone off the deep end as of late and his work with Shimamiya in these last few years has been generally mediocre at best. Either way though, the song’s called “electric universe” and the single’s due out June 24.



  1. electric universe? eww, what a cheesy name…

  2. Super scription of electric universe data. I think someone’s been a bit too near the Large Hadron Collider when it came to this single…

  3. Hello, this is the second time posting here (although you might not noticed me before. hehe)

    I’m just wondering. Why did Eiko Shimamiya’s work with SORMA increase? I really prefer FISHTONE than SORMA. haha. Hope the B-side won’t drag down the whole single though…

    • FISH TONE hasn’t worked with I’ve in years, unfortunately – he took a break from eroge music back in 2006, and while he’s doing a song with IOSYS for an upcoming eroge (can’t remember which, unfortunately) it’s uncertain if he’ll ever go back to the I’ve girls.

      As for why SORMA and Shimamiya work together so often, it seems that they think they work well together. They don’t, but that hasn’t stopped them yet.

      • You mean this or something else?

        He also split a single with Blasterhead (who you may recall worked with SHIHO a few years ago, among other projects) in which the track “displeasure” recalls “Laze and Meditation” fairly heavily.

        I agree with you, craxia, Fish Tone would make a much better pairing with Eiko than Sorma, I just hope she has her reasons.

      • The FISH TONE remix you linked is different, he also did an original song with them for some eroge I really can’t remember (Denpa no Sekai, some help here?). The Blasterhead collaboration wasn’t eroge music though, regardless of if it was in a similar genre.

      • This is what you’re thinking of:

  4. haha
    “As for why SORMA and Shimamiya work together so often, it seems that they think they work well together. They don’t, but that hasn’t stopped them yet.”

    Totally agreed. Especially FLOW. It’s one of the most silly track i’ve ever heard…

    • actually FLOW is a good track, it’s just way to too Pop-ish for Eiko-sensei.

  5. haha
    Well, it’s a matter of taste so I can’t really say anything.
    Like I actually like kicks! and Egen.

  6. This is a bit off-topic, but there are promos for aoi-iconoclast up on youtube now.

    The song is not very impressive though.

    • KOTOKO got short hair-cut or she just wore wigs ??

      it actually looks quite good on her ^^

    • or you could watch the full PV at

    • Well, as for me, the PV is pretty nice…
      But maybe it takes time to adjust the song to my ear. It’s unusual in many ways. haha

  7. I hope electric universe is upbeat and not slow like OXISOLS (“Chikai” (songname) sounds more like the ballad OXISOLS was). Come on, those names invite to dance, but instead we get a mushroom-induced ballad…

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