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MELL to perform at Otakon 2009

Hot off the presses – I’ve’s Golden Girl MELL is set to perform at Baltimore, Maryland’s famous Otakon anime convention this July 17th! This will mark her second live performance in the US of A, the first having been her 2007 gig at Project A-Kon 18 in Dallas, Texas (which lucky former I’ve Sound Blog writer Hikaruhoshi was fortunate enough to have seen – you can find his brief report over at this link right here).

In addition to the news of the concert, there’s also an official Myspace page for MELL that’s been packed with song previews, and there’s also been a new official site for I’ve made over at “I’ve USA“. Interesting stuff, indeed.



  1. I should rewrite that sometime. I could have done so much better.

    Anyhow, it’s neither in my backyard nor some place I would go for vacation, so I’ll have to skip this one. Would have liked a little more advance notice, even though that’s kind of the norm for these announcements.

  2. I love how they list pray in the latest album information on the I’ve USA site. It’s not like anybody in America cares about Ms. mix.

  3. -_-… to live at the end of the world…Life’s so unfair…

  4. Gotta love the random Engrish that pops up here and there like “Singel” and “Comming Soon”. They should have asked you to write the site, like MOSAIC.WAV asked me to do their English pages.

    How long has that I’ve USA site been up for? The discography section is pretty damn complete (the one linked by the bottom banner). They wouldn’t have made this solely for the MELL concert. Methinks they plan on peddling their wares here from now on.

    • i think I’ve USA site is still new. and it’s NICE one xD~

      and the complete discography… well they do miss some, such as Mami’s SEED Live&Life DVD D:

      but for the current one, i think they still focus on MELL only :D

    • “They should have asked you to write the site, like MOSAIC.WAV asked me to do their English pages.”

      You’re a cunt and a half, did you know this?

      “How long has that I’ve USA site been up for?”

      A day.

      “Methinks they plan on peddling their wares here from now on.”

      That’s what it seems like, especially since the site and the show are both unaffiliated with Geneon. It’d be a horrible, unprofitable mistake, but that never stopped I’ve in the past

  5. Honestly I think all attention has been moved to MELL since KOTOKO seems to have come to a stop and it seems like she is rising in popularity quiet fast.

    Though it does seem like there is just a concert for promotion to further boost the MELL factor that seems to be going on. I am a huge fan of MELL and I favor her more than any of the other artist in IVE though I really never thought that they might do this to her because it seemed like they were going to go with Kawada Mami as their new KOTOKO. Things change though honestly and I really couldn’t be happier and I am glad to say that I am original fan of MELL and can not wait to see what happens the next couple of years with her and see her popularity grow and her fan base explode.

  6. >I really never thought that they might do this to her because it seemed like they were going to go with Kawada Mami as their new KOTOKO.

    I began wondering whether the “MELL goes abroad thing” I’ve pulls-off there may have something to do with them under the impression the music this girl makes or which its been pushed as probably would be more “accessible” for the foreign music market? KOTOKO certainly *is* still the best known vocalist out of the gang, but she seems to start focusing more on her conquer towards Japan’s general (read: non-Otaku fanbase) music market through kotoko than following-up early efforts of KOTOKO as I’ve Diva to cross country boarders (last thing for her to do that were the Taiwan ventures if I’m not totally wrong). Kawada on the other hand gained lots of rightful fame since SAVIA but it seems this artist’s target goes more towards strengthen her now officially launched fanbase (club). So maybe with songs like “Red fraction”, “SCOPE” and the likes someone at I’ve Sound’s marketing department thought that MELL would fit the bill as more internationally “accepted” artist there (maybe backed-up through her MELLSCOPE French travelling/collaborating)?

  7. Honestly I think 2009 and 2010 will reveal a lot about what might happen to the IVE girls and IVE itself. I mean if KOTOKO goes to do a solo thing and Kawada Mami might follow then what will happen with the rest of the company you know. Plus KOTOKO going solo might be a huge flop or it might work so who knows what the future of IVE is but either way this can go good or bad. Promoting MELL is definitely a good move but as far as letting KOTOKO do solo things or doing something like that without IVE could come back to haunt them.

  8. I don’t know why but they wasted MELL’s potential for so many years because she is very talented and has something very important in this bussiness and that is Charisma, a strong point on every succesfull performer now-a-days.

    Not a secret that my reason to be following I’ve is KOTO-chan but MELL gained almost the same importance in my musical taste and they both are my key singers now (though my number one female performer will always be the spectacular Kylie Minogue ^^).

  9. MELL is amazing live though the only thing I don’t like is when, the guy with blond hair I can’t remember his name at the moment, struts and dances around like seriously get back in your box to make music happen. I really hate seeing that guy do that the MELL live tour 2008 SCOPE was really good probably the best I have seen of all the DVDs that IVE has out so far but it just kept getting ruined by that guy so she really needs to just knock him out of her performance and makes sure he just keeps the music coming instead of strutting around and looking dumber than hell.

    • It seems that this artificial-blond guy like “machine” Tanaka-san are friends of MELL from some time ago (or something like that) and because of that, they were special musician guest of this Live.
      As for me, the guy is a little flashy and gay but it’s OK, I mean, nothing is perfect and the show it’s still a great one.
      Kicks! was a great performance and MELL almost fainted because the singing and dancing.

  10. Frankly among *all things* the least in regards of the SCOPE DVD that bothered me was Ken Morioka (the blond dancer). Admitted his..performance takes some time to get used to, but I found it not necessarily such a bad idea given how MELL’s part at the ’05 Budokan concert also involved a male dancer (in contrast to the ever present dancing girl bimbos most vocalists are accompanied with ^_~)…and lastly at “kicks!” the interaction MELL and Morioka had going was certainly quite atmospheric at the Live itself. Btw. Tanaka also (states) been part of the band at the “RIDEBACK” PV.

    @Suzaku: you’ll certainly be deligthed to know both Tanaka *and* Morioka been listed as guests for MELL’s part at the 2009 Budokan concert then ^_^

    • You’re right littleharlock!

      There are great moments in MELL’s concert and in many of them morioka-san is involved; starting with the intro “Under Superstition” (the way that the electronic drum sounds is amazing) and then “no vain”, “kicks!”, “Virgin’s High!” and “Sabaku no Yuki”.

      And with they both again in budokan makes me feel that the fun will continue ^^.

  11. Yeah I know they were both there but I really just find Morioka dancing to be obnoxious and were prefer to just have MELL sing and do what she does as a performer. I like Morioka musical wise I just can’t stand people that dance like some kind of retarded bird. Sorry I know that is mean but it almost ruined the songs for me like kicks! it was amazing live but I really could not stand him in it or at the end and beginning of no vain. Tanaka is completely fine with me though. Morioka in my opinion just needs to stick to cranking out music instead of looking like some kind of crippled retard bird trying to dance.

    • “crippled retard bird”…

      that was a good one ^^ hahaha

  12. Speaking of Morioka didn’t he like fall down or something at Budokan and MELL ran over to help him up or something I thought I heard that from someone or somewhere.

  13. >Speaking of Morioka didn’t he like fall down or something at Budokan and MELL ran over to help him up or something I thought I heard that from someone or somewhere.

    That was Eric Mouquet (Deep Forest) who had those “problems” according to fans having attended the Budokan Live

    And you probably got that bit of Budokan reporting actually on through this very I’ve Sound Blog – see here

  14. LOL too bad it wasn’t Morioka.

  15. Did you notice that says that MELL will perform at otakon 2009 in “JUNE” 17?…

    it seems that they have a little problem about the date or something like that >o<

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