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I’ve Sound Blog needs your help!

It’s been a few weeks since this blog’s 2-year anniversary (please do me a favour and don’t go back and read the first post, it’s terrible), and some major changes have taken place behind the scenes – yet, for all the competely unnoticeable shifts, the blog still looks, feels and reads exactly the same as it always has. Which is why I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, the readers of I’ve Sound Blog, what you’d like to see. Polls, a search box and a ‘recent comments’ box were all added thanks to reader suggestions, and I’m looking for more such input: but don’t stop at things to add, if there’s anything you’ve been seeing that you want to go away (like maybe the largely-useless post calendar?) feel free to share.

ALSO, as a final note, if anyone has a suggestion of a better default theme than Ocean Breeze, I would be eternally grateful – I’ve kinda grown to hate it over the years, but have no idea what would be better (if anything). If any improvements are going to be made here, it’s going to be up to the readership – and, ok, me to some extent, but mostly you guys.



  1. We should have an area like the FAQs for random facts about the different I’ve Girls and Composers.

    • Fun fact: you got the blog’s comment #2000 with that one!

      I’m liking the idea of a sort of fun facts page, but I’m not really seeing how it would work – any way you could elaborate on the concept?

      • I guess we could make it like the FAQ page, only with the girl or composer’s name and under it, submitted fun facts.

        For example:

        Kaori Utatsuki:
        Scored Grade 2 on the EIKEN.

      • Yeah, I think I get what you mean. I’m putting one together as we speak, but it’ll take some time to get enough facts there to make the page worth posting.

        Some samples of what’s to come (only arrangers done thus far):
        -Tomoyuki Nakazawa was the drummer for a Megadeth cover band in high school
        -C.G mix’s real name is Shinji Hatakeyama
        -Kazuya Takase has sung background vocals for a number of I’ve Girls songs (and the actual page has link to a list of them)

  2. lyrics, of course, especially the translations xD~

    • Ahh, yeah. That. You weren’t reading the blog back when I mentioned it, but I can neither read nor speak Japanese, so as such another blogger would have to be brought into the fold for lyrics to be provided. Additionally, the blog’s current format (largely news-focused) doesn’t really have a place for lyrics in it, so it would be ideal for a separate site/blog to be used as a lyrics archive.

      I had initially hoped that Phenie‘s blog would be able to function as a sort of go-to for I’ve lyrics, but infrequent updates, no real set goals for what to translate beyond the blogger’s whims and post tagging that actually surpasses I’ve Sound Blog when it comes to frustrating uselessness led to me realizing rather quickly that the blog wasn’t going to be the source I was looking for. Just as with Hikaruhoshi’s proposed I’ve Sound Wiki (which he is apparently still passively working on in some form or other), it’s a lovely idea, but the logistics of the situation seem to suggest that it will remain a simple idea unless somebody comes around willing to put in the hard work required to translate and catalogue years worth of I’ve Sound lyrics. In the meantime, though, the aforementioned Phenie is very friendly and open to requests (s/he did Collective for me, as an example) so you can drop a comment on his/her blog if there’s a particular song you’re looking for and chances are s/he’ll get to it eventually.

      • oh.. ic :D

        anyway… the vote is great xD~

      • I already have several i’ve music lyrics and translation, I could send to you, but I don’t have the source.

      • The logistics and standardization of displaying nearly 500 songs overwhelmed me several months ago and I just never got back to it. It’s a noble cause, especially since there are probably dozens of sites with various I’ve lyric translations, but the task is too daunting for one or two of us. Hence, the wiki.
        My plate has been full recently with real life projects, so I might just release a bare-bones wiki and have some of you guys who I’m sure have way too much time on your hands figure it out.

    • I would also be willing to take some requests for I’ve translations, but provided I’m familiar with it.

      As with the I’ve wiki I’d be glad to put up as many lyrics as I can when it’s done, amongs other things.

      On a side note, me and Dustin are still around #ivesound, but yeah… lonely chan is lonely.

      • Oh yeah, #ivesound! I had no idea that was still around! I’ll try and drop by there sometime, sorry for neglecting it.

  3. I would like to see a more “friendly” theme for this blog, I mean, more vivid with some kind of effects and options. Don’t get me wrong, this one is OK but is a little “cold” (by the way, I don’t even know how wordpress works).
    I’ll try to think in others ideas ^^.

    • Ocean Mist (the name of this theme, not actually ‘ocean breeze’ as I’d inaccurately named it before) was chosen largely because I thought the blue colour scheme fit with the I’ve theme, but in retrospect I realize this was mostly just because my idea of I’ve aesthetics was frozen somewhere around the release of the Re-sublimity single.

      As for how WordPress works, it’s pretty inconvenient. If you know CSS (I don’t), you can handle your blog’s coding manually (but only if you have a pay account), but otherwise you’re left to choose from WordPress’s default themes with the only customization you’re allowed being limited to the header text/image and widget assortment. I used to have a blog on Livejournal, and while I’ll admit LJ has its problems I will say that its customization for free users was far superior to that which is offering.

  4. Hmm I have an idea aside from lyrics. Why not have a fanart for those who want to donate? :D Not necessarily graphic art but also like rendition of I’ve songs by a particular fan or others. >:D

    • I like this idea! To tell the truth I actually considered asking about fan submissions before (specifically asking if any fans had a better replacement for the much-loathed header graphic up there), but never bothered due to a perceived lack of interest. Guess I was mistaken, I’ll throw something up later today if I don’t forget.

  5. well i think the default theme that i’m using on my wordpress blog may work really well with yours aibu, you can check it out and tell me later :)
    The pic on the header, is mine… it’s me :p

    • I like the concept of the theme, but unfortunately the narrow columns and my inability to shut up (see the 2000+ wordcount on my Collective review) might not make for the best bedfellows

      • oh yes absolutely, i didn’t think of that, your posts are always quite long so a single wide column like this should be a keeper.
        Well it doesn’t matter how this blog ends up looking, i’ll be reading it always forever! :)

  6. Looks like the most exiting idea is the lyrics data base, i would like to see that to, and i have some songs lyrics already with the furigana added, i got them as a .doc file, so i can happilly cooperate,about the translations, is a little bit diffucult cause kotoko and the other girls most of the time use a very, mmm, lets say poetical japanese wich is hard to translate, well, it is part of the magic with they songs, maybe i can also be able to collaborate.

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